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As ‘Kukkrri Malangi’ prepared for the festival!

Just a night before World Performing Arts Festival took off, I was passing by the venue and decided to look for some volunteer friends who might be working there.


As I was having a round around Alhamra, I observed interesting scenes of preparations for the big event. There was this security guard ordering his apparent juniors to obey his every command when one of them raised a bare question, at which, he had to listen to quite a harsh response.


Just through the next block, I could hear European Classical music that was up playing in some rehersal. Workers were cutting out some colorful banners and buntings for decorations while four groups of artists rehearsed their dialogues in the food court area.


After carrying out a quick search operation in vain, I left the venue with a smile on my face; a response to this funny dialogue that I just heard and what was still ringing in my ears; “Oye, Kukkrri Malangi!”

Movie Mania

What movies are you looking forward to in the the ongoing World Performing & Visual Arts festival 2006.
Here is my pick

Man push cart – USA

MAN PUSH CART tells the story of Ahmad (Ahmad Razvi) a former Pakistani rock singer who ekes out a living selling coffee and donuts to morning commuters from his push cart in Midtown Manhattan. Ahmad supplements his income by selling bootleg porn DVDs, carefully saving his money to afford a place where he might be able to live with his estranged young son. It is a harsh, often humiliating life, but Ahmad carries on with a stoic dignity and sensitivity, seemingly determined to find his way. Then the dull routine of his life is brightened by two developments: the arrival of a young Spanish woman (Leticia Dolera) working down the street in a newspaper kiosk; and an offer of assistance from a wealthy fellow Pakistani (Charles Daniel Sandoval), who remembers Ahmad’s former life as a rock star.

Azdawaj Surati – Iran

Ordinary lives – India.

Losing Focus – Pakistan

After Life – UK

Checkout the complete lisitng at

where is my winter?

hmmm.. I wonder what has happened to all those Mahkma e Mausamiyaat (weather department) claims that this year’s winter will be harsh and will come a bit earlier than usual. Its almost end of first week of November and no signs of my beloved sardiyaan yet. I was hoping to get my hands on mong phalis and chalghozas by this time of the month but I guess not yet.

oh and by the way, what is the best thing about lahori winter?

Karen Armstrong speaks on Religion and violence

Punjab Governor Lt. Gen (r) Khalid Maqbool hosted a lecture for famed scholar, author, Karen Armstrong at the Governor’s House on Saturday.

Image Source: Daily Times
Ms. Armstrong is one great scholar who has produced remarkable works on comparative religion. Her unbiased views on the topic have made her famous, especially among the Muslims, all the world over.

The lecture was attended by students, lecturers and scholars from different universities and colleges.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Armstrong said, “Political and selfish ambitions of a few individuals have led the whole world to an unprecedented level of violence, but religions have nothing to do with this phenomenon.

Islam is a religion of peace and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet (PBUH) of our age because he taught tolerance and always tried to figure out things through dialogue. Several agreements signed by the prophet with various governments and tribes express his vision for peace and harmony”. For details check out this link

Bhatti’s homecoming!

World renowned Parisian-Pakistani fashion maestro, Mehmood Bhatti, is in town for ‘An Evening in Paris’; a fashion show organized for Umeer-e-Noor.

The show is scheduled for November 5, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.
Reservations can be made on: 042-111-505-505.


For those who know less about Mehmood Bhatti, check this article from Visage magazine.

Seth Abid looses son; killer caught!

On 2nd November, I was driving through Johar Town when we heard emergency sirens, a couple of ambulances rushing to a scene; a clear sign that something real bad had happened in the area.

Newspapers on the next day broke this news of Hafiz Ayaz Ahmad, son of renowned businessman, industrialist, investor and philanthropist, Seth Abid being shot and killed on spot. One of his own guards opened fire on the arriving party at Airline Housing Society, that resulted in the death of Hafiz Ayaz, his three gunmen and a passerby.

The incident happened on Thursday and on Friday morning, the culprit, Muhammad Rizwan, was captured and arrested from his native village. Full story on his arrest can be read here.

That is called an effective response to a crime!

Dengue Virus

A great resource on this unwelcomed guest in Lahore can be found on Wikipedia. LINK TO SITE.

Addressing the Royals: Charles & Camilla come to town

The British royal couple; Prince Charles of Wales and his wife, Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker, are expected in the city tomorrow.

As per their visit schedule Prince Charles will be addressing a debate on ‘Inter-Faith Harmony’ at the Governor House while the couple will later be touring Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque and the recently renovated Lahore Fort. Both are also to attend a combined prayer at the Cathedral Church.

Image courtesy of TodayOnline

Tight & fool-proof security arrangements are in place to avoid any unpleasant incident. So, get ready for a day full of chaotic traffic jams, delays and loads of road-stress as the city digests this VVIP visit.

Here is something interesting: If you had an opportunity of speaking to the royal couple during this visit; what would you talk about??

Celebrating the ‘Pumpkin’ affair!

Halloween, to most of the people here, is nothing more than getting young ones in the family, a new creepy kind of costume for their school function or roaming around some ‘upscale’ shopping areas to get a look at all those ultra-expensive imported pumpkins, costumes, magic tricks and other related merchandise.

Pumpkin.gif Image courtesy of Pumpkin Clipart

However, the rate at which our society is adopting ‘western’ events like the Valentine’s Day and April Fools’ Day etc., one can predict that in upcoming years, Halloween can become one of the more popular affairs in town.

Instead of any particular event, we do have our own versions of typical grand-ma stories about the evil powers, ‘bhoot-praett’, ‘saya’, ‘jins’ and graveyard nights etc. Many would remember sharing their self-made or, in some cases, true and real life creepy experiences of these un-usual forces of nature with others.

Did you ever, directly or indirectly, encounter the evil? If yes then do share your experience with us.

What is your observation regarding Halloween in Lahore? Do you know of any particular celebration or parties being held in the city??

Death Flies Around

An old employee of Sheikh Zayed Hospital fell victim to dengue fever while discharging his duties in the premises of the hospital, one of the leading medical institutions of the country. The numbers of dengue patients increasing alarmingly as five more patients suffering from dengue fever were tested positive and shifted to the newly declared isolation wards of the hospital within last 24 hours.

Panic is gripping the hospital doctors and paramedical staff when they are informed by the hospital sources that numbers of dengue-affected patients are increasing day by day.


About 239 patients are still under treatment at different hospitals, while 83 patients have been discharged during last 24-hours,”

Dengue virus could turn into Congo virus in next cycle, which is considered as the most deadly. Congo virus directly caused Hemorrhagic Fever.

Garbage houses, ponds and open places should be kept clean so that mosquitoes could not stay there.

It is important to create awareness among the people regarding the fatal disease.
Some 572 patients have been found positive for dengue fever all over the country by Tuesday, 31st October.

The people of the area are said to be in panic at the possible outbreak of the dengue fever or “Back Bone Fever” whereas sanitation facilities are unsatisfactory.

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