A Fair Goodbye from Mushy

So everyone is happy?? (Don’t worry you will get another chance to be happy in couple of years again by our presidents and politicians with same scenario and leg pullings). Mushy with teary eyes just said good bye to us as a president. He had his options that he could have used but he decided to resign.

In my personal opinion fair politics is an old story. Corruption is undermining this institution called government and we are going into deep trouble. We are getting used to sit back and relax before getting into new trouble, its a cycle.

He said in the end “Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz” and same i say “hamara allah hee hafiz”

Anyways, best of the best things he did was that he made MEDIA so strong. Do you guys have your words about his best and worst deeds??????

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  1. Shamsi (shamsi) on August 18th, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    Allah protect us ALL.

    Media beware, you GUYS are next under the GUN of AZ & NS.

    Pakistan Zindabad

  2. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on August 18th, 2008 @ 7:24 pm

    “Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz”

    Every dictator considers himself inevitable foe the country hence try to seek excuse to remain power. Be it Yahya ,ayub or Zia, they all had same mentality. They were forgotten but Pakistan mashallah still exists because no country can be driven by dictators whether they are in army or civilian.

    Zia left us exactly 20 years ago on 17th August 1988 and now Mush.

    MAy God save us from dictators in future. Ameen

  3. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on August 18th, 2008 @ 7:29 pm

    Media strong economy weak.

    Media strong Pakistan weak.

    MEdia strong corruption weak

    Duh on dreamers!

  4. skb (lah_sabeen) on August 18th, 2008 @ 10:01 pm

    everyone is corrupted :), koi baray level par aur koi chotay.

  5. tzaidi on August 18th, 2008 @ 10:16 pm

    Do we have any choice other than Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari.

    When we all will stop believing in leaders and start believing in ourselves.

    @Iah_sabeen : yes, you are right, we are all corrupt. At the time of election we all voted for thugs and thats exactly what we will get.

  6. wildanjel on August 18th, 2008 @ 10:51 pm

    looto looto mushi gaya, now ppp led by Dakoo aka Zardari can make lots of money out of Pakistan. I bet this coalition wont survive even for few days.

    Importance of Musharaf can be felt when one is outside Pakistan, where his government had sent hundreds of scholars on Masters and PhD. Just to give an idea how much his government spent on this good cause, 1 year fee for studying Masters/Phd in UK is around 12K pounds, and that the scholarships are granted for 4 years. This makes it 12K * 4 = 48K pounds. Further more, government is paying 700 pounds living expense each month making it 4 * (12*700) = 33600 pounds. A total of roughly around 82K is spent on each person by the government. Not to forget, this scheme was started by Mushi.

    People here know Musharaf more then any other leader. Even they know him much better then any Indian leader. Shame on you idiot politicians who woke up against him. The man who gave so much freedom of speech that we couldn’t hold onto it.

    Now enjoy few more years under so called "democracy" until a new and most possibly a harsh dictator heads the state again under his marshal law, which wasnt the case at the time of mushi.
    Long Live Pakistan

  7. skb (lah_sabeen) on August 18th, 2008 @ 11:37 pm

    This whole scene is nothing other than a big sorry state of affairs, but all we want is "Stability" in every sector, every field, WHICH we HOPE the new gov. will work on ASAP.

    @wild.a.: Realistically, every gov. or president or prime minister DID both GOODs and BADs. Lets wait for the next show :D .

    @t.zaidi: Practically a leader is needed in this kind of turmoil, "being ourselves" still needs a force that can push us to make a straight line and eliminate weaknesses….and a big NO to zardari n n.shareef. No more puppets. President should be some intellect. Koi dhang ka banda nahi kia apnay mulk main? :))

  8. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on August 19th, 2008 @ 12:22 am

    Sabeen agreed then why one mourns for Mush. Zardari/BB/NS surely looted this country a lot but the way way Mush harmed this country is very horrible. he tried to provoke Balochis and Pashtuns to start efforts for separate land. He defamed Islam by every mean. He defamed Army so much that no one in Pakistan likes to talk about Army anymore. His pal Shoky was the only PM who taught corrupt people of this country that how to loot more by introducing so called privatization and Sugar/Wheat Scandal. As Akram Shaikh wrote in Jang today that his own book is enough to hang him publicly and there is no other proof is required to prove him guilty that’s why Mush ran like a rat. that’s how dictator quit seat.

    I will not be surprised if he’s assassinated by US in near future because he knows so many secrets about WAR ON TERROR and US would not like that he leaks anything.

