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Shahi Sawari – شاہی سواری

Donkey ya Khota ya gadha

One thing you find en abundance in Lahore is this very animal, My city was built courtesy him (it looks a bit HARSH to me for the poor animals). I feel sad at the condition of most of Khotaas in Lahore city roaming around and being treated exactly as lahoris call KhottTTTtaaa (with an accent).

BTW, can you figure something in this Image??

Hint: An important CHAIR :>

Message of the Day: Treat the animal kindly, Aaakhir Khotaa bhi Insaan hay :|

Image Courtesy: Here

Robert Andrew Woolmer, 1948 – 2007


Pakistan cricket team’s coach Bob Woolmer died couple of hours back. He was found unconscious in his hotel room. The reason for his death is unknown as of now. He was 58.

The death comes as a shock to everyone and with Pakistan’s early exit from the World Cup yesterday, one can’t help but feel that he might have been under immense stress after yesterday’s loss. His willingness to live and work in Pakistan for the past three years is a proof enough of his love for the country. He shall be remembered for long… May his soul rest in peace!

Life is too unpredictable and fragile! :-(

Bob Woolmer dies in the West Indies

Pakistan’s Coach Bob Woolmer died in Jamaica shortly after he was found unconscious in his hotel room.

Robert Andrew Woolmer, (born May 14, 1948, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India – died March 18, 2007, Kingston, Jamaica), more commonly known as Bob Woolmer, was a professional cricket coach known for having coached the South African cricket team and Warwickshire. He was only the second non-Pakistani to coach the Pakistani cricket team, the first being Englishman Richard Pybus (1999-2000).

More on Woolmer:
BBC Cricket

Lawyers in Protest: Justice for Chief Justice

The above video is that of lawyers protesting in Lahore last week against Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s suspension.

Justice; Freedom in question

As a response to earlier events in the day, hundreds of activists and journalists from different newspapers, media channels, NGOs, news agencies, human rights groups and other organizations are protesting against the attack on GEO TV, Jang and The News’ Islamabad Bureau in front of Lahore Press Club, Shimla Pahari resulting in traffic blockade there.

All we are watching is the situation getting adverse by each passing day. Mockery of the Parliament, insult of the Judiciary and now the most recent attack on Press Freedom leaves only one question behind;

Who is now going to give Justice a chance?

Where is my freedom? Why I feel that these incidents are destroying what little peace of mind was left with my countrymen?

More coverage on the matter by IMB & KMB

Atom Bomb Siri Payay from Amritsar!

Asma suggests this interesting picture on how biological weapons of mass destruction are sold in our food markets :)


Source: Edge of Space’s Flickr


Regarding the ongoing Cheif Justice/Government/Lawyers debacle, there is a lot, and I mean a lot to write about and opinionate. I won’t do that right now.

We are on the streets now. And that is something I admire.

While being interviewed on Aaj TV by Talat Hussain, an advocate of the supreme court Mr Raza Kazim clearly marked out that this incidence should not come as a surprise as our nation’s 60 odd years of history is not-so-empty from illegal misconducts like these by the government herself.

But the point that I feel good about, is that now the people are on the street. They were not when Musharaf took over from Nawaz Sharif, although MR. Sharif was supposed to have the largest ever mandate. But now they are out. In hordes, all across the country, the one-of-the-strongest lobbies is out and about. They are protesting. People, is not that grand? Is not that what shows a nation with a will to get their right? Is not that a sign of a living nation? Yes, yes and yes. Of course, the real reason the people are out on the street can very easily be that the ‘agencies’ are provoking this to align a gradually misaligning Musharaf. The probable cause is that the people are so pushed to the brink, so frustrated at incoherent policies and so filled up-till-here(!!) that now the lid is flipped open!

On Friday, I am going to join the black coats in their protest. I will wear ‘civilian’ clothes to show that I am not a lawyer, which I am not. I invite all of you to come and show the government that we are alive and well. Sorry, but we are.

B.A./ B.Sc. Exams Taking Place in P’jab

Came Across this bulletin on Dawn:

Exam Time for about 171,000 young men and women! Private Candidates most of them at University of the Punjab. Just when everyone else is soaking up rays on Spring break…tough.

Good Luck y’all!

Lahore in Rain – Roadways

Enchanting rains left the city with a soothing charm of fresh breeze while causing the mercury to dive deep down on scales.

Wider lanes on the Canal

Green fields at University of the Punjab

Busy traffic passes through a sugarcane syrup stall

Danger ride in the drizzle

In addition to the 7mm of heavy downpour yesterday, drizzling and light rain continued in city the whole day long.

A motorcyclist balances five of his family members and an umberella while riding on the slippery roads.
Source: Associated Press

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