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Iftaar Curfew!


Main Boulevard, Gulberg
25th Roza
5:45 pm – after Iftaari

You won’t find such scenes in Lahore even at 3:00 am during regular days

October Rain – First breath of Winter!

As I stand alone in my balcony, I can breathe in fresh blows of cool breeze that’s so soothing to senses. I only wish, I could store some of this ‘kamal ka mausam’ for those torturing Junes & Julys.

It started raining like cats and dogs afterwards and is still continued with chilled air all around.

Seems like winds of change are here at last and this may be the start of winter in Lahore!

Ramazan International Fair 2006

A visit to the currently on going Ramazan International Fair 2006 can provide families with a good evening out after iftaari. Crowds are high while brands ranging from Qarshi, Super National, Canon, Citibank, Venus Carpets, PakSuzuki, Shandy, Bake Parlor, Young’s, Haleeb, Sufi, Tapal, Nurpur, Lakson Tobacco all are on display at unique stalls. All this only for an entry ticket of Rs. 30/person.

The Venue; Expo Centre, Fortress Stadium, has been tasfully colored with lights at night.

Both ground and first floors are teaming with displays of general products of interior decoration, kitchen stuff, handicrafts etc.

Shoaib Akhtar and Asif tested positive for taking banned substances – What da….??


If we were already not biztified by Oval Test’s embarrassing episode, this naya karnaama is just great. Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Asif have been sent back to Pakistan after they were tested positive for banned substances. What in the world they are doing?

This is just too shameful. That’s it; I am putting a complete ban on whatever little cricket I have been watching. Say no to cricket, let’s turn our full attention to soccer and Manchester United :0)

“In the Line of Allegations” – Interesting Book Titles

A letter to The NEWS editorial was very interesting in pointing out what other famous Pakistani politicians may label their books when they get them published as allegations or counter allegations against each other.

This is how Pervez E Qureshi from Dubai writes it:

Joke of the year: Nawaz Sharif to counter allegations against him in President Pervez Musharraf’s book ‘In the Line of Fire’ has announced that he will be writing his own book. If the trend of this ping pong allegation/counter allegation via book launching continues, soon we will have the demagogic personalities of our nation coming out with books with similar titles:

Shahbaz Sharif: “Hair Line”Altaf Hussain: “Telephone Line”
Shiekh Rashid: “Railway Line”Benazir Bhutto: “Side Line”
J Salik: “Jacob Line”Imran Khan:” Body Line”
Altaf Saleem: “$$$ Fault Line”Shaukat Aziz: “Bottom Line”
Qazi Hussain: “Picket Line”Sherry Rehman: “Bad Line”
Amin Faheem: “Hold the Line”Dr. Shahid Masood: “Cross Line”
Chaudhry Shujaat: “What Line?”Jemima Khan: “Piccadilly Line”

Red Dust-storms = Blood; superstition or reality!

Yesterday, while on my way home, I sensed the visibility to be too dark for the clock’s reading of 4:00 pm. Within minutes everyhting went brown and red as a 100 km/hr dust storm followed by heavy rain and thunder thrashed the city.




Parts of Lahore blacked out while utility poles and trees fell to ground at various places. There were reports of some injuries too!

We hear from our parents and grand parents that red ‘aandhian’ or dust storms were always a bad omen, a warning for something wrong or bloody; an accident, was going to take place. And according to them, it was true almost every time.

Today, however, occurence of such ‘blood related’ incidents/accidents has increased to such an extent that nature cannot afford sending red dust-storms every ten minutes!

Do you believe in such superstitions? or did you have any experience proving such occurence?

Lahore’s Nobel Laureates

Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh has been awarded Nobel Peace Prize for 2006; definitely a great achievement!

A few days back we got this interesting story suggestion highlighting Lahore’s historic connection with some prominent Nobel laureates.

This is how Faraz Khalid puts it;

“…Once again, not many people know this. So lets put it in some limelight. Lahore is not called a center of excellence in education, culture and literature for nothing. Some of the most gifted scientists and nobel laureates of the past once belonged to Lahore. I am talking about nobel prize winning scholars who were either born in Lahore, or lived or studied in Lahore. Here’s a brief profile. Subramanyan Chandrasekhar (Nobel Prize in Physics 1983) – born in Lahore in 1910, Mr. Chandrasekhar did PhD from Cambridge and produced a number of papers on stellar dynamics, general theory of relativity and relativistic astrophysics, the mathematical theory of black holes and much more. H. Gobind Khorana (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968) – Mr Khorana did his Msc from Punjab University Lahore and then PhD at University of Liverpool. He later became a Professor of Biology and Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Abdus Salam (Nobel Prize in Physics 1979) – Dr. Salam studied at Govt. College Lahore and later tought there and as the head of Mathmatics Department. He received PhD from Cambridge. He was a prolific researcher in theoretical elementary particle physics and pioneered many important developments in this field. Rudyard Kipling (Nobel Prize in Literature 1907) – Born in Bombay and later lived in Lahore for a few years, Mr. Kipling was a literary genius, with such classics as Jungle Book, Kim and many more under his belt. Since 1983, no nobel prize (as far as my knowledge goes) has gone to a Lahori. Lets see who is the next from GC, Punjab University, King Edward, LUMS or any of the dozens of Lahore’s institutes to achieve this distinction.”

Story Credit: Faraz Khalid

Manners of Protest

Despite reports of a planned crackdown against people responsible for Wednesday’s traffic mayhem, IJT ‘miscreants’ blocked the canal along New Campus; again resulting in a massive gridlock. Several buses, including one of Daewoo Expresses were used to block entrances to the University where even Ambulances were not allowed to pass through. This situation continued for a well 4 to 5 hours, after which traffic flow was normalized.

Those who suffered included patients and emergencies headed for Lahore’s three major hospitals; Jinnah, Shiekh Zayed and Doctors Hospital. Now, for these people who are protesting against PU’s so called ‘un islamic’ policies, like regarding start of Musicology classes; does their Islam allow risking lives of those headed for these hospitals!

Entry fees at the Fortress stadium

Either one wants to go for a business meeting with a client or for routine shopping or anything else ,one ends up paying a fee for the entry at the Fortress stadium.Fortress Stadium has entered to what can be called the ‘second phase’ of commercialisation in shopping and recreation disricts in lahore.In this phase we will have more of other areas in the city joining the ‘paid area’ bandwagon and vehicles will charges for entering those shopping areas..Such steps from authorities would reduce unncecessary visits by the general public to such areas but will also hurt sales of stores which resulted from impluse buying of people visiting places like Fortress Stadium without any urgent prupose.However in a city starved of entertainment facilities,this will be another blow to the residents ..

Faith & etc

It’s been some time since I last shared something. While this is Ramazan, it is only relevant to speak of faiths. Just the last week I hosted two French cyclists (a couple actually) on world tour from Hospitality Club. While I’m not that hospitable and member of Hospitality Club, my mate is. He invited them over and they stayed for many days while in Lahore. It was rather interesting, which I wasn’t expecting earlier, to discuss things with people with totally different perspective. We had a long, thorough and exhausting session about faiths. The unbelievable part for me was that the girl said, ‘she’s Christian because she’s born to Christian parents but doesn’t believe in God.’ While for me, you’re either Christian or you’re not. You just can not stay in tune with different and contradictory perspectives. I wish I had the better idea but it just feels like mending ideas to take liberties.

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