  9. seskey on August 19th, 2008 @ 10:45 am

    No wonder Pakistan Army wait till November 08 when Obama takes over as president of USA, and Pakistan take a 180 degree turn and form an alliance with the regional powers and give TOUGH time to USA. :)

  10. thumbprint on August 19th, 2008 @ 12:40 pm

    Lets see what happens once honeymoon period is over for NS and AZ.
    It was overwhelming how these people loved to hate him, but time have to prove how much better elected ones are.I hope they will be able to stay as democratic as they were playing against Mushraf, and be able to face media and rest of the world too.

  11. skb (lah_sabeen) on August 19th, 2008 @ 1:33 pm

    @Adnan.s.: All of politicians got sympathizers and nonsympathizers amongst us, so mourning is quite natural. Tried and tested ppl should not take over, its just their vote bank that is bringing them back. I, u , we, the educated, dont vote :p

    If there was a danger of leaking out the info, tay fer aammooon daa season ay, aik waari hor paityaan which bum shum phat phut jata, u know, not a big deal.

    There should be a civilian movement to bring about desired change, a fair one.

  12. Adnan Siddiqi (adnansiddiqi) on August 19th, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

    desired change,

    Could be possible a 20 years ago but not anymore. We have been forced to busy in other issues that we can’t even imagine about bringing any change.

  13. kaami on August 20th, 2008 @ 12:38 am

    Due to Similarity of topics i am just pasting my comments from Metblogs Islamabad. Sorry about that;

    In March I was in Pakistan trying to salvage a deal which would have brought millions of dollars to the country in the IT sector. At that time I was told to wait and see and now two months down the road the deal is cancelled. The nation has lost more than anyone comprehends. 2004-2007 were the golden years for business in Pakistan, and now we are seeing a return to dark ages. Nawaz Sharif has to oblige Jamaat and PPP has no substance. It has more than its share of loud mouthed fools. Ofcourse, the northern fanatics are in a good position but they will be the victims of their success, because if Pakistani’s wont deal with them then it would be upto US, China and the rest of the world to teach them a lesson.

    This nation has proven to be a nation of impatient fools, it has to suffer the consequences. Remember the first Bhutto? How he nationalized and brutalized our economy and education, then Zia-ul-Haque how we made a mard-e-momin out of a hypocrat. And now Nawaz & Zardari, how we have embraced such blatant looters of banks and treasury. If this is our national character then we deserve no better.

    All Pakistan needed after paying its debts to IMF and World Bank in 2004, was sustained growth over 6% for the next 10 years, and to ensure that, we just needed stability and continuity instead we invited chaos and loot.

  14. cookieburner on August 20th, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

    what BB & NZ left pakistan the gift of big loan from IMF which is finished by MUSH in 2004 as


    now ZD & NZ again come for looting and building their biggest empire in raiwand and larkana

  15. ucilite on August 20th, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

    its just beyond me how some of us still think that mush was a savior of the country. Who precisely brought Nawaz and Zardari back in this country? The only reason Mush brought them back was coz he NEEDED them to continue his brutal rule.

    He was a dictator who made billions of $$$ killing hundreds of innocent civilians. Is there any accountability of all the aid the army received during his tenure? even the US has no trail of where this money got spent?

    If we BELIEVE in democracy we need to back leaders who are elected officials…..and let them continue their complete term to judge their performances…relying on dictators will get us no where.

  16. skb (lah_sabeen) on August 20th, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

    Problem is that every ruler did the same thing, whether under democracy or dictatorship, its a common practice worldwide :)

    I have few glimpses of Zia’s period from my childhood, if i compare his rule with mushy’s rule, mushy’s was better. I guess it is useless to talk about illegal or legal dictatorship at the moment. WE KNOW RIGHT IS RIGHT n WRONG IS WRONG, BUT WHATS NEXT???

  17. R. MAK. (rmak) on August 21st, 2008 @ 5:23 pm

    Life after Mush would not be different. Recent incident at WAH Factory is a proof to that.

    I am really horrified by images on TV. The images on GEO where Crow were eating the parts of victims of bomb blast are so horrific that I am still in a state of shock… I have never seen anything like this before and don’t want to see again..

    The scene was so cruel and brutal, Uniformed men standing near crime scene and Crows fighting for pieces of dead meat. Argg.. Another chill down the spine…. God save pakistan

    another thing I would like to add is that change of face does not mean a change of system. the social, economic and political trends unleashed in last 9 years will not be and can not be reversed.

    I see people chanting GO ZARDARI GO very soon…

  18. ucilite on August 21st, 2008 @ 7:34 pm

    Commiseration to all the families who lost their loved ones today.

    @ R.Mak…I feel you pain my friend, but I wish we could also see the devastation caused by our military in Waziristan and other areas of country. I mean can you imagine what would be left of a human being after a drone attack or an all out military offense?

