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A little furious


It happened a few days back on Ewan-E-Iqbal, DHA, around 12 PM. Mostly people said that driver was drunk, but the true story was based on a bursted tyre, if you can see it in the picture.

No Bread without Blue Band!


One of the many smart ideas that Blue Band is using for this cool campaign. There was another one that I saw at some place; ‘Bread without Blue Band is like a Train without an Engine!’

Besides, can you guess what place is it?…

Rickshaw Graffiti

Rickshaw Art - Lahore

And no further words needed :-)


An evening in Lahore


Sharing a beautiful evening with you guys. I took this picture almost two months back. Enjoy.

GuessWin # 17

Which one is it? not a difficult bet!


Guess the place and win our exclusive GuessWin Trophy alongwith exciting prizes related to this place.

Can you Guess the Place!…


Recently, I happened to be at a mechanic’s shop to get some auto part repairing done. When he told me that I need to replace a few machinery pieces in the car, I simply asked him, Bhi, kaun sa number chahye, eik, do , teen, chaaaar , yaa paanch? (dear brother, what quality of machinery you want for replacement, #1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). He looked at me and said plainly, jo bhi aap apni merzi say lai aein (He said whatever your choice is).

When a non-savvy person like me goes into auto parts market to buy such machinery, the availability of fake pieces makes one swirl like Romi’s Darwaish (banda jhoom he jata hay in fact). From Bilal Gunj to Hall Road…one can find all these quality types. If I see this optimistically, for all types of “budgets” they got everything right there for us.

Definitely, only a master of the game can win this game of 1 to 5.

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke?

Yesterday, 2 stroke auto rickshaws were on a strike (payya jam) to rally against the govt’s decision on banning from the ‘affluent’ areas of Gulberg and Defence. From what i hear, they’re already banned on Mall Road, and Qinqis cant even travel further from ‘old lahore’. The newer, ‘greener’ four stroke rickshaws are allowed everywhere though.

It was a very tough day as a commuter, since i travel mostly on auto rickshaws here, and couldnt get anywhere that day, and my question is, is the decision valid?

What about the day to day travellor for whom a rickshaw is the only economical means of travelling from one point to another?

GuessWin # 16

Although a very attracive and grand structure, most of the people do not know about this building.


Guess the place and win our exclusive GuessWin Trophy alongwith exciting prizes related to this place.

Can you Guess the Place!…

The modern age sage

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My Mother kept insisting that I draw famous people like the Quaid, or Iqbal, even suggesting a go at holding a mini exhibition of sorts, given the current re-surgence of interest in Art in Pakistan. But I have been doodling really, with cartoons and solemn faces drawn on the edges of almost every book all through my schooling years. That of course, has hardly changed, with an odd doodle or a cartoon being drawn – almost unconciously – on presentation drafts and what not. But that is not why I am writing this… scratch that. Let’s start again.the-ghost-of-iqbal.jpg

Allama Iqbal is by all means, the modern-age sage.

Not a single scholar that I have come to know of, or have seen on TV or read about in a book, not a single one of them has gone about without quoting the Great Master. I, as you have probably noticed, am a fan as well.

The city of Lahore can easily be proud of her most accomplished son. Allama Iqbal is still reverred amongst many. I sometimes fear that he is losing his relevance becuase his major works are in either Farsi (Persian) or in Urdu. The urdu ones are again, not your usual Urdu! Add to that the fact that our generation and the coming ones take pride in actually being unable to write Urdu – ‘Oh I can only write in English, you know, you know’. Unfortunate.

But it is efforts like these that give me, for one, some hope that after all, Allama Iqbal will still live amongst us, in a way that a person like him should. Whoever made this website, thank you.

edited by author: 18-May-07

Peshawar hit by Blast; Lahore on High Alert

Powerful bomb blast in a Peshawar hotel has left 24 people dead.

The explosion took place at the Marhaba hotel located opposite Mahabat Khan Masjid. A five-year old kid and two women are among the innocent dead.

High Alert has been imposed in the Punjab province, especially in Lahore, where the visitng Prime Minister’s security has been boosted. The already volatile Karachi is on Red Alert too.

While internal elements are alleged to be responsible for the siuation in Karachi, involvement of foreign hands is evident in worsening the law and order situation in NWFP and has been responsible for brewing conspiracies on the Western border of Pakistan with Afghanistan.

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