Time is the best healer?

Time! Time is the second four-letter word which has the single-most influential and controlling factor in the world (No prizes for guessing the first one ;).It’s been more than week from now (eleven days to be precise) since the charismatic, much loved Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto passed away, yet her fans are still into so much grieving. She died on Dec. 27th, 2007 and the cause of her death is still a mystery.

In her honor, a silent gathering has been organized in the afternoon at Minar-e-Pakistan on Jan. 8, 2008 (tomorrow). The schedule for the gathering was announced at a prayer ceremony organized by the All Pakistan Minority Alliance (APMA) and the Campaign for Democracy and Rule of Law in Pakistan (CDRLP) at the Cathedral Church on Sunday. The ceremony was held to pay homage to Benazir for her struggle against dictatorship and for the revival of democracy in the country.

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  1. OpenEyes (unregistered) on January 8th, 2008 @ 2:05 pm

    Its not a time of Silence… At least BB knew that..

    Political Parties, Civil Societies should know how their role now otherwise they will fail again..

    1. Keep people inform and motivated what Musharaf regiem/PML(Q) has done to this country.

    a) Akbar Bugti Murder (they managed to enflame baluchistan…)
    b) NWFP Bombardments/Killings in Tribals to weaken the defence line of pakistan (managed to enflame NWFP)
    c) LAL Masjid Attack (they managed to enflame Relegious Defence Line of Pakistan)
    d) Benazir Kiling (they managed to destrust, enflame and destabilize the People of Pakistan)
    e) Wheat Scandal (same objective and Protected Hoarders, Profitiers of PML(Q))
    f) Sugar Scandal (same objective and Protected Hoarders, Profitiers of PML(Q))
    g) Steel Mills,HBL and other privatisation frauds (same objective and Protected fraudelents, Profitiers of PML(Q))
    e) Stocks Mafia (Protected Shaukat Aziz and Its Gang and Musharraf Friends of PML(Q))
    f) Killing of judiciary…







  2. open ur eyes openeyes (unregistered) on January 8th, 2008 @ 7:52 pm

    Bugti, a misguided soul. Balochi’s are doing way better without him.

    NWFP Bombardments/Killings the outsiders resided in the borderline, doing smuggling of kids, looted vehicles, transferring heroine, weapons, is justified if we help army carry it on prosporously rather than standing against being opportunists.

    LAL Masjid Attack was against a wrong portrayal of ideology. Unfair arms-keeping within a mosque and a very Insensitive way of saving their own skin with immature Burqa escape, has proven it!

    Benazir Kiling, brutal but fate. Investigation will prove it. But yes, suicide attacks are never justifiable.

    Wheat Scandal – hypes up and happens in almost every government in the past.

    Sugar Scandal – – hypes up and happens in almost every government in the past. Happened very well during Nawaz Sharif’s Government as well.

    Steel Mills, HBL and other privatisation frauds – True… but again, privatisation frauds happened at their verge during Monsieur 10% and NS era as well!!

    Stocks Mafia – Do you know KSE is the biggest mover in world’s Stock Exchanges these days? KSE 100 index from 4000 has reached upto 14000. Mafia of any capacity in WHOLE WORLD cannot sustain 2 years of growth if you continuously want to call it a self-created hype… Let me give you a news that its not a hype that is self-created in all its forms and menifestations.

    Killing of judiciary… Are you referring it to the NS ghunda raid at Supreme Court? Yep both, Civilian and Army raids against judiciary are not justified. Army only is not the culprit. Its whole of us, as a Nation!

  3. KAMI (unregistered) on January 9th, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

    I am wondering how come Tehreek-e-Insaaf guys have developed a soft corner for BB, wasn’t it their leader who raised this question on air on Geo, I quote, “What BB and Musharaf doing alone in a closed room in Dubai?” Now they are trying to pose as BB hamdards Hypocrats!

