This Ramazan, Let’s Donate More…

Everyone knows the importance of charity in a society. Everyone talks about it. Everyone donates; some a little, some much more. Everyone does what everyone can.

But are we doing enough?

Looking around while on the road, watching TV, surfing the net, reading papers, it becomes pretty clear that we are not doing enough. It’s just not enough. We all know that we have poverty in our country; extreme poverty in extreme remote areas, half of our population is still illiterate, half has less than normal access to medical facilities, many have no access to clean drinking water, many are wronged but don’t have a support system to seek / attain justice, many just don’t know what to do. We all know that. We read it in papers.

We also know that these deficiencies, the extreme inequality in society, leads to rising crimes, social tension, law & order chaos, terrorism. We all know that. We have it all in our society.

We also know, have heard of, have been to, a number of charities in and around our cities. As i said, some donate a little, some much more. but nobody seems to be doing enough.

The question is what more can we do?… the answer is very simple. Donate More. Donate to the right charities and starting this Ramazan, donate a bit “more” than what you normally do. A little bit extra percentage, multiplied by all of us, the entire population of those who can, and it can be a good beginning. It can literally change / save lives. And who cannot donate a bit “more”? when we can buy one more bottle of pepsi, have one more lavish iftaar and buy one more DVD, we can also easily donate a bit more… more than what we normally do.

And it’s not much effort. With technology comes convenience. Once you have selected your favourite charity, you can practically donate as much as you can and as many times as you want in literally 5 minutes.

Here are a few ways to donate. Most of the charities offer all or some of these facilities for your own convenience.

a) Internet Banking – Most of the banks offer internet banking. Most of the charities take donation online. So just log in, and transfer money from your account to your charity organization. It takes 3 minutes or less. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can do it from your home, office, from anywhere in the world.

b) SMS – Don’t want to get into the risk and hassle of internet banking? No problem. We all have mobile phones. Many charities accept donations through SMS. For example, type “life” in the message space and send to 7770 and you have donated Rs. 20 to Shaukat Khanum Memorial.

c) Credit Card – Got one? Why not go to your charity’s website and donate online. It takes 2 minutes or less. Again you can do it from anywhere in the world.

d) Traditional Route – No problem again. Just write a cheque and drop in. Or walk to your bank and donate by transferring funds to your favourite charity’s account.

The idea is: just Donate More. If we all do, it may be a good beginning!!!

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