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It is the weather of Lahore that gives the city that tangy flavor.
More like Forrest Gump and his box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.

Sharif vs. Mush: Round 2

Once again, the entire nation seems to have been hijacked by yet another twist in the political saga involving our very own Sheray Punjab against ‘Bushy’ Mush.

Doesn’t it all seem a bit too familiar – Mush decides to fly to China (presumably to catch up with his buddy from Texas)…Sharif kicks off impeachment proceedings…Mush then pulls a fast one and stays put in Pakistan. What can I say…the whole thing seems so 1999!

Sharif is probably still bitter about Mush spoiling his previous attempt at looting the nation to the core. He is keen to pick up where he left off (besides, the Park Lane/ Raiwind/ Model Town mansions probably needs some much needed attention by now).

Mush on the other hand just doesn’t seem to have the word ‘quit’ in his dictionary. What he really needs now is a good spanking (literally) from Kiyani with his gold plated baton and kicked out of
the presidency…In fact, from Islamabad back to Karachi DHA :)

Jokes aside, I feel sorry for our sonewhat confused President/General/ Dictator. I really believe that in his heart of hearts, he is probably the most sincerest serving leader. There is no denying the fact that his ego has now completely blinded him and he jas become an utter liability. However, Sharif, Zardari and others don’t hold even an aorta of respect in my eyes. In fact, these so called democratic leaders are products of vicious dictators…Zia (in the case of Sharif) and an out dated and
unjust Feudal system (in the case of Bhutto Zardari).

Fair enough, that Mush couldn’t fulfil his promise of fixing the nation. But he sure did try. Whereas, the others’ claim to fame is having a legacy of deceit, mass corruption and self progression (if
in any doubt, have a look at the mind boggling assets that Sharif, Zardari and co. have accumulated and the sad state of their very constituencies).

Let heavens be the judge of every man but personally I’d rather stick with a sincere ‘failed’ leader than a corrupt and bigoted ‘twice failed’ ones.

New Authors Needed!

Hello friends!

From the face of it you have been observing that we used to be a lot busier in terms of number of posts and visitors as well. The reason being that LMB is in shortage of budding authors and their active contributions.

Hence, here we invite anybody who’s ever been connected to Lahore; born here, lived here, loved it or here ;) and who wants to write for Lahore’s place on the Metblogs Network.

Blogging for LMB is easy as it requires sharing of thoughts, viewes, pictures, videos, rants, practically everything related to our beloved city of Lahore, it’s culture, history, people, places, food, music, politics, again anything and everything related to Lahore.

The only conditions required by us are the prospective author’s commitment of contributing actively at least three times a week or more and being a valuable asset to help expand viewership and audience visits to the site.

If you are well interested in joining our fold, please send me your brief profile, location, any writing or blogging experience, and/or your website/blog that too if it exists to the following email address as early as you can:

Please note that writing for any Metblogs site is totally voluntary work and we are not being paid for it.

See ya soon at what we call the LMB Den! ;)


Hasan Mubarak

Captain, Lahore Metblogs

Monsoons Aayo Ray

How’s your monsoon going, lahore? :)

Its great in Islamabad~

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