  4. pakistan gone gone gone (unregistered) on January 9th, 2008 @ 11:51 pm

    good. bastards should die in millions for their
    crimes in Kashmir and other parts of India where they created terrorism

    Pakistan’s lost frontier

    Jinnah’s moth-eaten dream is shattering along Indus, says Sushant Sareen

    Nearly half a dozen of my cousins who are officers in the Army have quit in the last year”, revealed a Pashtun journalist friend. According to another Pashtun journalist, who has been reporting the Islamist insurgency from ground-zero, there have been many desertions from the paramilitary forces (the Frontier Corp and Tribal Levies). He spoke about a friend of his who quit the tribal levies because he was warned by his father that if he died fighting the Taliban, let alone getting a burial, even his body will not be permitted to enter the village.

    Already people in Islamabad and Lahore are talking about an exodus of people from the areas affected by conflict. Tribal maliks and khans, businessmen and local Government officials like district nazim and councilors are moving to Peshawar, and in many cases settling their families in the cities of Punjab.

    But uncertainty about the future is also affecting those who are already living in cities of Punjab. A senior Pashtun bureaucrat called a journalist friend and wondered what the future holds for Pashtuns, especially those who are well integrated in Pakistani (read Punjabi) power structure. The journalist, who is himself a Pashtun, later said that people like him who have great associations and friendships in Punjab and have never felt alien in Punjab will be worst affected if the conflict between the Pashtun Islamists and the Pakistani state worsens. He feared that if and when the sentiment in Punjab turns hostile to Pashtuns, people like him will be rejected (if not ejected) by Punjab and will be misfits among fellow Pashtuns.

    And it won’t take much for the Punjabis to turn hostile towards the Pashtuns. Journalist Imtiaz Alam thinks that a couple of suicide attacks in Lahore will have Punjab baying for blood. For the moment, however, unlike Islamabad, where the fear of terrorist strikes by Pashtun jihadis and suicide bombers is palpable, in Lahore the war being waged in trans-Indus Pakistan is still somewhat distant. This is so partly because until now, the jihadis and Taliban have only targeted the security forces. Civilian casualties in suicide bombings can by and large be classified as ‘collateral damage’. But the pattern of attacks could change as the fighting in NWFP and the tribal areas worsens and the military offensive causes heavy collateral damage in both life and property among Pashtuns.

    Not surprisingly, many Punjabis are now openly voicing the fear if the deteriorating situation in the Pashtun belt (NWFP and the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan) is not arrested and reversed fast, the frontier would be lost. And if the frontier is lost, then Baluchistan, too, would break away from Pakistan.

    Popular Urdu columnist Nazir Naji, who has received death threats from the Islamist groups for writing against them, doesn’t mince his words in saying that Pakistan is heading for failure. Like many others in Lahore and Islamabad, he invokes the Col Ralph Peters thesis about Pakistan splitting vertically along the Indus.

    The only saving grace about the situation that Pakistan confronts in the Pashtun belt is that both the state and society has got out of the denial mode and is recognising that the problem posed by the forces of jihad is far worse than they ever imagined. The setbacks received by the military have ended the cocky confidence that a crack of the whip or a shot of cannon will be enough to restore order in the turbulent Pashtun belt. The state machinery, so effective against unarmed and peaceful protestors like the lawyers, journalists and political workers, has crumbled in the face of battle-hardened and committed to their cause Taliban.

    Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao has admitted that the traditional instruments through which the state established its writ — tribal jirgas and lashkars, using the influence of powerful maliks, khans and sardars — no longer work. The social structures have been turned on their head by the militant-mullah compact. He blames two things for this state of affairs: First, the office of the political agent was devalued by the administrative reforms ushered in by Mr Pervez Musharraf’s local body system; second, and more damaging was the inaction of the MMA Government in NWFP in taking timely and effective counter measures against the jihadis. For instance, he says, the MMA Government avoided using the Army against the jihadis in Swat even though the troops were on the standby.

    Mr Sherpao said that the federal Government could not order Army action without the concurrence of the provincial Government because, not only would it then have been accused of violating the principles of federation, but the MMA would have also exploited the situation politically by inciting the people against the federal Government, as indeed it did after Army action was ordered in Swat.

  5. mian (unregistered) on January 22nd, 2008 @ 4:07 pm

    What is the date of BASANT IN LAHORE IN FEB 2008.

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