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Malang Mistari!

Malang Mistari

Engine-on-the-back sort of Auto-Engineering


Guru Mangat Road?


A view of the newly installed streetlights on the Guru Mangat Road. I wonder where this road is… Is it the same Guru Mandir Road? Any guesses?

Image Source: DT

Yes, I’m A Believer :)


Consumer Rights – now, a reality!

Consumers in our city are often robbed with wrong performance claims by the sellers, void warranties, poor quality specifications, fake receipts and faulty products being sold in the market.

A petitioner in the Lahore Consumer Court (LCC) recently succeeded in getting his car, bearing some manufacturing faults, replaced by court orders.

It is a bright development in protection of consumer rights in this not-so consumer driven society.

Main Report: Consumer Court orders dealer to replace car

Such Bolo, Such Tolo


“Such Bolo, Such Tolo, Jhoot Mutt Bolo”
“Tell the truth, weigh fair, do not lie”

Let’s see who can translate the couplet on the ‘rairrha’… :)

Mend thy ways…


O how we wished it would never return! The thing we most dreaded is finally here… haunting us, curdling our blood the moment one is handed. *gasp* All those prayers of never having to see one again have been in vain. *sigh*

The new traffic wardens have finally been handed the challan books, we wished, would never see the light of the day. But alas, it wasn’t to be. They’ve already handed over 101 tickets worth Rs. 45,500 on the very first day. The past few months without the worries of being fined were quite relieving – no, that’s an understatement – that time totally rocked! But now… things won’t be the same… but I guess, it’s never too late to mend one’s ways… its about time we start following the traffic rules – we’ve been on a free-ride for far too long.

Rs. 500 for line/lane violation!!! *faints*

Image Credit: Daily Times

Kya bolay Swat ki Shehzadi…


Isn’t it written true for the comparison between ‘Biwi ki Adaein’ and ‘Maa ki Duaein’ :)

Out and Out Harrtaal

If anyone thought these guys are trying to get their voices heard by just making threats of strike against the cut in their mark-up by the Government, he/she must be terribly mistaken.



Petrol Pumps throughout the city are strictly observing an all out strike for an indefinite time period. One has to see how does the Government respond to their demands or if the public is powerful enough to stand up against this ‘khulam khulla ghunda gardi’ and compel gas station owners to reopen their fillers soon.

Creativity needs no Limits …


Many of you must have seen that foxy stuck inside a wall in Cavalry (or is it defence – i’m confused :*))

But for its surroundings, you can expect the creativity of that extent. When I saw this bus’ front being used as a Tuc Shop … I was enthralled.

My my my, what a creativity and usability and then where :-)

Creativity sure does seek no limits … it’s beyond that all :)

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