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Blaze incidents on the rise

There were no less than three serious fire-break-out incidences in the city yesterday out of which one about Rahat Bakery was quite timely reported by binary-zero.

The other two happened at two different educational institutions namely the Punjab University Old Campus on the Mall and Lahore American School on the canal.

Punjab University’s Khalid Bin Waleed hostel building caught fire due to short-circuit that spread to six rooms and burnt everything inside. Cause of fire at a Lahore American School store room, while there was a Halloween Party going on, is supposed to be a burning cigarette however, short-circuit still remains the prime culprit. Some high-profile guests including the US Consul General, Brian D Hunt were present at the LAS party when the incident happened.

Rescue 1122 and Edhi saved the day with their timely arrival at the scene. Although there was no human loss, total physical damage out of the three incidents is supposed to be in excess of Rs 5 million!

Find more details on the story, here and here.

LEJ series’ “Numbers of Gold”

Punjab Government’s Excise & Taxation (E&T) Department has generated a total of Rs 2,500,000/- through auction of attractive motor registeration numbers for the newest, ‘LEJ 07’ series. The auction was conducted by department’s motor registeration branch here on Thursday.

Some of the most ‘valuable’ registeration numbers with highest bid amounts are as follows:

“LEJ-1-07” – Rs 400,000 (the highest bid)
“LEJ-2-07” – Rs 12,000
“LEJ-3-07” – Rs 46,000
“LEJ-4-07” – Rs 25,000
“LEJ-5-07” – Rs 61,000
“LEJ-6-07” – Rs 24,000
“LEJ-7-07” – Rs 30,000
“LEJ-8-07” – Rs 30,000
“LEJ-9-07” – Rs 70,000
“LEJ-786-07” – Rs 50,000

Faulty washing machine? – Go to the courts…

Lahore Consumer Court (LCC), that recently ruled a car-dealer to replace a customer’s defective automobile, acted again on a complaint by an individual who had to suffer when his washing-machine developed some faults.

According to a radio report, the court ordered the manufacturer to immediately replace the product with a new one. In addition to this, the company would have to pay more than Rs.20,000 in damages to the petitioner who had originally bought their machine only for Rs.11,000!

Well, this is called true Justice :)

So, if you’ve got a problem with an unsatisfactory product or bad service, don’t feel helpless. Binary-zero has done an excellent job by explaining the procedure to file a case in his post about Consumer Protection Awareness.

Consumer Protection Awareness

As discussed here by Hasan , this post is for general awareness about launching a case against any company/service provider in Consumer Courts – which is badly needed as being a Customer.


As compared to other provinces, Punjab Consumer Protection Act was passed by Punjab Assembly in 2005. N.W.F.P & Balochistan already had their acts passed by respective assemblies but Sindh has yet to pass this act. Despite these acts, no province has been able to practically implement these on ground. Punjab has taken a lead in this and Consumer Courts are functional from past 6 months with very less publicity. Lahore court has registered around 150+ from which 50 has been decided and some cases (A CNG Kit case), the installer has been fined for 1,65,550 PKR.

Act: An electronic copy of complete act and set of rules are available online at ; This publication doesn’t need high understanding of law and is in simple words. (at least i was able to go through my rights).


Couple of weeks ago – A Special Report of The News on this issue covered is this beautifully:

Asif Nazir, Registrar Consumer Court, Lahore, tells TNS that the Section 28 of the Act gives parties a chance to reach a settlement before hearing of the case begins. He says that an aggrieved consumer has to serve a 15-day notice to manufacturer or provider of services that a product or service is defective or faulty. If a remedy is provided, the case can be withdrawn, and vice versa, he adds

He further says that a complaint, accompanied by a copy of the national ID card of the complainant, can be sent directly to the consumer court or through the District Coordination Officer (DCO) of the district concerned. The DCO or some other official notified by the government heads the district consumer council. Such official can himself hear consumers’ complaints and impose fine up to Rs 50,000 on violators of consumers’ rights if they are found guilty.
Where a defendant or the claimant fails or omits to comply with any order made by the consumer court, such defendant or claimant shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term not less than one month which may extend to three years, or with fine not less than Rs 5,000 which may extend to Rs 20,000 or with both.

