An unwelcomed guest, back again!

Yes,to our utter surprise the dengue virus spread by the bite of an Aedes mosquito is back in town. According to The News, dengue virus takes the life of a woman and 29 more tested positive.

To prevent the spread of dengue fever, you must first prevent the breeding of its vector, the Aedes mosquitoes. The Aedes mosquito is easily identifiable by its distinctive black and white stripes on their body. It prefers to breed in clean, stagnant water easily found in our homes. You can get rid of the Aedes mosquito by frequently checking and removing stagnant water in your premises.

Use bednets, spray sufficient amount of Mortein Mosquito killer or a similar insecticide in your bedroom before going to bed, cover water jars if any, wear mosquiot repellent lotion, every other day change water in flower vases. Clean and scrub the inner sides of vases. Wash roots of flowers and plants thoroughly as mosquito eggs can stick to them easily and read this – Dengue facts to safeguard your family against this deadly fever.

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  1. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2007 @ 12:05 am


    But i still love that song … all-time fave of mine ..!

    Machhar hoon may .. Louis mera naam,

    dengue malarial phelana mera kaam

    ghar mera kooraay daaan


  2. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2007 @ 12:16 am

    BTW I forgot after this much ;-)

  3. Hasan Mubarak (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2007 @ 7:34 pm

    A father and a son have also been detected positive and are being treated at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

    One of the Dengue symptoms is high-fever with severe pain in bones. If it happens to someone, he/she can get his/her blood screened for free at Government hospitals…

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