Imanae Malik – victim of criminal negligence of doctors

Imanae Malik billboard at Adil Hospital Lahore

Imanae Malik billboard at Adil Hospital Lahore

Source: Imanae Malik billboard

You can read Imanae’s story at this website: Imanae’s Story

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  1. Jamal Shah (unregistered) on December 6th, 2009 @ 7:37 am

    I came across this a few days ago and its a very sad incident. How come there is no procedure to check the negligence of these doctors? Further more why are these doctors and the hospital not held accountable?

    I doctor friend of mine told me that one of his senior teachers at medical school (surgeon) also covered up instances where he would kill a patient by not following proper procedure or due to recklessness.

  2. guardian (unregistered) on December 6th, 2009 @ 3:51 pm

    Is this the first Imanae Malik that die like other Imanaes or Maliks… every day, every week, every month…just due to negligence, malpractice and carelessness of these money-hunters a.k.a as doctors…

    or is this the first one with some powerful influential background to make her cry hear to the deaf ears to our hibernating establishment?

  3. person (unregistered) on December 6th, 2009 @ 5:03 pm

    Well i do now that there is no powerful influential background as i know the parents and there relatives. And the poor child is not the first to suffer due to negligence, malpractice and carelessness. But i do know the have THE most POWERFUL n INFLUENTIAL backing which is by ALLAH.

  4. SR (unregistered) on December 8th, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

    its not the matter of power or any influential family matter, we do understand the fact everyday many innocent people, kids and families are treated badly and died cause of the sheer negligfence of these ineligible bastered(butchers). Infact we should be thankful to Mr Aqeel and family that out of these many people and innocents people died everyday due to the negligence, at least he (aqeel) has the courage to come infront and raise the voice. Brother, aik taraf aap log kehte hain koi protest karo is zalim duniya ke khilaf, aur ab aap keh rahei hain its becasue of the power and influential family background. I think Mr Aqeel should have a standing awaition who have shown courage to come infront of the public and rasied a voice on behalf of the whole nation. I salute you Mr Aqeel. Thanks to set a standard………….We all love you imanae. You live in our hearts.

  5. Saleem Akbar/Ahmad (unregistered) on December 9th, 2009 @ 10:06 pm

    Im areally sad to know this inceident, it is a great loss of victims family in shape death of imanae,I am also appreciate on reaction by family of imanae.who took bold steps aginst the Doctor our country there are various examples of bad administration of hospitals,Govt must took a strict action against that hospitals for their bad deeds.

    Secondly, there must be no forgiveness for Doctor Hospitals and others Hospitals lt.

  6. waqar (unregistered) on December 10th, 2009 @ 12:36 am

    aoa.i hv jst graduated in may 2009 n workin/serving as a doctor in a govt hospital.i hv seen on behalf of patients or attendents that DOCTOR NAY SAADA MAREEZ MAAR DITTA… or other comments like doctor wants to kill or even malpractice coz it can harm his/her name forever.there are few factors i must mention,to clear the doubt that doctors dont kill patients deliberatelty
    1)every medicine is not suitable for evry person.there are some drug reactions that do occur in minority of patients.unfortunately she was one of those unlucky persons… u can check this on any international drug website if u think that i m protecting my fellows…
    2)patients attendents make hue and cry dat our patiemnt is the most serious ptnt in this world and treat our ptnt b4 any other.they keep on insisting to relieve their ptnts pain in few seconds or mins(nt more dn dt)i have heard that in that case her parents were too much concerned and exaggerated the pain thier daughter was actually feeloing that lead to overdosage of the patients…this happened to me many times in my housejob that patients attendents exaggerated symptoms that lead to overdosage
    3)in our profession there is too much struggle without reward.even a traffic police warden who is only B.A gets 20,000 as his 1st salary for only 8 hour duty and doctors getr 18,000 (only 30 percent n rest do unpaid for ur kind in4mtn) n work for 16-20 hrz daily.even i hv srved in a govt hospital for 4 months without pay n there was not a single day that i gt up any time with my will… ALL MY NON-MEDICAL FRIENDS ARE GETTING 40-50,000 PER MONTH FOR 8 HOURS DAILY
    PATIENTs ARE NOT THE SOLE PART OF HUMANITY,DOCTORS ARE ALSO HUMANS… we dont kill ptient deliberately but i know no one can understand except doctors…but koe farq ne paray ga…DOCTOR NAY SAADA MAREEZ MAAR DItTA…

