Condemning mockery of Judicial System.. before it’s too late

There’s been some positive activism against the ‘mockery’ of Judicial System through the hands of the General Busharraf at one of blogs here:

They’ve also got a banner to brace your blog against the Evil. Same strategy you can adopt offline by tying a White Band on your arm in protest, if you feel like it.

Since the hearing is on 3rd (just one day left) and the very blog asks you to sign an e-petition against this sickening stunt of our dear General, it’s fair to take a few seconds off your browsing and sign this petition:

To: The President of Pakistan

I, the hereunder signed, a citizen of Pakistan, wish and do hereby petition the President of Pakistan, to do as follows:

1. That the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, be reinstated
2. That the Chief Justice of Pakistan be released forthwith from house arrest
3. That all his inalienable rights (including the right to liberty) be restored forthwith
4. That the hearing of any reference be done in accordance with the law and in an open fair and transparent manner and that at any and all such hearings the media and other impartial observers be permitted to attend
5. That the Supreme Judicial Council be re-constituted with fair and impartial members


The Undersigned

Please go ahead and sign it here.

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