As you do, so shall ‘others’ reap!

It’s true that we all are responsible for our own deeds (whether good or bad), and we’ve to pay ourselves if we do something wrong but… I don’t agree with this philosophy that it’s always only you who pay for your bad deeds…

I mean, its not always you who pay for your own bad deeds but sometimes, others also pay for your wrong deeds.

In the pic 1 (above), you can see a man but don’t take him as he is doing some Olympic moves by walking freely on the pipe over the drain.

It’s just in front of the Green Town Police Station where this man didn’t bother to walk about ‘5 meters’ to get to the bridge and cross the drain.

See the pic 2.

Now, here in pic 2…
congratulations..! he succeeded in his nothing worthy act. Don’t you think he deserves a trophy..?

Ok, now to decide what trophy or even garlands you want to present him, just go to the pic 1 and try to observe the line of kids following him on the pipe.

Though in pic 2, the man is safe but what about those kids..? 8-|
I mean who is responsible if any accident happens there..?

What I think is that every one in the society makes us a material person by injecting ideas like ‘don’t do bad or you’ll have bad‘. (it seems quite selfish… isn’t it..!)

Ok! That’s true but what if we try to teach that ‘don’t do bad or you and others will also suffer for just because of you‘.

That’s what I felt a black hole in our parenting and nurturing methods.
We should try to sensitize the younger generation to take care of themselves and their society as well.
We should inject that it’s included in their duties to take care of your society.

Further ideas are welcomed..!

And in the end about the present…
I think… he deserves one “Jooton ka haar” (a shoe garland) and a shower in the same drain.

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  1. JayJay (unregistered) on August 17th, 2007 @ 6:28 pm


    We need to educate our society; private channels can contribuate a lot through social messages.

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