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Bheega Bheega Furwarri

Lahore is beautifully green in Spring; and rain makes it look greener. After three consecutive days of rains and overcast weather, the ‘pakorra’ and peanuts days are back…

Liberty, in front of Paradise

When the green-belts overflow

Enjoying the ‘Free Car Wash’

Although it’s still February, however, there is no doubt that once the clouds clear, sun is going to be very harsh from right now. Ahh, I’m going to miss winter!!

Sheikh Nuh Keller in Lahore again

Got this in my mail today:

…Sheikh Nuh Keller is visiting
Pakistan again this February, 2007. (Dates 23 – 25 – Fri – Sun)

More details at
The invite is downloadable, and is not a pass, only something
that will help you follow the schedule.

I did have the pleasure of attending his lecture in March of 2006, when he came to Lahore , which I very briefly covered in this post on this blog.

Unfortunately, it seems, I do not have the right questions to ask any Islamic scholar of any type, so if any of you do have a question, do attend that seminar to ask, or ask in the comments section so that I can ask him on your behalf.

Mailbox right off Mozang Road


Does this transport you back?

What and How?

Lahore is a great historical city without any doubts. Rich culture, delicious foods and vivacious people.
The landscape in recent years, according to my personal view, has been getting worse. Hardly would you find some place without billboards, wires and dust.

Here is a couple of questions for you.
what you like most about Lahore?
how Lahore could be more beautiful, like any other international city?

I guess if we just remove, or at least decrease, billboards we are going to get a better view.
What do you think?

O, Hi Pittsburgh!

We present a warm welcome to our fellows at the latest city on the Metblog map; Hi Pittsburgh the 52nd!


Drop by to say hi…

Running for the Eco-Spirit

The annual Lahore International Marathon is gathering much hype and participation with every passing year. This year it attracted a unique marathoner, Hajime Nishi, from Japan. The runner, who styles himself as an Ecomarathoner and is the founder of Ecomarathon International, has earned himself a place in the Guiness Book of World Records for “The fastest time to run marathons on each of the seven continents” by running seven marathons in each of the seven continents in only 168 days in 1997 while he also became the first person out of North America to complete marathons in all 50 states of the US.

Ecomarathoner – Hajime Nishi

An article on him in The Nation reports;

“Nishi’s philosophy diverts widely from the “faster is better” norm in the competitive world of marathons. He is quoted as saying that his worst time was 3 hours, 45 minutes and best time was 10 hours, 32
minutes. His aim is not to cross the finish line as soon as he possibly can, but to savour the experience of running a marathon. He stops to take pictures, interacts with the crowds and evaluates the marathon from an ecological point of view based on a unique rating system known as EIE (Ecomarathon International Evaluations). The EIE is comprised of 34 criteria in 7 elements, such as environment, cultural exchange, management, safety, convenience, commemoratives and fairness.” – read full story here

The spirit of running not for winning but for having an experience of People & Places of different origins, regions and environment is just too cool.

Image Source: Stuart Siegler’s Page
Post Credit: Faraz Khalid

Only in Lahore 2


Sent in by a colleague. Hilarious yet thought provoking.

Mass exodus on Eid – Deserted Ways!

Holidays, especially, the religious festival of Eid, result in more than quarter of Lahore’s population leaving for their native villages and towns to celebrate and spend their vacations with their loved ones.


Faraz Khalid pointed this visual from the Daily Times. It shows The Mall in the morning on Eid Day and reminded him of the opening scene in Vanilla Sky where they show the Times Square totally deserted at 9:00 AM.

Image Source: Daily Times
Post Credit: Faraz Khalid

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