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PIA’s Gola Project

PIA’s Gola Project

Looks like now they are raising capital from selling ‘Golas’ outside girls colleges in Lahore to recover from soaring budget deficits at the Pakistan International Airlines.

Terror for a Cause?

Every effect has a cause behind it and for the horrific act of terrorism involving two suicide attacks at the Pakistan Navy War College on the Mall road yesterday must have an equally horrendous one behind it.

Navy War College Attack

‘Scene of the blast’ – Image: BBC News

The sad event resulted in death of almost 8 people in all (including two bombers) while injuring around 20.

We as a nation and our upcoming government as the newly elected representative of the people should now seriously try to understand what is making such events a regular occuring in our country.

Poverty, illiteracy, unplanned families, brainwashing by extremists, deprivation from the basic necessities of life; all are too clear to surprise us if we don’t know the causes behind a young teenager’s motivation to blow himself up in protest, revenge or in the name of God!

We dearly need to address these issues first before blaming ‘external’ forces, the religious extremist mullahs or simply the West’s war on terror for everytime a poor 19 year old dies and kills many with himself.

Fresh from the lab

The brand spanking new look of LMB. Jason and Sean gave Metroblogging a face lift and unvelied the new look a little while ago. Well if you ask me, i really like the new changes, infact it’s looking great and the new logo looks rather spiffy. On the whole the new site looks awesome, quite impressive. And finally i’d be remiss, if i didn’t thank all those who helped in bringing upon these changes . So here’s a big thank you to Sean, Jason and everybody else who’s hard work made it possible.

So what do you think of the new look? Hope you like it.

Woh Cycle; Kya Hoa!


Can you guess the place from where this cycle was pulled down recently??

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