Karachi, one of the few largest cities in the world. Metropolis. Multicultural. Akkhh. Dozens dead. Our own people. No reason, definitly no rhymes. Only excuses. Only the lust for power, only the deviations of our own selves. But who did it? Who are you, o hidden one, tearing at our country, infesting our values and forever staining our moral fabrics, who are you?

MQM. Altaf Hussain. His party started the rally. They are very, very – nay, EXTREMELY – notorious for their activities in KHE. They were the ones on TV claiming Karachi to be their own! Altaf Saab chills in London, his goons spread terror and unrest all over the city, snatch cell phones and create chaos since early 70’s.

Musharaf. For seven years, not a single institution has been set up. Not even a single! He is known for his tact, his alliance is still undecided. Singlehandedly almost uplifted the economy, piggybacking on the overall Asian boom and has known to call it his own doings. The economy’s uplift is easily, and unfortunately, diluted with rich-poor disparity and civilian unrest over at Wana, Islamabad and now KHE.

Agencies. Like the Jins of our world, when you do not find any other plausable culprit, ‘it must be the agencies’. But smoke probably does have some fire underneath it; their baiseness come election days, their ‘state-less’ existence, implications in almost every crime attributed to Pakistan, may it be Kargil, may it be Talibans, may it be Wana, may it be elections rigging.

Dare to pick, my friends?

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  1. man! (unregistered) on May 14th, 2007 @ 7:42 am

    when you have someone claiming that he is the owner; then that manager is responsible for the mismanagement.
    So i would choose the option 2.

    warddi ki sidaarat mein,
    khambon ki wizaarat mein,
    chaar soo andhera hai,
    “roshniyon ke sheher” mein,
    khauf ka baseraa hai…!

    see my post:

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