Lahore Traffic Police

Easy to break traffic rules

So is it anything more than shaven and shorn, highly paid stud in the middle of the road? I really don’t think so. This project has yet been another leech on the country’s resources which gives back zilch in return of the tax payers’ money. Take a look at the visual above. Does this show any difference between the new and the old traffic police men? The Car in the foreground is on the continuous line on a traffic signal as the traffic police is busy in their tete a tete. Wonder what they’re talking about?
“Yaar aj bari garmi ay, kaanji peeni chaiydii”
“suniya ay regal te bari kamayi hondi ay!”
“Saadi te qismet kharaab defence ich duty lag gayi. Aithay te gal karo te truck langaa deindey ne utton!”
” aj teri bhabi ne baingan banaye ne!”

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  1. emad on March 22nd, 2008 @ 7:26 pm

    Actually as a Lahori driver I totally disagree. These dudes have redefined the way our traffic works and while in the process I have been fined heavily twice, I am extremely proud of the job they’re doing!

    In addition to the way they have brought discipline to the roads with the stick, the carrot’s been pretty sweet too. They constantly go around advising and requesting rather than ordering and mocking. And they smile and shower courtesy.

    Plus with the old unfit men, you knew that any conversation would end with money changing hands.. and you’d be the one paying. Not here, no! Power to these people.

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