About the type of cases entertained in Lahore so far he says the highest number of cases were registered against manufacturers of electrical appliances followed by those against CNG rickshaws being given under Punjab government’s self-employment scheme. The complainants grievance is that these rickshaws are highly sub-standard, he adds.

I would strongly recommend few articles from the special report of The News which explains how these courts are working. This is a brilliant step, which will cause major impact on corporations/giants to play fair. Please spread this news to your colleagues and friends as majority of population is unable to read or write but can certainly be benefited from this.

BEWARE: Regarding a case against famous Village Resturant in which the resturant was fined due to poor quality food which affected the customer’s health, a verdict is pending if Consumer Courts can fine food industry. Hopefully the explanation of law would be out soon for this too.

Special Report On Consumer Protection:

Source: The News

Rahat Bakers Cantt. Ablazed

Daily Khabrain is reporting that the famous Rahat bakery in DHA Lahore Cantt. at Sarwar Road caught a fire this morning. Fire has done some serious damage to the building & bakery itself. Fortunately there was no loss of human life.

i hope they restart their operations, atleast i counted it as one of good bakeries in Lahore.

Phillips Talbot – a Lahori from the old times

Senior US diplomat as well as a distinguished journalist, Mr. Phillips Talbot was in town to revive his memories of the time he spent in Lahore and to get feedback on his latest publication; ‘An American Witness to India Partition’.

Talking to Daily Times during his recent visit to Lahore, he recalled memories of Lahore, a city that he considered the loveliest and relatively liberal in Pakistan. He wished to visit the place – Minto Park (now Minar-e-Pakistan) – where once Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had passed the Pakistan Resolution and historic buildings like National Museum on The Mall. He termed consistency of democracy key to Pakistan’s progress.

He said, “I still remember the tall buildings of the Aitchison College and the National Museum. He said, “Lahore is the only city in Pakistan I am affiliated with.” During his stay in Lahore, he said, he used to write for several newspapers.

He said he had a bulk of memories, which he later published in his book An American Witness to India Partition. “I have heard that Lahoris are conservative, but I have still to see any evidence of this.”

News Source: DT

the ‘wright’ invention

Earlier, we used to stare them (birds) flying above us, but now; we fly above them (birds) and no one stare us because; its not a wonder anymore.

Hats Off to the ‘Wright Brothers’.

The pic has been taken in Cantt, Lahore near the new airport and the airline is Pakistan International Airline (PIA), Pakistan’s national carrier.

Consumer Rights – now, a reality!

Consumers in our city are often robbed with wrong performance claims by the sellers, void warranties, poor quality specifications, fake receipts and faulty products being sold in the market.

A petitioner in the Lahore Consumer Court (LCC) recently succeeded in getting his car, bearing some manufacturing faults, replaced by court orders.

It is a bright development in protection of consumer rights in this not-so consumer driven society.

Main Report: Consumer Court orders dealer to replace car

Lahore gets the final show

Due to security concerns expressed by the South African team after a suicide attack on the ex-PM Benazir Bhutto in Karachi, the final clash between Pakistan and South Africa has been shifted from Karachi’s National Stadium to Lahore.

Pakistan team-mates celebrate the fall of Herchelle Gibbs on Oct.23 in the 3rd ODI played at FaisalabadImage Source: AFP through Cricinfo

“The fifth ODI will now be played at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore on 29th October,” read a statement from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). “The venue was changed on the request of the South African team management.”

“On the request of the PCB, the South African team management sent one of their security officers to Karachi yesterday who held meetings with various offices of the government of Sindh. Despite all assurances given to the security officer, he felt that playing in Karachi was not feasible for the moment.”

South Africa avoided playing in Karachi on their previous tour in 2003, but played a warm-up game and a Test this time, staying in the city for over ten days. But the twin suicide bombs targeted at Benazir Bhutto, the former prime minister, that killed 140 people and injured hundreds more last Thursday made the situation uncomfortable for South Africa.

Osman Samiuddin at Cricinfo writes in detail: Final ODI shifted to Lahore

Lahoris get another chance to witness an exciting match between the two teams, out of which Pakistan leads the ODI series with two wins over South Africa’s single success.

Jalebi maar kay

Watching a Jalebi wala as he makes patterns of sweet orange colored paste in sheera and oil is a delight in itself, unless, you witness the making of this paste :P

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