Winters, Chaman ice cream and Saadiq dry fruit

I am sure a lot of people would agree that they develop certain craving for icecream during winters, so i am not alone. Chaman ke ice cream is famous, very famous yet cheaper, you can get three whole scopes with mouth-watering fruit and cream dressing topped with dry fruits in just 60 Rs. I admit, my aim was just to get some dry fruits from Saadiq, next to Chaman but i simply could not resist the urge for thandi thaaaaaaaarr ice cream, ie, killing two birds with one stone :p.

I heard they use only fats to make this ice cream (?), in fact i am pretty sure that they use big portion of fats because its too greasy (still tasty), thats what my inner chef told me ;), who exist right there inside every Lahori. However, having such a treat once a year is not harmful (…justifying..lolz) but if you question about quality…..ummm and compare it with some imported ice cream, sadly, it will disappoint you.

Khair, Chaman is famous, it rocks and rules, ( bus keh dyaa :D )….. so readers, right after reading this complex criticism, don’t think too much, go and grab a bowl of ice cream right away…and enjoy your Lahori winters.

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