Plans for redesigning Ferozepur Road

Punjab Government’s Planning and Development Department is initiating a traffic redesign project for one of Lahore’s busiest and most mis-managed roads; Ferozpur Road.

The project will be implemented on a 16-kilometre stretch between Mozang Chungi and Khaira distributary. Initially it will include improving the service lanes; addition of an exclusive bus lane for almost 500 buses that use this road daily; removal of encroachments; redesigned bus stops; computerization of traffic signals and installation of speed cameras; setting up of a traffic control room at Liberty or Garden Town, and handling of the new system to a newly trained force of traffic police.

Almost 136,000 vehicles use this road on a daily basis while there are 15 intersections with signals on a 11 kilometre stretch between Qurtaba Chowk and Lahore General Hospital, thus, making its redesigning a big and difficult challenge.

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  1. Sadaff (unregistered) on September 29th, 2006 @ 10:13 am

    I will think it a personal achievement if this redesign and construction actually succeeds in concrete reality. For the past 5 years i had the misfortune of passing this famous road from mozang chungi to nishtar colony and the feeling of a bad curse on me grew with each passing day.
    The road is a global award winner for chaos. People insist on crossing road at every 5 cm and glare at the drivers if the car fails to slow down out of respect of the royal crossing overs. Women stand in the middle of the road by successfully glaring at the first 2 lanes and than waiting for the next lane to give way for the royal entourage. If it is not enough all sorts of heavy lorries wagon and bus make it a ride more complicated than a game boy or otaku ever could have invented.
    I wondered at the leisure and impenetrable poise of trolley ladden with the product of a whole straw field. Having a a virtual volume of 5 times its orginal volume and than crawling in the middle of the road at their snails speed. Espcailly in the morning when one is eager to reach office the caravan of impatient drivers was seen cheering up behind the trolley driver, and their leader with his expressionless face would continue at the head of this procession with a becoming calm brooding on the cause of recent fog or the god only knows what. But the collcetd calm of this person is an admirable quality which every driver in lahore must posess

    I am filled with rage at this miserable piece of civil construction, now that my lunch hour is over i will continue on this subject later. i have still so much to say.

  2. sadaff (unregistered) on October 3rd, 2006 @ 10:00 am

    Nobody has contributed any thing to what i think is a very important issue, the only reason for chaos in our society in general and traffic system in particular is our laxness in all the issues not directly influencing our comfortable life. And even if one is sentenced to pass the ferozpur road every day he is not concerned about the disorder at its best flying high flags racking nerves on this pathetic road. One just take it as a matter of fact and no finger is raised to improve the situation, no one asks govt to rebuild the road, no one ask govt to atleast instill traffic police kiosk on some key locations to avoid traffic jams for hours on end. BECAUSE AN ORDINARY CITIZEN WILL NEVER BE HEARD
    But when an industrialis who own country’s most reputatble engineering company and had served as minister of science in tech. in musharraf Govt decides to move his global head quarters from davis road to ferozpur road, than all of a sudden the whole machinery starts rolling, the infrastructure begins to develop out of its own accord, the road stars being constructed, traffic contables are deputed on various locations to avoid the tarffic jams. The ferozpur road leading from phatuk to nishtar colony where 3 steady hours of rain was sufficient to cause a traffic jam for 12 hours now experienced a transformation, one whole side of road was laid with construction material without any signs of tarffic jam.
    I say it is a service to humanity being done by seth sahib through construction of road, it will sure add millions to his property but the poor ordinary man will get relief from distresses of tarffic jam.
    I have said too much but i still feel sour on it,
    my only compliant is that the govt machinery, tarffic police should be avaialable for the common man, and it should not take a seth sahib to bring traffic police to their duty on key positions suspectable to choking.

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