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Basant Postponed

As a result of the ongoing sad mood after the FIA building and Model Town blasts, the Kite Flyers Association of Lahore have postponed the event of Basant from March 15 – 16 to April 12-13.

Anticipation is that the security and law & order situation will have improved by then. Let’s see how we come out of this period.

Parha Likha Punjab? – 3

Parha Likha Punjab

Source: Daily Times

Free Right?

The Fundamentalists display their automatic weaponary in open defiance of law in full public view while law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye, or they ignore them to avoid confrontation. This photograph is a photo of a picture published in daily Dawn

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Is it because our security officers are so afraid to curb such elements??

I’m definitely pointingat the riffle!

Chaos, Kids & Effects




The after-effects of 11th March blasts will linger in these young minds … :|

Image Courtesy: Daily Express & Daily Times

Wish for no more – Lahore targeted again

Today’s blasts in Lahore are just the latest deadly attacks in Pakistan. At about 9.30am, the whole city was literally shaken by the sound of two explosions. They were so intense that people reported hearing them and feeling the windows shake as far as five kilometres away. At least 25 people are dead and another 150 or so have been injured.

Whether you blame it on the post-9/11 world, Pakistan’s internal political instability or its rulers’ decades-old policy of supporting the agenda of foreign powers at the expense of Pakistanis, things have gone from bad to worse over the past two years. The bombers have spread from tribal areas in the north-west and Baluchistan to target major cities, mainly in the form of suicide attacks on government and army targets.

One of the targets was the headquarters of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Temple Road, near major businesses and government offices. The first suicide bomber cleared the way for his associate by bringing the entrance gate down, while the second blew up his car inside the complex.

The second blast, unlike earlier incidents, happened in the upmarket residential area of Model Town, in front of the offices of an advertising agency. While the first attack could be attributed to the sensitive nature of the agency, the Model Town attack had no understandable motive – apart from the fact that it took place just round the corner from Bilawal House, home of the late ex-PM Benazir Bhutto and her party‘s Lahore headquarters.

Lahore is Pakistan’s cultural capital, and during he bloody months of last year it remained largely peaceful compared to Karachi. But 2008 brought a deadly attack on city policemen guarding the Lahore High Court during a lawyers’ rally in January, followed by an attack on the prestigious Navy War College earlier this month.

Read more at The Guardian Blog

Australia postpones cricket tour to Pakistan

Well, this is the least damn thing that one must care about at this moment.

Cricket Australia postpones Pakistan tour

They are scared and are rightly so. I’m scared for my city’s happiness too! :(

Twin bomb blasts rock Lahore

This morning, two bomb blasts took place, one in Model Town and one on Temple Road, near the Mall.

The death toll has risen to 20. (via Geo TV). Now referring to bomb blasts will become a problem, as people would ask which one; the one on March 11th or 8th? The twin bombs that went off at the same place (Naval war college) or the ones that went off separately!?!?.

This menace has been going on for too long now. Most frustrating is, what can one do?

via The Lahore Tribune

March 8th,2oo8

Did that ring any bells, huh? A wild guess? On well, March 8th is celebIWO logorated across the globe as an International Women’s day. Now the question arises why there was a need to mark a whole day to revise and educate others and women themselves of their rights. Well here are a few of ’em. Now let us know a little about how it all started and all that jazz. This is where wikipedia doesn’t have a close rival (atleast in my oh-so-humble -opinion).

This year’s theme for the IWD is ‘Investing in Women and Girls’, as announced by the United Nations. The celebrations across the globe will focus on financing for gender equality, calling for a change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played extraordinary roles in the history of their countries and communities. Keep reading >>>

Apart from other countries in the world, in Pakistan women’s day was celebrated with zeal.  Events were planned through out Pakistan, activists joined a conference on eliminating discrimination and violence against women, a rally and even a women’s rock-climbing competition. Last year’s competition resulted in a great success and is again expected to attract many people.

IWD banner

In Lahore IWD was celebrated in  full spirit by the civil society. Seminars were held, there were conferences, walks, candle light vigils and symposiums throughout the day to commemorate the struggle of women all across the globe. Read more >>>

The Pakistan Peoples Party Women Wing (PPPWW) Sindh has marked International Women’s Day, March 8, in honour of the late Benazir Bhutto, as the only female leader of a political party and the first female Prime Minister of the Muslim world. It also said 2008 is “The Year of Benazir Bhutto”. Here’s more>>>

In most countries around the world women do not have proper rights in society. And here’s when Islam accepted and protected women’s rights, that they should not be treated as slaves or animals. Here is a brief visit to  Women’s Rights in Isalm >>>
In the end March 8th is the day to talk about women, their rights and their problems.

bohraan’e aam..

While discussing all the crises in Pakistan, we neglected this one. :-)

Itt’laa’e aam..

remembering the madness… the madness that went away

Ok. This post, the first post, does not have much to do with lahore. Some might argue that this post does not have much to do with anything. I should have posted it in my personal blog, but for some odd reason I can’t find where I left my personal blog. Plus I am quite, in fact very, excited about being able to log-in to LMB that I thought why not post here.

Therefore in case you find this post useless, senseless, unreasonable, irrelevant, uncouth (hain ji), and un-cal sargam, please keep in mind that a) this post mentions Lahore 7 times and b) I am getting used to nasty comments so please feel free to leave one.

Having said that, here are the few things I wanted to post / announce.

First the new design / structure of LMB: Good news for iPhone users. The new metblogs sites (possibly due to wordpress) get automatically adapted to iphone sets giving you a very easy and user friendly navigation control. In fact its much nicer to access LMB though iphone than through a regular PC. (I dont know how many LMB readers use iPhone… maybe its just a guy named bilal)

Second: I hear that the wheat crisis is over. so no need to switch to cakes anymore. One less thing to worry about.

Third: The global community is quite surprised that Pakistan’s elections went ahead, peacefully, freely and fairly… and everyone accepted the results. Heck with global community, even our local population is quite surprised.
Fourth: Someone at LMB must write a post on basant and must do it fast. And someone from his/her home must write a nasty comment against basant (ban basant) and must do it fast.
Thats all for now. Hopefully i will be back soon with more useful posts in future. Even though being optimistic is weird… i have been told.

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