Thoughts on investing time in thinking

Yes, start thinking. Because with the end of this year just around the corner, the general elections for both the national Parliament and provincial assemblies are being planned. According to Information Minister Muhammad Ali Durrani, general elections would be held in January 2008 and predicted the Pakistan Muslim League (PML) and its allies would emerge victorious.

So, you plan to vote this time, right? You do realize the importance of voting? Did you check or recheck if you are even registered to vote or not? And now Whom would you vote for and why? Did you give it a little thinking, invest some of your precious time, discussed it with friends and family before coming to a conclusion or choose randomly.

These questions go to the very legitimacy of our democratic procedures and the answers could lead to profound but eminently achievable reforms.

So, do vote because, every vote counts, hopefully.

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  1. Bilal Rashid (unregistered) on October 29th, 2007 @ 7:10 am

    Leemz .. your ideas are noble … i’ll give you this much … democracy is non exsistant in pakistan. even if it was .. who would you want to vote for ? .. the hard liner mullah’s ? the corrupt exiled former prime ministers who we know already looted us to a point where its not funny anymore .. ? or the other set of people who i dont even consider political forces .. like imran khan .. one he is a pathan so the rationale there is coming from there and we all have heard our pathan jokes yes .. 2nd his only experience in leading so far has been our cricket team .. he did a good job there .. but there is a huge difference between 12 and 8 corror .. we saw how well he did in his first elections .. scored 0 seats i believe all over paksitan .. i dunno what is going to happen this elections .. all i know is .. i am NOT interested .. i dont think anybody i know is interested .. and i think everybody will have a good time siting at home cuz it will be a day off .. hopefully :/ .. thats all i have to look forward for during these elections

  2. |eemz (unregistered) on October 29th, 2007 @ 2:51 pm

    yES, Unfortunately you’re right. And this “i don’t care” attitude is exactly what i was talking about. I agree kai pakistani politics may seem hopeless but whoz going to change it now, will anyone from the educated class like yourself make an effort to revolutionize it, or atleast try to, by voting for someone like Imran khan. He’s lesser evil, i would vote for him, he’s honest and worth the shot. We gave evryone a chance to fill their bank accounts with pakistans national income, why not him? In my personal opinion he;s the only guy who seems loyal to pakistan, to its nation. Sitting in home on election day and relaxing won’t make things better and in-life-here-after you’ll be, and every single one of us “WILL” be questioned for such action, Think about it. The choice is yours.

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