    There is no military solution to this mess that we are stuck in at the moment. The Americans themselves have struck a deal with Al-Sadr in Iraq so how can they tell us that we can’t negotiate with so called ‘Talibans’ in our northern areas?

    Sadly every time we strike a deal the Americans and their puppy Karzai starts barking about violence from across the border. I have lost hope in everyone other than Allah and can only pray to Him to show us the right path and give us the strength and wisdom to pass through these horrific times.

  19. thumbprint on August 22nd, 2008 @ 3:18 pm

    Our current situation may look darker than ever but it is for sure not,suddden at all.
    It was our geographic disposition which lead to this day. Most of the pakistan does consist on people who were , and still are very tribal, in their beliefs and lacked in civilization. even today we like to believe that any one who we meet either is a land lord,( or filthy rich )or if one cant prove that then must be a no body. Being average is not good enough, being polite is cowardly, and educated middle class always had identity crises here.
    And then we have our extremely dangerous borders and risks we got with it from day one.These were the same trible areas which "goras" were
    not able to handle.
    Then we got our leaders from same pool of population, you can not expect miracles. Our perspectives are very basic, very instictive even after 61 years. We need to change our thinking at grass root level, so no body can find an empty stomach and useless brain to ,blow themselves up.

  20. lifeofmansur on August 22nd, 2008 @ 11:28 pm

    I was pretty disappointed with Musharraf’s complete lack of answer for his actions against the deposed judges, his hand in Lal Masjid massacre, the rigging of elections, his involvement with the US etc etc…these are answers I wanted from the president, not about the media and the so called "enlightened moderation." Instead we get a pretty lame speech from him boasting of his achievements! I am pretty sure he didn’t want to humiliate himself anymore by explaining the above mentioned issues. I want the best for Pakistan, and may Mush’s removal be a progressive step towards a better Pakistan. Bus!

  21. skb (lah_sabeen) on August 25th, 2008 @ 2:57 pm

    @mansur: You know what i liked the most in your comment …. "Bus!" :D

    it sounds like a ziddi bacha’s statement :D , o bhi, nahi ho sakta best, best ho ga bhee tu 2 din, phir worst ho jaye ga, cuz baqi log kaisay jaibain bharain gain :p

    social movement is a must… Bus :D , i , u , we , ordinary ppl shud stand and do something …otherwise khayali pulao pakatain rahain gain aur blogs banatay rahain gain :)

  22. kaami on August 25th, 2008 @ 7:24 pm

    So here are some statistics for Nay Sayers and Jihaadist Sympathizers:

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 75 billion
    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion
    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion

    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 2,000
    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 3,004

    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion
    Pak revenue collection 2007: Rs. 708 billion

    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million
    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion

    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion
    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion
    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion

    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points
    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 14,000 points

    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion
    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8 billion

    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP
    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP

    Poverty level in 1999: 34%
    Poverty level in 2007: 24%

    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%
    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%

    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion
    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion

    Under Musharraf’s vision

    · 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.
    · Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to become
    · Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).
    · PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.
    · PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000
    · CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.
    · Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.
    · Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial
    estate, Chakri, etc.
    · Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying
    are being pursued.
    · In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.
    · Foreign Reserves from $1 bn to $17 bn.
    · KHI stock market: from 700 points to 13,000 points.
    · Literacy rate improved by 11%.
    · Poverty decreased by 10%.
    · He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram Tangi dams.
    · 6 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3, M8, M9, M10, M11.
    · Six major highways under construction.
    · GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision!
    · Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of $11 billion.
    · Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.
    · Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600 million per year.
    · A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000 oil barrels a day.
    · Industrial sector registered 26% growth.
    · PAK in 1999 was a $75 billion economy; and now 2006 it’s $160 billion economy!
    · PAK economy was the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India .

    Education under Musharraf Era

    In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005-2006 there are 49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW

    · Air University (established 2002)
    · Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)
    · Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)
    · University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)
    · University of Hazara (founded 2002)
    · Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)
    · Karakurum International university, Gilgit (established 2002)
    · University of Gujrat (established 2004)
    · Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)
    · Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)
    · National Law University , ISB (2007)
    · Media University , ISB (2007) etc.
    · University of Education , Lahore (2002)
    · Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)
    · Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

    Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in
    the Public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census
    (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and
    Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) — reveals that the number of private-sector
    institutions has increased from 36,096 in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent.

    Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf Era!

  23. mcgrawaddict on August 28th, 2008 @ 8:34 pm

    This goes to all of those folks who were celebrating , dancing and distributing sweets when the greatest president in the history of pakistan resigned .

    Its sad to see my country go to waste. i agree Mushy bhai made sum mistakes but who does not made mistakes in politics.

    The Wrath of Zionism is coming to pakistan’s way
    I hope allah saves us all

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