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Security for CM, Shahbaz Sharif, to cost Rs200 million (US $2.5 Million)

Apparently, the Punjab government is considering spending more than Rs200 million of tax payers money on Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s security. The budgeted amount will be spend on obtaining high tech gadgets, sniff dogs, bla bla, so the provincial government could safeguard our ‘national’ asset.

What say you guys? I say if Mian shab doesn’t feel safe in the current environment then maybe he should let someone else take over his position. We are begging IMF for loan these days and so its mind boggling that provincial govt. is considering spending this hefty sum on security of one (or few) individuals. Common Mian shab, we know you are better than this!!!

Lahore beats Hyderabad in first of three ICL finals


Lahore Badshahs defeat Hyderabad Heroes by 4 wickets

Imran Farhat declared man of the match

Detailed Scores

World Usability Day 2008 – Lahore

World Usability Day 2008 - Lahore
At the occasion of the World Usability Day, the Interaction Design Center has organized an event at the UMT Campus on Thursday, November 13th. The event will consist of a series of talks, case studies, and a documentary screening. Every year the event has a theme and this year’s theme is transportation.

Three reasons you should attend:

  • Lahore is home to a lot of “interesting” means of transportation not found anywhere else in the world
  • Helvetica” is a great documentary
  • Registration for the event is free

So if you have some time to spare this Thursday, and are intersted in “Usability” either as a user or a creator, head over to the registration page and let IXDC know.

Lahori Badshahs beat Chennai to enter ICL final


Lahore Badshahs beat Chennai Superstars by 6 wickets

Inzamam Ul Haq was declared man of the match

Ahmedabad: The first semifinal ICL 20s Indian Championship featured the clash of the titans, with former champions Chennai Superstars take on last years’ finalist Lahore Badshahs at the Sardar Patel stadium Ahmedabad. In the end it was the Lahore Badshahs who proved their might with a comprehensive 6 wicket victory over the talented Chennai Superstars, to storm into their second straight ICL finals. Inzamam Ul Haq was declared man of the match for his brilliant half century.
. (more…)

Kung Fu Happiness

SKMH's Cinema Trip for Patient Children
SKMH’s Cinema Trip for Patient Children

Charity well spent speaks for itself and Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khannum Memorial Cancer Hospital is one place where you get to experience this at its best. There have been several instances where one has had a chance of interacting with people who paid only for the transporation from their native town or village to the hospital and rest of the expenses are being taken care of by the hospital management.

Only a few days back I had an opportunity of visiting their laboratory for some regular tests. There I met this charming young boy of not more than 12 years of age who was preparing for his surgery the very next day. Of what small chat we had, he appeared to be more worried about my blood tests instead of his own procedure. I sincerely hope and pray for his treatment being successful…

I wish I had known his name…

Gadhon ki Baraat

Donkey Road Trip!

Donkey Road Trip!

Winters, Chaman ice cream and Saadiq dry fruit

I am sure a lot of people would agree that they develop certain craving for icecream during winters, so i am not alone. Chaman ke ice cream is famous, very famous yet cheaper, you can get three whole scopes with mouth-watering fruit and cream dressing topped with dry fruits in just 60 Rs. I admit, my aim was just to get some dry fruits from Saadiq, next to Chaman but i simply could not resist the urge for thandi thaaaaaaaarr ice cream, ie, killing two birds with one stone :p.

I heard they use only fats to make this ice cream (?), in fact i am pretty sure that they use big portion of fats because its too greasy (still tasty), thats what my inner chef told me ;), who exist right there inside every Lahori. However, having such a treat once a year is not harmful (…justifying..lolz) but if you question about quality…..ummm and compare it with some imported ice cream, sadly, it will disappoint you.

Khair, Chaman is famous, it rocks and rules, ( bus keh dyaa :D )….. so readers, right after reading this complex criticism, don’t think too much, go and grab a bowl of ice cream right away…and enjoy your Lahori winters.

Ali Baba and more than 40 thieves

Pakistan has been on an extended begging expedition. Travelling 11,089 km to New York to beg. Travelling 2,749 km to Riyadh to beg. And, travelling 2,091 km to Abu Dhabi to beg.

While all this begging is going on, 40 new cabinet members have taken oath. The government already spends Rs 600 billion a year more than its income and now, we have 40 new ministers. The government already incurs a loss of Rs 2 billion a day — every day of the year — but the strength of our federal cabinet now stands at 55. Don’t forget that we also have a dozen ambassadors-at-large, advisers and others with the status of a minister.

How much does a minister cost? (more…)

Services Hospital Strike

Couple of days back i was heading towards Services Hospital and when i almost reached there, i saw a huge crowd right in front of the gait….one person redirected me to another route and said due to strike, all doctors are on road, and in fact media and police were prominent features on Ferozpur Road….
I know facts about this strike but no one cares about other’s pain. Ferozpur road is all-time-busy road specially during school and office timings. Why we are becoming so selfish that we just cannot stop thinking about our own benefits and creating trouble for others…..specially in this case, i say they could have chosen some other place to protest.
Doctor’s strike continued for 2-3 days but it created somewhat tense environment for patients and their attendants. Can’t we make some definite rules for a peaceful and focused protest??

25th World Performing Arts Festival @ Al-Hamra

Al-Hamra Lahore 2008

Al-Hamra Lahore 2008

The 25th World Performing Arts Festival will kick off at the Alhamra Cultural Complex on November 13 and would host drama, puppetry and music performances from 300 foreign delegates and 500 local artistes from across the country. The 10-day long festival  has brought together 16,000 artistes from 85 countries that would allow the locals to experience a variety of art forms.

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