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Guide to Bakra Shopping Places


A notice issued by the District Government of Lahore regarding places where you can buy animals for sacrifice on Eid-ul-Azha.

Good Lookin’ Out


Walton Road, Lahore-Early December

Painted warning that this here plot is ‘not’ for sale. A public service of sorts, incase some agent tries to con an innocent buyer with ghost property.

The reason I snapped this is because knowing what I wrote above, there is something silly about it all.
What do you think?

Merry Christmas, Lahore!

For our you lovely people out there; Metroblogging Lahore and its team wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!


Our felllow Christains are an important part of our society and we share these happy moments of X-mas with them.

Lahore has some impressive colonial era churches and cathedrals that add diversity and grandeur to its character and architecture. Here is an image capture from my lens:

St. Anthony’s Cathedral, The Mall.

Also check out this interesting post on Church buildings in Lahore by Darwaish.

Limo in the Big City

It wasn’t only I who saw that glittering white Chrysler limousine turning around near Fortress Stadium McDonald’s; rather, everyone watched this new arrival in excitement as it toured the whole city.

Source: The News

According to news press, this lavish wheel-machine will be available for rent on all kinds of occasions.

Source: Daily Express

Just wondering what would be the price of a day’s ride… Plus, what would be next; Rent a Rolls Royce?

Welcome Auckland!

Rather a late welcome to the latest city on the MetWeb;

Metroblogging Auckland

Please drop by to say hi!

Yet another tragedy…

I was talking to a friend of mine a few minutes ago and he told me about a terrible murder, which may even turn to a multiple homicide as the situation develops. I am not sure how many of you have heard of read about it, but here it is as it was related to me:

A group of kids from Lahore Grammar trying to shake off fellow students who were chasing them in a car, probably to beat them over some minor altercation, decided to go to a friend’s house. Apparently thinking that they will be safe there. Their friend happens to be MPA Rasheed Bhatti’s son. However, when they reached the house, the guards at the MPA mistaking the two cars with a bunch of people driving into the house as some possible “enemies of the MPA” opened fire. One young student was killed with “36 bullet holes in his body”. This kid, Bilal, apparently got out the car to tell them that: “I am Bilal, friend of the MPA’s son!”

His “mistake” cost him his life!

The ensuing barrage of automatic weapon fire from the guards, not only killed poor Bilal, whose father has already left for Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, but also put two other kids in critical condition. The kids in the second car also received multiple bullet wounds. The first car had four or five students and the second car had six students. There was so much ammunition fired that every kid received a bullet wound.

This transpired a couple of nights ago in the great city of Lahore, Jauhar Town area at the home of MPA Rasheed Bhatti.

There are so many things wrong with this whole event that I cannot even begin to comment on it.

lahore as seen by Maciej Dakowicz

Pablo Picasso once asked this very interesting question that “Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” I am not sure if there is an answer to this question. Or is there?

While surfing last night, I found this wonderful work by Maciej Dakowicz, a UK based freelance photographer who spent 4 weeks in April 2006 in Pakistan. He writes “What a great country to travel, it is a bit like India, but without all the hassle. People are extremely friendly and hospitable and I have never met such people before. They like to talk to you – I had to answer “What’s your name?” and “What is your country?” questions hundreds of times – it is tiring after some time. I was invited for a cup of tea and offered a cold drink lots of time. Once in a restaurant a man I have never seen paid for my meal..



Christmas Spirit!

View image

The Cathedral Church of the Resurrection observed a special ‘Candlelight Carol Service’ on Sunday. Archbishop Alexander John Malik led the service attended by hundreds of men, women and children. The bishop told the Christian community to be sincere to their country.

Source: Dailytimes

Update: Bail in car speeding case cancelled

Syed Imam Ali issued the orders after cancelling the bail granted earlier to Faisal Farooq in the main case. The court also cancelled the bail granted to three co-accused in another related case.

“I have not committed any crime. It was just an accident,” said Faisal Farooq.

Waseem said he would welcome any decision taken by the court of law. He said he would like to see the accused behind the bars. So far, he added, the police had not arrested the accused.

Cantonment investigation SP Babar Bakht said the accused went missing when the court announced the verdict. “We are conducting raids at all places where the accused possibly could be found. We will get him soon. We are bound to obey the court order.” He said all evidence had gone against the accused. “Our investigation has established that it was a fault on the part of the accused that caused the accident. He was overspeeding.”

Daily Dawn Dec 11, 2006: Full Story

where in lahore? ;o)

I suppose you guys cannot guess where in lahore this picture has been taken and what is this poor donkey actually trying to do :D? Any ideas :0)


APP Photo by Masood – Suggested by Sa’ad :)

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