‘Dark are these days..’

Last week I heard a bang, when I was in a near by market with my friend, which turned my upcoming nights more horrible than nightmares…

It was a transformer which burst into flames (off course, due to heavy load of electricity).
The spot was just a few yards away from me and made me and others really scared. There were many people standing and moving under that transformer, but fortunately, no one was hurt.


The whole area went in dark and unfortunately, the supply to my house was also affected with this accident (as it was the main passage of the electricity). I spent two whole nights in anticipation that electricity would be resumed in just a few minutes; but alas…!

They put a temporary transformer there while the real one was taken for repairing purpose; but amazingly, that temporary transformer too burst into flames.

Then the light played ‘hide n seek’ in such a way that it just hid and we were not able to seek it again. The Lahore Electric Supply Company Ltd. (LESCO) officials kept telling me the path of the repaired transformer that it’s on the truck and will reach the destination in just half an hour; than in 1 hour; than finally they told me the truth that it’ll take 3 more hours (which were not actually 3 hours). It took 5-7 days to fully restore the flow of electricity.

I got so frustrated that I stopped turning my computer on just because of those blackouts in every five minutes.

I know that every one is now used to such type of situations, if one lives in Pakistan; and that my problem is not much grater than anyone else’s situation coz every one is bearing; but I just wanted to share my experience.

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  1. Balshvik (unregistered) on May 24th, 2007 @ 5:10 am

    The whole distribution system is one great mess and i salute the LESCO guys that they are running this one big jumble of wires,cables and transformers against all odds and risking their lives on daily basis without much of standard protections.
    Every summer brings with it a marked increase in air conditioners and coolers sale resulting in overloading the system.There is no coordination in supply and consumption and the same transformer which was put according to load of a particular area becomes overburdened and ultimately trips or completely blows out.An undergroud distribution system would make things orderly, safer and good for neat clean look in general.
    Most of the new societies are coming up with underground distribution system and i think it should be made compulsory in the future and integral part of design plan.WAPDA can start selling electricity units in the form of prepaid cards so that people use it somewhat sensibly and according to their demand and load.This will also cater much of the complains of overbilling and overcharging and help streamlining demand supply issues.Moving underground is one Herculean task but it’ll save LESCO from many a headaches of tripping due to weather anomalies or kite flyings and other such mishaps.Although situation only worsens during summers but it’ll add to reliability of the system.Example of Islamabad is before us.

  2. man! (unregistered) on May 26th, 2007 @ 5:09 am

    That’s a very gud idea BALSHVIK!
    but I don’t understand that why our government does not think about diversity in the centuries old behavior of business.
    I mean that they can engage many other business with it e.g; the one you told about the prepaid cards.

    but it will only make the people cautious about there usage and would only do a little bit to help the people to less their bills.

    that’s not the solution..
    the solution is the increase in the production of more energy with the increase in the electricity demand.

    the government must encourage the production of electricity at micro level.

    one example that I got in my mind a few days ago that what if we put a “electricity turbine” in front of the tubewell so that when water is drawn out, it will turn the turbine to get through the pipe. i mean the water is pumpeed out with enough pressure that it can turn a turbine.

    just a little thought..

    more thoughts are appreciated..!

  3. Balshvik (unregistered) on May 26th, 2007 @ 8:40 pm

    Tallking of micro-generation, almost every canal and irrigation drain has potential and Punjab government is already doing efforts to exploit these options.Similarly the northern areas has good possibilities of hydro generation and must be utilised to every option available.Wind and solar power generation can cut your bills by almost half and few Pakistani companies are already offering solutions based on these options.And this is not something rocket science,i have few hobbysts magazines where entire solar and wind generation projects are given in detail to the last screw involved.Anyone can make these systems in their garage workshops.World over the trends are shifting towards environment friendly technologies whether in the form of hybrid vehicles or renewable sources of power generation or energy efficient gadgets.With rising fuel prices and pollution levels any efforts of making these options at individual levels or community level will ultimately result in taking some of the load off the shoulders of WAPDA and regional power producers.A mechanical engineer friend of mine has designed a wind powered sugar cane crusher for producing “GUD” (i don’t know the English for GUD) and is feeling really proud of his weird invention.

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