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Sub-zero Chills!

This degree of cold winters have not been a common phenomenon until a few years ago.

According to recording scales, Lahore observed the lowest ever recorded temperature of -2.2 C at Tuesday-Wednesday night, which is expected to drop further tonight. This means we will be getting cool chills for a few more days too! :)

The News has a report to share
(please mind all the minuses missed when mentioning low temperatures of many other cities at the end of the story)

Tentative Date for Basant

Update: PHA announces Basant & Jashan-e-Baharan Dates
Loosely confirmed as February 24, 2008, pushing the event’s celebration after elections (only if held).

Feeling the winter eves of Lahore…….


Cafe Noir and School???


New cafe is in the town, but can anyone tell me that what is the link between the school and this publicity of cafe???

*You guys can assume this another Guess and not-Win … , so any guess about the money thing involved??? ;)

no candidate fit for my vote!

That seem’s to be the dominant answer to the question “why wont you vote”. However, it brings up an interesting question. Who is the candidate?

From the previous discussion we’ve had on why wont you vote, it appears the ‘candidate’ is the leader on top of each political party. However, i ask you this. Who *is* the actual candidate? The leader on top might go ahead to be Prime Minister and make decisions for the functioning of this country, but s/he is not determined by you. They do not represent you, they do not even know you exist for the large part, and they are not the ones asking for your vote.

You vote for your local candidate. The one who’ll be representing your constituency, the one who’ll be fighting for or against laws which directly affect the people in their area, so that they can get another term. They will have an agenda, which i agree largely follows the party agenda which is nothing currently but ‘continue the policies set forth by the previous government’ in most cases, but still, there’s is a more localized one. Your local candidate is the one who ‘should’ care about you, should care about getting your vote and should care about getting your voice heard in the assembly. They will not do it, unless you make them realize that your vote is not free, and they’ll have to work towards it.

To all the readers, i put forth this one question, which constituency do you belong to? And who are your candidates?

This post in part of a series of posts to understand the current apathy our visitors feel towards elections and democracy.

why wont you cast a vote?

From the poll that we ran recently, 62 people voted, out of which 45% said you will NOT cast a vote, while only 18% said they will. The rest of the visitors were not from Lahore, hence not eligible.

All the reasons you guys have NOT to vote in the upcoming
elections. The most logical reasons, i’ll make a poll of and we’ll see
how many people share your view.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Will you vote in the upcoming Elections?

What say you Lahore?

Suicide Blast in Peshawar

Highly tense situation has gripped Peshawar, capital of the North West Frontier Province, where a suicide bomb blast killed at least 5 people and injured another 20 outside an Imam Bargah this evening. Among the injured are again a couple of policemen on duty.

Rangers, Army and Police have been deployed in large contingents at Imam Bargahs all across Lahore to avoid any untoward incident in the city after crowds started protesting in Peshawar’s streets.

Muharram is one of Islam’s holiest months and is a sensitive time to spark sectarian violence between the two major sects of the religion. But this time, target of the dark forces is just not a single sect as we have seen too much bloodshed all through 2007 and the new year has not been any calmer.

We seriously pray that calm and peace prevails in the rest of the country over this weekend (Ashura) and throughout the election days.

When your sophistication ends…

Let me laugh first …(Lolllzzz)
I am sorry guys, i cudnt help myself when i saw these two people having a little conversation (Now, Thats called exaggeration …lol) in midst of busy road (actually on lights) and the reason was not clear to me, but this guy sorta’ jumped out of his car (white) and “presented” some must-be-beautiful words ;) action packed with a big smack of the driver’s side door, i was astonished at the ONLY bang he came up with in that much ANGER. I was feeling like sitting outside the ring , ….and the bell rings …….tunnnGgggggggggg …

Lets see what you guys can make out of these two pics, share your story with LMB team :) …

Rainy Day – Cautions

And this goes to all of the Street Walkers – BEWARE from the fact that on a rainy day there’s high chance of some electric / telephony poles having current/”also known as earth” passing through.

I ran into a same incident on China Chowk at Shahr-e-Aiwan-e-Tijarat when a poor guy accidentally placed his hand on telephone drop pole to save himself from slippery footpath but got caught by a bad electric shock. Fortunately it was a telephony pole (which has far less energy than a electric pole) – Lahore Traffic Police stabilized the person and RESCUE 1122 was called on and he was rushed to Trauma Center in a conscious state. All good wishes & prayers for him.



The Pole which electrocuted the man:


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