  7. Ashir (unregistered) on December 10th, 2009 @ 1:37 am

    Very tragic story…very good campaign by parents..but I m SURE that the culprits will get away finally like many other culprits in past (remember the kidney thieves cum “doctors” story…).

    Parents dont seem to be very powerful or influential..but very smart people….we are living in the age of Internet and communication( must have heard that before..and it is true..isnt it?)They made a very effective use of it.

    For my young Dr freind (Dr Waqar)..Did some one point a gun at you to become a Dr or was it your choice???

    By the way an ASP/AC also starts at Grade u think they do all that effort for the Grade-17 job (they could go to metorology dept in same scale but would they??)..No my freind that is just a path to make it big one day.

    U did not become to get a house Job or Govt Job u put all this effort to earn in Lakhs one day..and that is fair ( Dont take me wrong half of my family including my wife is a dr…I m not intrinscally against Drs or anything)

    The fact is Pakistani Doctors have crossed limits of decency and humanity..they do C-sections without need just to earn unnecessary surgeries…even for heart surgeries they would do the same?? Inhumans!! (and I know all this as Insider…as I told u I have many Drs in family)….
    But there are good Drs too..but unfortunately..their numbers are squeezing day by day as our society is becoming inhumanly money oriented!

  8. waqar (unregistered) on December 10th, 2009 @ 11:37 pm

    dear ashir i hv read your comments.
    the comment i m mch concern with is that did some 1 put a gun over my head to become a doctor etc
    even i become a doctor or any other instead of me,the problem is still there,the problem is the reward with respect to our efforts.if we are considered(cream of nation) in terms of most educated people than y v r nt treated like cream in terms of reward?
    whenever doctors took a stand over this issue,no one stands behind us to support…bt if any incidence like iman(marhoom) occurs,everyone is ready to criticise us or even cal us KILLERS…
    if we are alloted duty of 8-10 hours daily as in other professions with a leave in a week and with salary which should be atleast compatible with other professions(engineers etc),then in case of any negligence,we are responsible.but if you expect us to ruin our lives to serve the humanity with a pay that is even not sufficient to meet electricity bills,than i am sory…
    bt no one will understand (actually dont want to understand)

  9. anonymous (unregistered) on December 11th, 2009 @ 2:01 pm

    it is strongly suggested that these doctors together with their additional foreign qualifications are reported to the American Board for malpractice, their licence is revoked and they are held accountable for their actions-they really need to be prosecuted. If their qualifications are from the UK then the General Medical Council UK needs to be urgently contacted to alert them of these doctors so that their fitness to practice is under review. Further to this, the Home Office both in the UK and US need to be alerted on these doctors. The Government inquiry has revealed the following shocking news that has led to the demise of this little girl:
    . There is no doubt as to massive criminal negligence/handling in the above case due to the following reasons:

    a) The use of Intra Venus Dormicum 2.5 milligram was not required at all for such small burn.

    b) Injection Pavulon is used for induction of Anaesthesia for those patients who are to be put on Ventilators during operations; it was criminal to use it in case of a 3 years kid suffering from simple burn. In fact this drug is used for relaxation of respiratory muscles; hence administration of this drug was not at all justified.

  10. Humera (unregistered) on December 15th, 2009 @ 10:07 pm

    Forget about the power or family background. Atleast the family is brave enough to stand for their rights… no matter whoever they are. The most important thing is that they’re hurt & horrible incident happened with ’em. & by rising voices; they’ll alert others idiot-docs too… not to repeat this mistake. I didn’t heard more from Wasim Akram’s family after Huma Akram case–that was doctor carelessness too. Even Wasim’s supporting this family for this case.

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