Many things have been happening in a row since last month, a great budget plan, worst heat wave, then monsoon and then cyclone causing this flood in Balochistan and Sindh mainly. You can read here how disastrous this all is and how many lives have been affected, I am more concerned about health-related issues that can surface after this water will get stagnant.

I hope government will gather not only funds but also will get lots of civilian support in terms of manpower to help the affectees in Balochistan and Sindh.

Lately, I had been searching about allocations for health sector in the new budget they announced, which is integral to social sector and its developments, because I strongly believe that if a citizen is physically and mentally fit only then he can do real job and participate in building a strong nation. It’s the duty of State to provide such facilities to every citizen and what this budget brings for me as a citizen, interests me. Anyhow, what I concluded after a little search is that we are not short of resources, strategic planning, we got lots of aides, lots of brains, lots of honest and hard working people around. I really like Dr. Sania Nishter’s suggestion about the core issue where, I think, government’s all efforts become zero;

“As the Parliament gets into session to debate the budget for 2007, they must therefore, be mindful of the fact that it is not enough to put money in programs; unless the systems to deliver them are reconfigured and strengthened, programs will find it difficult to deliver on objectives.”

So its not just all about money, its also about the system.(yeah, we know it)

In light of the above-mentioned suggestion, a few days back I have been talking with someone, who has links in Irrigation Department somehow, and works with the teams, who go from village to village to spread the word related to division of water, health, cleanliness, hygiene etc. The insider disclosed that plans are too good, with too much support from foreign aide BUT the system never DELIVERS the right thing to the deserving persons at right time. That person also told me about the shortage of pure water in the interior Punjab and how difficult it is for women of those villages to go miles away on their feet to get one bucket of water filled and they are not left with enough strength to work on hygiene, cleanliness etc. During one of the demonstrations, a woman just stood and threw her bucket in front of the demonstrator and asked her what if she has to do all cleaning, hygiene and other needs with this little water?

When I look at this scenario, I am compelled to think that there are only a few black sheeps, who are playing dirty games for only a few hundred bucks (or more). If good people get together, they can easily overshadow the plagued group and head towards more prosperous Pakistan. If we will keep on “allowing” bad people ruining our progress, no matter how great our budget is, how strong our planning is, how concrete our financial blocks are, we can never make it to the top.

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  1. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on July 2nd, 2007 @ 1:55 am

    Only proper planning and excessive resource allocation is not enough for achievement of so-called ‘millennium’ development objectives.

    As you rightly mentioned, systematic implementation, monitoring of projects, transparency and control are crucial factors for making progress and to be able to raise the living standards of our people.

    And that exactly is what has been missing from our system right from the beginning, the reason being all our departments and ministries have long been run by non-professional, un-related, exploiters who have eroded institutions of their credibility, efficiency and utility…

  2. RIGHTE (unregistered) on July 2nd, 2007 @ 5:11 am

    If we could somehow build enough dams to store these flood waters we could have electricity and water all year round.May be a wishful thinking but when nations and leadership commit they can do the impossible like Hoover Dam.It’s the Britishers which gave us whatever infrastructure and SYSTEMS we have otherwise we wouldn’t be much better than Timbuktu and still living miserably under the patronage of Jahaan Panaahs and Aaali Janaabs(Btw most of your Officer’s corps whether civilian or military is no less than monarchy in miniature).Rules n Laws are for commoners not for sahab log.Politics is a big business here.Do you think they spent millions on election campaigns in order to get elected to see that Mr. Zaid has tap water in his home or Mr. Baqar gets medical treatment at his doorsteps?.Only honest people select honest leadership and our criteria is not moral righteousness or what is good for country but who can do what for me and how quickly.Who gets selected by our EDUCATED voter? one who can save his neck in the police station or write a letter of reference for his son’s job.

    West has systems because they have rule of Law, a true blind justice which doesn’t differentiate between a Prince or a beggar.They don’t have complexes regarding jobs or status of persons.Their CEOs can do counter or desk jobs just to get the feel of workers conditions.Their Parliamentarians can be reached by anyone any time as they are elected representatives of the people and not their masters or living lavishly at public exchequer.Who will educate the people? answer: Media of course and Who will maintain the check and balance? again rule and fear of Law and vigilantism by Media.Our only salvation is in spreading education,denying feudal traits and opting democratic behaviours and values.
    If a vetnamese Farmer can generate his own gas using biogas plant, irrigate his fields or light his house with help of renewable energy and in contrast our farmer is still relying on animal power or has scarcity of resources, here too the difference is education.

    I’m a nature freak always looking for scenic places and corners of solitude just to escape the city grind.The Kacha homes standing in the open fields of my southern Punjab village are more homely and comfortable than any of your big city houses.Their magical charm under full moon nights is one damn sight and owners have no water or sanitary problems although both men and women do back breaking labor in the fields and they are happy in their little world with no STRATEGIC worries and plans.
    I also used to be “Saray jahaan ka dard humaray jigar mein hai” and ended up ruining my jigar,Jahaan wahin ka wahi aur waisay ka waisa raha.


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