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Bhootar Shah on the Road :P


~ Bhootar Shah – Farhan Tayyara – Qadri Coach ~

Which of the mentioned names do you think best suites the above Truck…?

Ye Dhuan Saa Kahan Sai Uthta Hai


Escaping from pollution/heat and going to some hill station especially during summer is one of the greatest opportunities one should avail. There we can feel the difference between the serenity and tranquility of green surroundings and an AC-loaded room. City life is totally different I think we are too much used to of living in unhealthy environment now with less and less greenery around us. Can we turn Lahore into a city with 0% pollution?

Shrek the Third – What’s in the Box!

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, we have a major Hollywood local release just within a week of its international release.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Shrek the Third is here

Folks, this is one movie that you should never miss watching on the big screen. Sozo World at Fortress Stadium is a clean, modern, accessible and a very decent place to visit with family. They are also booking plans for groups and institutions.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s watch donkey’s dragons-with-donkey-heads kids flying off and make the cinema screen go on fire… ;)

The Voice of Ka’aba is here!

It is our honour to have Imam-e-Ka’aba, Al-Shaikh Abdur Rahman Al-Sudais, with us, in in our city on the 31st.


One of the most respected scholars in the Islamic World, the Imam-e-Ka’aba will be leading Fajar prayers at Jamia Ashrafia, on whose invitation, he is coming to Pakistan while later in the evening Lahorites can offer Maghrib prayers behind the Imam at the Badshahi Masjid.

Government of Pakistan has already decided to give the respected guest, status and protocol of Head of a State and the most higher ups in the Government will be managing the arrangements for the revered guest’s visit.

An evening in Lahore-Part II


Lahore very (un)Livable?

Mercer Human Resource Consulting is a global conulting firm that amongst other things, carries out an annual Ranking of some of the major cities in world. It compiles this data to primarily advise global business on say, what city would be nice to live in, keeping in mind all the requirements of a modern fast paced world necessary for a modern business executive. These factors include “39 key quality-of-life issues”, things like the quality of the public transport network, the average cost of living in the city, sanitation etc etc etc and blah blah blah…and “political stability, currency-exchange regulations, political and media censorship, school quality, housing, the environment and public safety”.

So any way, for year 2007 the rankings were published a while back, and turns out that Lahore is amongst the

Blogal Remix

I am suffering from looking at objects and persons around me from the point of view of a Blog post. It can be anything, even the Mickey Mouse wearing “lahnga” in the Liberty Market or a Rikshaw Wala talking on latest mobile phone, or even if I am listening to Atif Aslam and a Rikshaw bypasses me with all possible horrifying sounds like khut phut churr pataakhhh put putt ggrrr…so lending me the musical idea of Atif Aslam – Rikshaw Remix, which I can transform into some amalgam later on, as a supporting idea for a post.

Shrek 3 : Breaking Barriers

Guest Post by Inspirex from Karachi Metblogs


Shrek 3 takes to cinema screens in Karachi and Lahore tomorrow, Friday, May 25, 2007. The release of Shrek 3, marks a new age in the movie import business in Pakistan. This is the first time a major international movie is being released so close to its international release date.

Shrek 3 launched in the US on the 18th of May, and has not yet been released in major parts of Asia, including India.

Karachi – Universe Cineplex, Seaview, Call (021) 584-0996/584-0997
Lahore: Sozo World, Fortress Stadium, Call (042) 667-6870/667-4271

By the Book

That’s how we all should really be, by the book. Well, at least in situations when it serves our own purposes, may it be to save our skin (the single or of the double variety, take your pick), or may it be to re-inflate our ego or to just excercise our right to teach the letter of the law to the authorities themselves.
Next time some forklift hauls your vehicle, and you have to walk the walk, Rs 200 in hand towards the carlifter’s make-shift impound, keep this in mind:

…according to the Motor Vehicle Rules 1969, the authority to remove a vehicle rested with the traffic police and not with the city government.

Read the complete story here.
Go ahead, test your luck. If you actually get away, you will have something to tell your friends, almost in a boasting manner. And oh yeah, you can also try not to park in No Parking areas, give more than two figs about other cars/people on the same roads and try to be ethically correct (as opposed to politcally correct!). Good luck.

‘Dark are these days..’

Last week I heard a bang, when I was in a near by market with my friend, which turned my upcoming nights more horrible than nightmares…

It was a transformer which burst into flames (off course, due to heavy load of electricity).
The spot was just a few yards away from me and made me and others really scared. There were many people standing and moving under that transformer, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

The whole area went in dark and unfortunately, the supply to my house was also affected with this accident (as it was the main passage of the electricity). I spent two whole nights in anticipation that electricity would be resumed in just a few minutes; but alas…!

They put a temporary transformer there while the real one was taken for repairing purpose; but amazingly, that temporary transformer too burst into flames.

Then the light played ‘hide n seek’ in such a way that it just hid and we were not able to seek it again. The Lahore Electric Supply Company Ltd. (LESCO) officials kept telling me the path of the repaired transformer that it’s on the truck and will reach the destination in just half an hour; than in 1 hour; than finally they told me the truth that it’ll take 3 more hours (which were not actually 3 hours). It took 5-7 days to fully restore the flow of electricity.

I got so frustrated that I stopped turning my computer on just because of those blackouts in every five minutes.

I know that every one is now used to such type of situations, if one lives in Pakistan; and that my problem is not much grater than anyone else’s situation coz every one is bearing; but I just wanted to share my experience.

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