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Sprite 3G ‘Hits Hard’

Three months ago, The Coca Cola Company re-introduced the highly acclaimed brand “Sprite” with the new one “Sprite 3G”. The re-launch is at time when the company has been facing a tough competition in the local market.

The company has intelligently selected the new brand “Sprite 3G”… the letters “3G” in the new brand is a term related to the ‘Technology’ especially with the ‘Telecommunication’ industry like the 3G mobiles. It refers to “3rd Generation” of innovation in technology. The same theme is adopted by the company referring to the “3rd Generation” of the soft drinks.

The company (Coca Cola) has been very clever in making slogans for their products; according to the needs of the most of the people in Pakistan like;

“Jo chaaho ho jaaye… Coca Cola enjoy!”

Now the re-launch of Sprite also brought a new, attractive and really short slogan viz; “HITS HARD”. The old one was also an attractive one and became a Unique Selling Point (USP) for the brand.
It was;

“Dikhaawey pe na jaao… apni aqal larrao…”

The brand “Sprite” was launched in 1961 in response to the already popular “7-Up”; but over the time many beverage companies plunged into this ever demanding business. Now the company is facing a stiff competition at local level with 7-Up, the newly re-launched ‘Mountain Dew’ and some local companies like Amrat Cola, Shandy and Makkah Cola.

A day ago; the company provided free drinks to the public, during an introductory campaign, as a product sample. The campaign was held at Akbar Chowk, Lahore near the Meezan Bank in an empty plot. There was a truck full of crates of bottles, a Land Cruiser branded with the product’s name and a small but really hip hop music setup.

The branded Land Cruiser was a great attraction for the public as they were of the view that, this car is here for a prize… and they can win it by participating in some sort of competition activity.

“It is our car… and whenever we move to some place we use this car”, said Saahil, the Brand Ambassador of Sprite 3G.

The campaign was supported by the Rock Remix music provided by a local music band “DJ Butt”. It was a mixture of some western music with the remixes from Bollywood. The transition from one song to another was really great.

“We have been with the company for over 1 week and are supposed to be with them for about one month; as per contract”, said Naz (the DJ) who was representing the band “DJ Butt”.

Let’s see… what the new Sprite has to offer…

Hey… does anyone know that where the PEPSI’s brand “Teem” has gone…?

History Source: Sprite

Battling water on the streets

A kid uses tire-tube to float across a flooded street

Teaching rickshaws to swim on the roads

Image Source: BBC News

Lahore in Rain

Pakistan has been lashed with heavy downpour, floods and storms across its coastal areas, Karachi, Makran, NWFP and parts of the Punjab for the last few days. Hundreds have lost their lives while thousands are stranded as a result of continous heavy downpour.

Two day-fulls of rain has left Lahore with a bit of pleasant weather, increased humidity and puddles of rain water all over its streets.

Close to Gulberg – Pool on the road or is it a road through the pool…

Main Boulevard, Gulberg – What they call as Lahore’s Champs Elysees!

M.M.Alam Road – Lahore’s SoHo – famous for its eateries, designer restaurants, cafe’s, boutiques and upscale shops

All in van!

How would you rate these vans with this kind of statement? “Zindagi maut ke amanat hai” etc etc.


Son of Lahore brings pride

Match Update =>

The second round Gentlemen’s Singles match between Aisam-ul-Haq and Marat Safin will take place today at 11:00 am GMT on Court 18. It could not be played earlier due to yesterday’s rainy conditions.


The whole nation was gripped in a sheer sense of pride and excitement when Lahore’s Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi became only the second Pakistani tennis player after Haroon Rahim, also from Lahore, to be able to qualify for Grand Slam Gentlemen’s Singles event at The Wimbledon Championships.


And yesterday, he made history by winning over Lee Childs of Great Britain, giving him a fine defeat, and became the first ever Pakistani player to enter the second round of Men’s Singles Tournament at Wimbledon.


The Second Round

Aisam-ul-Haq%20Qureshi%20-%20Pakistan.jpg VS Marat%20Safin%20-%20Russia.jpg

Qureshi will be playing Marat Safin of Russia, today at 1:00 pm GMT.

We wish the very best to Aisam-ul-Haq and would love to see him play harder and win the best out of it!

Image Source:

Tit for Tat


Son: ‘Daddy, what will the British feel if we knight Bin Laden with Hilal-e-Jura’at (Honor of Courage)’

Image Source: Daily Khabrain

GuessWin #19

Guys, I have got something easy this time, very easy rather. Guess the place and win our lush push Trophy with lots of gift hampers ;) including an imaginary trip to north pole (trip offered to Lahorees only)


Barish kai Side Effects :)

Justa wanna share side effects of yesterday’s rim jhim…


I want to post M.M. Alam Road’s condition for you guys, will do it someday :)

Why not?

Lahore does not have a website.
No, wait, it does.

It can be improved. That is not the point.

We have one. Do we know about it? How many of us have actually used the website?
Why not?
I am planning on contacting the EDO for Enterprise & Investment Promotion to see if perhaps he can get me some web design or large, neat print orders. That’s what he is there for, right? Maybe yes, maybe not. But I won’t find out until I get in touch with him.

I say the website can be improved because I dont know who the current EDO is and how the heck do I contact him (or her!). Besides, even if they had the information on the website, the website was last updated in 2002.

But the website is large. One can use it. One can learn from it. One can take part in Lahore’s activity by using the information presented in it.

Why not?


Hi everyone…. I liked this naughty video that my friend emailed and thought to share it with you. Have a great time.

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