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A Karachite in “America’s Got Talent”!?!

“I’m feel real good like real exictement like im dont know whats gonna haappen in my future.” – Kashif

Pakistani-Kashif-Memon.jpg M. Kashif Memon: Has anyone heard or seen this guy? Or was I just the only one who hadn’t. Some term him as Desi Nepolean Dynamite. I heard that he made it to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent by dancing to a bollywood number. He has a support group on facebook as well. The official site posts some of the videos and news articles related to his shows that he has attended.

[America’s Got Talent (Chicago) – Kashif – Round 1]

America’s Got Talent is an American reality television series on the NBC television network. It is a talent show that features amateur singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised top prize of US$1 million. The show debuted in June 2006 for the summer television season.

In theory or at least what the mind says to me, his dance was a crappy one. Sometimes, it would look abnormal to certain people. Look – how he has come with newly unwrapped milk-white socks with well ironed cotton dress pants and dress shirt with leather shoes to dance in an international competition. More than being hilarious he actually got through some of the rounds. It might be more of a sympathy then actual talent.

But the fact is, he has gone up there not because of his skills. He got some good fame because of his grave determination. Its not just being Pakistani I tend to say that. Even if I was not a Pakistani or a Desi for that matter, it would have given me same impression.

[America’s Got Talent (Las Vegas) – Kashif – Round 2]

I pray that may Allah make things easier for him to understand and show him the right//normal direction to put his determination on.

[America’s Got Talent: Kashif – Round 3 – Semi Finals]

So, Lahoris – (*putting all my eyes, fingers and mind towards Lahoris*) – Do you know any unknown Lahori kid that you have seen in any of those international idols outthere? Well, at least this guy has been there and done that! :)

Cute enough? ;)

@Main Blvd., Lahore.
I am not sure why he skipped “r” from the sentence, any idea?

I lately had been thinking about the freedom of expression, straightforwardness and boldness (with respect to falling in love and liking someone as far as women folk is concerned) we have in our society since ages….(why our elders complain about “modernism” then?, this all has been always there). Like I found these songs very upfront “sun way balori ukh walya”, “teray mukhray da kala kala til way”, “kala shah kala mera kala ae dildaar gor-yan nu paraan karo” and many other old songs/movies representing true soul of love (Punjab). It’s a song or it’s a sticker on your vehicle, you can say it boldly (even for sake of fun), right? But I have not seen this practice much in other cities that is called wearing one’s heart upon one’s sleeves (correct me if I am wrong). A few months back I have seen a car driven by a girl and there was some unusual statement written at the backside, I don’t remember exactly what was that, but whatever it was, was daring enough for me. Likewise, this guy driving his message at Liberty round about … looked quite unconventional, but never mind :)).

Have you ever admired any message like this one and gave a second thought to it ;)?



@Anarkali, Lahore.

He was sitting under a counter for the dinner :) …a cool ambience with imported interior does not matter sometimes.

Lahori Reporting Live from Toronto #1

This is Opee for Lahore Metblogs News, Toronto.

There will be series of pictures and videos which will represent Pakistan from the eyes of a Lahori visiting Toronto. This is the first mail in this regard. Today I am bringing you how the newspaper responded before the launch of KKL (Khuda Ke Liye). The newsapaper is a Toronto based Pakistani Newspaper, which is available free of charge from most of the Desi/Pakistani Restaurants. I will be publishing more of such photos later on.

The newspaper reported that: “In Pakistan, A movie is made to support singing, listening music. Junaid Jamshed criticized”.


As if all the rest of the movies in Pakistan have always been so clean and pious. As if Pakistani Movie Industry never supported singing and listening to music in the past 50 years. Hence, even here, people (rather opportunists) find ways to attract viewers and to play with the emotions so that their newspapers are sold more and more. Here is an example of no matter where you are, thinking remains same! :) I believe, if you can’t change your mind in Pakistan, you can’t change it elsewhere. So its all in your head. Decide yourself. Any comments?

More coming soon…

Any fan can be Royal :)


Following the sun!


