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I usually observe so many different quotations, sayings, names, verses and messages on Rikshaws in Lahore, but I just read them, enjoy them, appreciate the esthetic of the writer and then forget them. Most bothering quotations for me are the ones, which show some tragedy, the “Milna, Bicharna and Sari Omer Yad Rakhna Formula”. It always makes me ask this question to myself, why he chose this tragic verse, though, on the other hand, I found them catchy too.

A joyous relief…

A few days back, when the sun was gazing up in the sky right above our heads at about 48°C, a small group was cherishing and beating the heat by having an open bath in the park.

I couldn’t resist myself to go there and share the joys of the open bath. (though, I didn’t get into it but it was enjoyable).

The most interesting part began when the children started fighting for the control of the hosepipe.

The fight was hilarious tom see… :-D

“dey mjhe…. nhi to meine joota maarna he…!”

The child in black shorts said it violently… :-D

That scene just can’t be explained in words. See the pic in zoomed view, and I m sure, you’ll enjoy.

But today’s rain really brought a change… and the parks, which looked deserted during noon, were full of noise and activity. Even I enjoyed myself in the rain.

See the pics to observe the change in the moods i.e., it’s the same park (that I mentioned above) which was full of the people today, during the rain.


They are coming.
And as I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I actually believe that my vote counts, just like a little birde told me it would.
Either I was too young or was too indifferent or both when Benazir kicked Pakistan in the shins or when Nawaz uncle was saving enough for a good hairdo, but the point is, I don’t have any material on the exiled leaders of the two biggest political parties in Pakistan.
Any clues as to what they did was so bad? I mean, what Mr. Sharif did bad was continue his mills business while still Prime Minister. And maybe what BB did bad was marry Zardari 10 percent. Let’s hear what you guys have to say?

And also..
Who will you be voting for, if at all?
As of yet, I am still voting for Khan of the Imran variety. what say you folks?

Traffic pull-ss

As slang would have it, this is Lahore, but when you really want to make a point, then it is ‘Laore’ as in ‘Laore, laore ai’.
Likewise, police becomes pullse (pull-ss), and a traffic sergeant becomes – wait for it – becomes ‘chillarh’. Of course, no roman English can give you the pronunciation of a chillarh! No sir, it can’t.
We have been getting some good people working for the Traffic police recently – those new recruits, thanks to our efficiently functional, highly paid Motorway Police. And a lot of stories to share.
For example, if you are stopped over for a small misdemeanor, say, a white line crossed over by your car at a red light. The new dude will come up and upon noticing that you are educated, will make it a point to tell you that, ‘yai kaam siraf jaahil loge kartay hain’ (only illiterates do this), to drive the point home. And these new dudes are educated. A friend of mine ran into one who was a LLB. And that is all good. Good people can only make good change, and thats a rule.

Do you have any stories about these new dudes, as I am oh-so-eloquently calling them? hmmm…

Sawan Ghir Aayo! :)


Lahore is under attack of gray clouds right now …welcome Sawan.

‘easy intelligence’…

Solving problems is a natural instinct of many people, if not of all. Many people want to play there role for the betterment or uplift of the society.

(I know, some of you won’t agree but believe me there is still a lot; who wants to improve the society.)

Improving is a good thing and one should improve, but the question is…

“What should be improved?”

I think the improvement should be in the sense that…

“Improve thyself for the society and, at the same time, the society for thyself.

But the tragedy is that we, sometimes, unintentionally create more problems while solving one problem. And sometimes, we don’t even get to know that we have actually created extra problem(s).

Just look at the picture below…

To save a small pothole, they put the big rocks there; instead of covering the pothole with cement or any other construction material.

This happens when we try to find out the ‘easy’ solution with the ‘intelligence’ (brain) we have. And when we think; we get many ideas and solutions, but not all of them are workable.

Unfortunately, we chose the easiest solution… not the best solution.

The picture refers to the same situation. As all of us have an idea that how much of our roads are illuminated, such solution would have definitely become a dangerous problem, especially for the night traffic. And you can easily judge that some vehicle would have been a victim of this ‘easy intelligence’ by seeing the scratches of the tires on the road. Placing such big rocks on the main road makes no sense. Some decent and nice solution was needed but…

Well, according to me, the main reason behind all this is the lack of research. No doubt, we have not introduced the concept of research on mass level and it is still considered a term linked with the big corporate organizations, multinationals or educational assignments but I believe that it’s the term; we should apply on all aspects of our life. That’s what our Islam says. Allah Almighty has stressed on the verb ‘Tehqeeq’ (term used for ‘Research’ in Urdu language) again and again. But we are the ones who don’t follow it.

‘The solution means; to minimize the problem, not transferring the problem from one phase to another. If you want to do something for the society, try to solve its problems. If you can’t eliminate or minimize a problem, at least don’t be a reason for its increment. Just remember, improving yourself is also a part of improving your society.’

I hope you got my point. If I missed something or you want to share your point of view; you are welcome.

(The picture was taken a few days back on Model Town, Link Road, Lahore in front of PSO petrol pump.)

Aisam Ul HuqS!!

Finally Aisam from our very own Lahore made it to the Wimbledon again..huraaaa!!!!. I really want to see GAMES as the most prioritized pastime for our youth to help them get out of labyrinth of unhealthy activities. I don’t know why but watching kids/local teams playing in the playgrounds has always pleased my imagination, maybe I can see a better future for their healthier minds. Sometimes I start counting myself in those moonstruck freaks, who want to project positive image of our youth throughout the world, but for that I know, we need lots of support at government level, which unfortunately is not the case (if we look at it practically).

Courtesy The News

Injured Persons Bill

We hear and read of accidents that take place around the country that have been mishandled in either hospitals or by the police. Not many of us are aware of the Injured Persons Bill that was passed by the National Assembly way back in 2003-4 and which had been passed as the law by Parliament on March 1, 2006.

To Sir, With What?

It is not like any other afternoon, this afternoon of Lahore. We are touching 50 degree Celsius here in the city. By all definitions of the word, it is hot. And me and my friend are on a motorbike, on the sweltering roads going from one place of work to another. The heat itself is enough reason to just sit put and stay quite and count the minutes. It is at this odd time that my friend, while still riding the bike, slightly turn his head and almost shouts out from within the helmet he is wearing, “Hey, do you know Salman Rushdie got the knighthood? Now that saab is a sir, haan?”
It must be the heat.

Salman Rushdie is a great writer and has practically invented a completely new genre of writing. But I am hardly the one who takes art for art’s sake. As far as I am concerned, art without due importance to subject matter is a waste of time and creative energy. But that is just me. This, on the other hand, is about governments.

Sky of Gold!

These are two shots that I took while passing through Liberty Market last year in July.

It had just stopped raining as the sun set and I was lucky to catch it before dark…


Looked like as if there was a huge fire miles away and the clouds seemed to be the smoke


I wish if we were able to witness it all again this year!

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