Lahore History Tour – Installment #16

After taking a stroll through Shah Jahan’s Quadrangle, we now move on to Paien Bagh Quadrangle or the “Ladies Garden”. Most of the structures in this quad are now lost, except for a few dilapidated buildings.


Looking out from the northern wall of the quad, view of the outer walls of the Fort, added later by the Sikhs.


Zenana Sehan (Ladies’ Courtyard), built by Shah Jahan in 1633. It was primarily built for the ladies of the harem and was specifically designed with paved paths or walks for the ladies of the fort. In the center of the garden there is a big water basin, made of red sandstone. Only the foundations of the ladies apartments and their private mosque survive.


Khilwat Khana, also known as the Ghusl Khana, this room was built by Shah Jahan in the year 1633. The doorframes of this room were originally constructed in marble and remain so. There is also a water tank, which is 29 feet square and 4 feet deep. It has an elaborate system for hot and cold running water and areas where the ladies could elaborately groom themselves.

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