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Out and Out Harrtaal

If anyone thought these guys are trying to get their voices heard by just making threats of strike against the cut in their mark-up by the Government, he/she must be terribly mistaken.



Petrol Pumps throughout the city are strictly observing an all out strike for an indefinite time period. One has to see how does the Government respond to their demands or if the public is powerful enough to stand up against this ‘khulam khulla ghunda gardi’ and compel gas station owners to reopen their fillers soon.

Creativity needs no Limits …


Many of you must have seen that foxy stuck inside a wall in Cavalry (or is it defence – i’m confused :*))

But for its surroundings, you can expect the creativity of that extent. When I saw this bus’ front being used as a Tuc Shop … I was enthralled.

My my my, what a creativity and usability and then where :-)

Creativity sure does seek no limits … it’s beyond that all :)

When the pumps go out…

As a consequence of a continuing protest by Petrol Pump owners over cut in their commission margin by the Government, all Petrol Pumps will remain closed as their owners observe nationwide strike against the Government’s decision.

It may not be too late for many of you who have vehicles low on gas for tomorrow. Hurry up, drive to your nearest Company owned Petrol Pump and get your tanks filled to the full before they too run out of fuel…


Well, here’s a view of my neighborhood during yesterday’s rim jhim and, ah, that lovely rain!… 8~D




As the ‘Freedom Month‘ i.e. August, is ending; every one celebrated it in full swing.. and there are some people who don’t have much to enjoy but still, may be, they are more patriot than us.

The plot in the picture is situated in front of ‘Shimla Hill‘ in front of Radio Pakistan. This plot is so old that I remember when I was young I used to come here to meet my grandmother’s sister.
(:-D I really did..!)

There were some huts then and there are some huts now… but don’t know why they are here!

Whatever, the main thing is that even in this condition, they celebrated their independence. If not much, at least the flag is there.


This sleeping child attracted me because in the ‘deafening sounds’ of horns and engines of the vehicles at Shama Stop Traffic Signal, Ferozpur Road; he has been in a deep sleep like he is in his bed.

If I were there, I could definitely not sleep like him…

Whats your recipe for success?

@Lahore Cantt
Look, even Ariel finally got the perfect recipe (Enzymax) for success with Dalda’s famous host, giving a push to the phrase “Kaamyaabi Ki Recipe.”

LMB’s recipe for success is a combination of unbridled enthusiasm and a few hundred pounds of creative talent plus a secret ingredient ;)

So, guys, both, for offline and online success, would you like to share YOUR recipe????

I Am Singin’ Just Singin’ In the Rain

@Defence, Lahore
@Shair Pao Bridge, Lahore Cantt
Let the gray clouds chase me!
It rained today, let me sing, just sing

Today’s Sunset

@Allama Iqbal International Airport
Everything was perfect and same, the sunset, the airport and lots of groups sitting at sides of drop lane…just chillin’ :)

Tera Saath Naa Chorein Gay

This picture reminds me of the oldy song Yeh dosti hum nahe chorein gay .. torein gay dum magar tera sath na chorein gay … !

Apparently, the end of petrol resulted in this Fraandship … how do you see this picture??

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