Glam to Lahore’s Roads


It’s not everyday that you find such a shiny Glamorous beauty roaming around Lahore’s busiest roads in the Peak hour.

I don’t know about lahoriites but that’s for the first time I’ve seen a beauty of her kind … and guess what NO Murphy’s Law applied in this case. Yes usually all the aaLa cars or bikes have (God Forbid) kind of people in … in this one the hunk was perfectly well-suited for her … made for each other. BTW, It’s BMW Z4Roadster .

Ciao before the string splits :-)

Monika Staab arrives at Lahore

Monika Staab Famous German Women soccer coach Monika Staab arrived at Lahore on Monday for one-month Women Football Training Program. During her stay in the country, starting from Karachi, she will conduct Coaching Camp of Pakistani Women footballers at headquarters of four provinces and regions.

I don’t know about the future of Women Footballers in Pakistan, but I can see at least some progress which I haven’t seen in history.

Once Commenting at an occassion: national women’s team coach Tariq Lutfi said, “At the moment our players have a very low standard. They have no speed, skills and worse, no body co-ordination”.

“They already have done that” Lutfi pointed out. “The process has started but now there will only be progress if our players work very hard”, said Lutfi commenting on progress of training camps, emphasizing women to work harder.

I believe this problem is not just with women, our men are equally lazy when it comes to Football. Moreover, we severely lack in technique. Above all,There is an utmost need of continual effort from everybody. Being it me, you, men, women, kids, school sport masters, coaches, federation chief, everyone!

I personally feel that the problem won’t be fixed in the matter of 30 days. Now that Monika Staab’s visit could be the first drop of rain, I feel there should be more visit of such players to the country on regular and permanent basis (for the period of 3 months at least). Such renowned players should be invited to Train the Coaches of the 4 provinces.


I don’t think only the hardwork by the boys and girls would do much of a trick. Our Coaches too have a very long way to sport.

This might be a start to a better future!? Lets hope for the best!
(on a side note: Somebody can just refurbish the website of PFF, its a mere crap. :))

IMAX No More…

As per the news report that appeared in today’s The Nation, the Punjab Entertainment Company (PEC) has shelved its plans to bring IMAX Theater to Lahore. The project, with a whopping investment (read public-money-that-could’ve-been-better-utilized-somewhere-else) of over Rs. 1.34B by Punjab Government, was in doldrums from the very beginning when a stay order was issued by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The petition was jointly filed by NGOs and the nearby residents against the illegal commercialization of a public park.

The PEC has now decided to shift the project to Faisalabad. I find this move an extremely absurd one – not only because of the choice of the city but also the way they’ve gone about it from the very start. Anyone who has witnessed the extent of construction that has already been completed at the Doongi Ground on main M. M. Alam Road would agree that those involved in this project should be held answerable and be made to pay back. Why did they chose to illegally commercialize a public park, that too on one of the most expensive roads in Lahore, is something that baffles me. The city has countless other locations that could’ve been used for it instead! And now, since they’re hellbent on bringing IMAX to Pakistan, then what is keeping them from still building it in Lahore – a city that’ll probably utilize it a lot better than any other city in Punjab?

What will become of the huge building structure that they’ve already constructed at the site? I certainly hope they bring it down and convert it back to a park – let this be an example for the times to come! How much of the Rs. 800M that had already been released by the Government have been wasted? The PEC (i.e., Government) needs to be held answerable and I hope, Lahore Bachao Tehreek and Shehri NGO would continue to pursue this case in the court of law. We, Lahoris and Pakistanis, would continue to back them up!

McFlurry with m&m’s – I’m likin’ it!


Creamy – Smooth – Crunchy – Pure Indulgence

I’ve always been a fan of McDonald’s McFlurry ice-cream offerings. After the initial Oreo & Butterfinger flavors, they have most recently launched the new McFlurry m&m’s.

Tried it; liked it; still, Oreo is my favorite!

Which one is your favorite pick?

~ McFlurry Oreo
~ McFlurry Butterfinger
~ McFlurry m&m’s
~ Good ol’ Sundae
– Caramel
– Fudge
– Strawberry

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