Shape of Things to Come!

All things being equal, A 10 year old can predict the future of our country as well as our City. Its matter of days now that Zardari will be our new president. Our economy will be in greatest depression of all times. Value of Rupee will plunge deeper. Food  and Electricity crisis is gonna get worst.

The trouble in our north and west is going to be more complex day by day. A massive human tragedy is about to unviel itself. 300K Bajaur Refugees were just a trailor. The Movie is about to start fellows. We are about to see a major influx of refugees in our large cities very soon.

Wee will see more of them in our City

We will see more of these in our city soon

I am not being naive nor I am being negative. just stating what will happen if all things kept equal. An I have painted a very optimistic picture above.

The people at helm of affairs are struggling very hard to keep the status qou. Little do they know that when status quo breaks, It takes everything away with it.

I am not sure how we as citizen of Pakistan and Lahore can change how things are.  At times it becomes very depressing. Our Circle of Influence is actually much smaller than we think..

Our circle of influence is much smaller than circle of concern!

Not a good way to start the week, but all things are still equal so.. wtf…! Let’s eat….

Me: What’s in the breakfast?  Aslam!!!!!

Aslam: Naan Chollay!

Me: Naan Chollay Again!!!!??? I hate status qou!!!!

Dad: Shut up and Eat….

Me: :(

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  1. kaami on September 1st, 2008 @ 11:27 pm

    The post reflects the naivety that engulfed the whole nation (particularly Lahori’s), spurned on by the media and the so called civil society, much to the joy of the fanatics in the North, the Jamatees and the Insaafees. In 2007 we set about to undo whatever good we as a nation did in the past eight years. We did not realize the nature of our problems and how much the country has changed since 1999.

    After reading a news item, here are my after thoughts:

    1/ How come various talk show hosts / bloggers have conveniently ignored the news that a Swiss court has just unfrozen a 50 million dollar Account of Mr. Asif Zardari. He is a public figure so his accounts are in public domain, so questions should be asked?

    2/ A question for our judges. How come a low level British Magistrate forced Mr. Sharif to return 400 million dollars to a Bank, whereas, our judges despite all the evidence did not have the guts to convict anyone for 8 years, all they did was give dates and made money. Now people raise hue and cry about judiciary. What a farse?

    These thief’s accumulated wealth when the total foreign exchange reserve of the country was around 500 million dollars, and you know what, 50 million is 10% of the whole country’s reserve at that time, (how appropriate) and 400 million is 80%. Now they are Sahibs, No doubt whining, forgetful and impatient nations get what they deserve.

    No country is without problems, be that economic or political, same is the case with Pakistan. Pakistan’s economic problems have dramatically changed from what they were in 1999. At that time it was a destitute country begging for money to meet quarterly IMF deadlines, on the other hand, banks were giving yellow cabs for free to the political workers and every major financial institution was on the verge of collapse. There were grand govt sponsored scams like "Qarz uttaro Mulk Sanwaro" , "Saver Raffle", "Vision 2010" and "All projects to Daewoo" – all this conveniently forgotten . Now there are problems too (I quote) :

    “Now Pakistan faces higher quality problems—the problems of success. Demand has risen faster than supply. This has shown up in high inflation and a zooming trade deficit. The “tight fiscal, easy money” formula to get growth going needs to be “tight fiscal, tight money and credit” to sustain rapid growth. Idle domestic production capacity allowed the rising demand to be accommodated by rising capacity utilization in cement, steel, fertilizer, textiles, automobiles and motorcycles. Now that capacity is more than fully utilized, resulting in backlogs and imports”

    All these could have been tackled without turning the applecart and putting your eggs in the basket of tried and tested incompetent thief’s. But now it might be too late a lot of good capital and know how has already fled the country and it will almost impossible to bring all that back.

    To top it off the real problems remain, to mention a few; living in denial, blame everything on on US mentality, sloganism, anti-reasonism, sympathy for fanatics and most importantly "lack of quality sex"

  2. momekh on September 1st, 2008 @ 11:38 pm

    R MAK, you have said the truth brother.
    Now let us all go back to surfing the net, continously refreshing our inbox webpage and updating our status on facebook. :)

    I am trying to raise money to send to the bajaur refugee camps (10,000 families and counting). I have put up a page at

    Our target is 200,000 by the mid of ramdhan, God willing. Have already raised a qaurter of that. All support and prayers are needed. God bless & good luck to us all! :)

  3. subzi on September 2nd, 2008 @ 1:38 am

    I feel that Pakistanis, for once, had a chance to see their nation prosper and move ahead, change politics but alas, they lost it to a bunch of gangsters and looters. The media and most of the public seems to have forgotten how Pakistan was back in 99. Did the people not know that Benazir Bhutto, Zardari and Sharif brothers are known failures? Whats worse? They had their chance… twice. Giving them a third chance is one of the worst decisions in Pakistan’s unstable history.
    Its sad to see a certified retarded gangster with no college education as the President of Pakistan. I guess this is what they call "Democracy", where anyone can be the President…

  4. kaami on September 2nd, 2008 @ 8:52 am

    To top it off we are going to have a chronic dimensia patient ( by his own admission & Gora Doctor reports) as the next President.

    Perhaps we needed a mad man to run this mad country :-) . Another paranoid man is now running Punjab. So we are good!

    Well done civil society! well done lawyers and well done media!

    As for the the Tribal areas, its about time, that all our major political forces put America bashing on the side for now. Put up a joint front against terrorism and religious crack pots, let the tribals know that there sympathies for the crazy Arabs hiding within them are misplaced, we should help on humanitarian grounds but, at the same time let them know what they are doing wrong. But do our political leaders have the vision to take such an initiative. I dont think so. When the the Lal Masjid issue was reaching its climax they all ran off to London for a useless conference.

  5. hoorain on September 5th, 2008 @ 10:48 am

    Wat all politicians are doing is just beacuse of our ignorent behavior regading our country matters. we, including me use to just talk on these gossips, and we use to follow talk and talk and just talk wala idea. no one including me have courage to dosome thing practically. We know that our politicians are criminal, have been arrested in many cases. but still now one of them is going to be our president.What we are doing, we always allow them to do what ever they want coz they know every thing is possible in Pakistan. whole nation, people of pakistan they dun want that zardari becom president but he is going to be a president.Awam is not agree on it then how, how he can be a president. Coz we so called Pakistani awam just know how to talk but dun know how to work or get rid out of problems. so stop blaming politicians, start blaming ourselves that we the great nation of Pakistan, agree to commit sucide.

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