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The political ‘kabaddi’ currently going on is not even surprising to most of us as it is just part of Pakistan’s cyclic history. While some optimists did think that things will be different this time and two largest democratic forces in Pakistan will finally pursue conciliatory power-sharing government for betterment of everyone; there still were people, a vast majority, that could foresee this honeymoon, sooner than later, coming to an unhappy end.

Situation in Pakistan is not in any case ready for another upheavel like this. Punjab was so far the only stable government regardless of its unfavorable attitude towards the centre. Disqualification of Sharif brothers from holding any public office for the thrid time can be justified as the honorable court’s verdict but imposition of Governor’s Rule and locking up of the Punjab Provincial Assembly building is surely a matter of grave objection.

However, for a common man, nothing has changed except for long traffic jams due to protests, purposeless damage to public infrastructre for which he had paid from his own pocket and city life coming to an uncertain but grinding halt.

The only bugging question is, regardless of who was right or who is wrong, can we really afford this crisis at this time? Can we bear watching ambulances stuck for hours due to almost daily road block by protesters at the Mall, and for how long? Will restoration of one man ensure speedy justice for a poor peasant? And, finally, do we even deserve democracy or are we just not ready or prepared for it yet?

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  1. paknation on March 2nd, 2009 @ 10:56 pm

    Yes, either we pay the cost today or another day is our option, Punjab is being victimized by federal governments, we are being divided by many forces, its time we unite and fight back, or allow musharraf’s failed policies to continue for another 5 years. No more……..

    Long Live Nawaz Sharif, Long Live Pakistan

  2. kaami on March 3rd, 2009 @ 2:53 am

    Its that how you think? I must have known. "Punjab is being victimized" thats a new one. Majority governments in smaller provinces have been shown the door since Pakistan’s inception, I know it hurts.

    To the broader question, nothing will change. there is a good chance that Zardari will be forced out, but what then? May be Nawaz Sharif will be forced in. May be the judges will be restored and what not. However, nothing will suffice for the common man. Because, its the criminals that are driving the change, be it politicians,lawyers or terrorists.

    It will be change for the worse, unless the slate is wiped clean and all the dungur is sent packing. Maybe that dungur will be sent packing one or two years down the road.

    Or, down the road all the provinces will go their separate ways and Pakistan will become a joke. I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong, but for now I see nothing but doom and gloom. The very political lot that has looted and raped this country ( like none other) has been given a second chance by the looted, so what good can come out of it?

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