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‘Muhabbat Ke 603 Tareekey’

Lahore Arts Council presents “Muhabbat Ke 603 Tareekey” (603 Ways Of Love) a 90 min. Urdu comedy theatre play, which has been written and directed by Ahmad Bilal.

The play is dedicated to all those people

who once, loved in their life..
and then remained committed to it…
and even after wearing ‘joggers’…
couldn’t run away from it…
and like the true lovers…
loved only one person in their whole life…

The play is organized by the ATPA (awareness through performing arts) society.
According to what is written on the ticket/pass, the show is on August 3rd at 07:00pm at Alhamra Hall-1, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore. The entry is free and is only for families.

You know you’re from lahore when…

after the unlimited success of “you know you’re from karachi when…” list, i stumbled upon a similar list for lahori’s on Moonflower’s blog. So without further ado…

  • The first 15 channels on your cable are dedicated to stage shows mujras
  • The morning rush hour is from 6am to 12pm. The evening rush hour is from 2pm to 9pm. Saturday’s rush hour starts Friday morning.
  • You buy anything and everything from Al-Fatheh
  • Your Massi and Driver have taught you fluent punjabi
  • Your broke ass next door neighbour just bought a BMW cuz he deals in property
  • A really souped up civic from tokyo drift stops next to you and instead of something groovy, the woofers blare out himesh rishamya

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Parha Likha Punjab?

A very apt title and accompanying picture by Daily Times.


Sweet tooth? Think Naan Khataye ….!

If you are around Walled City of Lahore, try to look for Akbari Gate if you are interested to discover a different crispy taste of Naan Khataye (with almonds) (if you are a Naan Khataye lover and like the golden, fully baked crunchy sort of it).

A box full of crusty Naan Khatayees ;)

Khalifa Bakers @ Akbari Gate are famous for their Naan Khatayee art. I just had them and found them better than other famous bakers in Lahore. Worth a try …. :)

C’est la Vie…!

Yahi zindagi hay...

Don’t we see such scenes everyday … here or there … now and then?? Saddened for a moment … but I’ve firm belief that these hardships would make them a better person with strong belief on themselves :-)

Apart from philosophiyaan, well-fitted they are and isn’t this bike a bit elongated??

Courtesy: Daily Express

Discovery in the Land of JOY

For family entertainment especially in summer holidays, there is nothing like Joy Land in the Fortress Stadium. There are lots of rides both for kids of all age group and elders that are well maintained but I just want to talk about the one, which really made me shiver, its Discovery (a new addition). Discovery makes you move through 180 degrees. The best part is when you are at 90 degree, a few inches above your seat and all your weight is on your shoulders. Before riding on discovery, don’t forget to give all your belongings specially that you carry in your pockets, your glasses, caps etc to your family members, who are going to watch you go up, a must ride for thrill lovers.

We cannot live without it :))

This might be a secret (whisperring) but there are at least two things a pure Lahoree cannot live without.
GUESS WHAT????????????????

Final Destination -Part 2


Car leasing and financing are the culprits and only cause for increased air/noise pollution and traffic irregularities in our city. More cars, more roads and inevitably, more mechanics.
So readers, what is your first and last choice for a great, friendly mechanic, who really makes you travel from one corner of city to other …just because he is too good.

Current wali T-Shirts at Levi’s

Available in cool bright colors; green, light red, orange & blue, Levi’s has put up an exciting offer of Rs.300 for its plain simple t-shirts this summer.


At such a reasonable price, these shirts wiith a Levi’s label still are good value for money.

Warning: Check your piece for defects before the purchase

~Tow Nishp ~


I really like the way they broke Town Ship into Tow Nishp :) ….maybe some of you remember “Ajashbako” …any gueses what that is?

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