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Injured Persons Bill

We hear and read of accidents that take place around the country that have been mishandled in either hospitals or by the police. Not many of us are aware of the Injured Persons Bill that was passed by the National Assembly way back in 2003-4 and which had been passed as the law by Parliament on March 1, 2006.

Rescue 1122: New Fire Service

Rescue 1122 have started their Fire Service from yesterday which was needed from quite a time. Its a good addition to the city as Rescue 1122 initially was. Comments from people who have used rescue services are healthy and one can see their staff and vehicles always running on roads.

My understanding, Pervez Elahi, also wants to leave a legacy like Shehbaz Sharif who was known for his strictness and work specially in Lahore. I remember those days when Jail road was being built , he used to visit Jail road twice a week in night and quite many people were fired due to poor performance. Now today, when i pass from Jail road, i see that road was made with proper planning/administration and there is very few points when after (4+ years or so ?) you see patches or redesigning of jail road done. If you compare Jail Road to some other new built roads/underpasses – the quality of work is significantly high. Well enough of politics .. here are some pictures…

Sunscreens, covering and lots of fluids

May is almost here and its getting hotter day by day. Though Lahoris are all ready to welcome the wave, loaded with fans and ACs, but if one spends most of the day out on the roads, ACs and fans become useless. So the only way is PROTECTION. When out there in Lahore, protect yourself with sunscreens, use SPF 15 or 30 formulas or see a dermatologist. Cover with gloves while driving to protect your hands, to avoid hair damage/heat strokes wear scarfs/caps and always take notice of excessive sweating and drink plenty of fluids to avoid palpitations, hypotension and pass outs.

We all know that during summer, we loss so many valuable lives, just because they don’t care for these primary measures, specially people with blood pressure and diabetes. We all deserve to lead a healthy and active life.

Avoiding Kiss of a Mosquito…

No one can avoid the buzz of machhars (mosquitoes) these days. Blame it on the upcoming humid season; the stagnant water puddles; or the uncovered sewage nallahs, they are here and are hitting hard.

Mosquitoes are dangerous, cause deadly diseases like Malaria, Dengue Fever and other harmful infections. In the past, whole civilizations have been destroyed by epidemics blamed on mosquitoes.

Here are a few tips on how to live through this season unscathed and untouched by mosquitoes:

1. Mospel Lagao: A simple Insect-Repellent Lotion application to your hands, arms and feet can be very helpful. As they claim;

‘Machhar Aap Say Dur, Rehnay Pay Majboor’
(Keeps the Mosquitoes Away from You)

2. Coil Smoke: Effective especially for open areas including grounds, party & wedding function venues. Coil Smoke, however, only repels and not kills the enemy.


3. Mat Treatment: Our lovely Matt Machine that needs to be reloaded with a new bar of matt every night.


4. Vapourize Death: More effective and long-lasting than the coils and mat solutions, Liquid Vaporizers are readily available in the market. Refills are easy to install and are quite affordable.


5. Shock Therapy: We just ended up adding two more Electric-Shock Killer units to the already existing squadron of two at home. They are effective, fatal attraction for mosquitoes and also end up eliminating lots of flies, parwanas and flying insects in addition to the basic mosquitoes.


‘Run Lahore Run’ – Lahore prepares for the 3rd Int’l Marathon

Lahore is all prepared for the 3rd International Lahore Marathon to be held on 14th of this month.


The highly publicised event is being organized under the umbrella of Chief Minister’s Task Force on Lahore. In addition to the controversy that it brings along for being a mix-gender marathon, citizens must prepare themselves for closed routes and blocked roads on the designated day.


You can check out the marathon routemap, race timings and about how to get registered on its official website; Lahore Marathon.

Lahore’s 4th Gift to the World: ‘Nobel’ Scholars

“In the spirit of all the holiday gift giving that will be taking place over the next couple of months, all the Metroblogging cities are giving 7 gifts to the world throughout the week of NOV 26th – DEC 2. Lahore comes up with its 4th Gift to the World.”

Many are not aware of the contributions that some of the most prominent Lahorites have made towards various fields of learning including science, mathematics, philosophy, arts, and literature.

Lahore proudly gifts to the world, four Nobel laureates:

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (Nobel Prize in Literature 1907) – Born in Bombay and later lived in Lahore for a few years, Mr. Kipling was a literary genius, with such classics as Jungle Book, Kim and many more under his belt.

Har Gobind Khorana

Har Gobind Khorana (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1968) – Mr Khorana did his Msc from University of the Punjab, Lahore and then proceded for PhD at University of Liverpool. He later became a Professor of Biology and Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tracing the outbreak

Dengue virus has caused a lot of commotion, moreso in the media than anywhere else. Nonetheless, this virus is for real; it gets you sick and it can kill you. The percentage of people who actually die from Dengue virus is, to the best of my knowledge, quite low. But here is the thing; Yesterday, I had the chance of meeting an old family friend, who had come over from Karachi.

In my attempt at summation, following is the list of things we talked about, in order:

1. He had Dengue virus, was sick for 15 to 20 days but, Alhumdulillah, got back to being healthy.
2. He got the virus before it made the news.
3. He was quite scared, because initally he thought it was just the flu. But his fever maintained at 101 to 102 C for four to five days.
4. He then told me that in some places in Karachi, there are actual ponds leftover from the recent rains that wrecked Karachi’s infrastructure.
5. In some places, these ponds are as deep as five feet.
6. I joked that people should start fishing there, now that it seems to be a permanant feature of KHE.

It was later that I did the maths:

Dengue virus from mosquitos. Mosquitos thrive on relatively cleaner ponds. Karachi had/has ponds. No sanitation. No sanitation usually equates to outbreaks. Like in Africa. In earthquake’s aftermath in Muzafarabad. Mosquitos get the required habitat, right in urban Karachi. They do what they do best, bite. Itch. Dengue. People love to travel. So does virus. Spread across Pakistan. Mark “Outbreak of a potentially deadly virus” as yet another fault of our own inefficieny. Blame Karachi’s authorities. Go to sleep at night with a light heart. Peace.

Dengue Virus

A great resource on this unwelcomed guest in Lahore can be found on Wikipedia. LINK TO SITE.

Death Flies Around

An old employee of Sheikh Zayed Hospital fell victim to dengue fever while discharging his duties in the premises of the hospital, one of the leading medical institutions of the country. The numbers of dengue patients increasing alarmingly as five more patients suffering from dengue fever were tested positive and shifted to the newly declared isolation wards of the hospital within last 24 hours.

Panic is gripping the hospital doctors and paramedical staff when they are informed by the hospital sources that numbers of dengue-affected patients are increasing day by day.


About 239 patients are still under treatment at different hospitals, while 83 patients have been discharged during last 24-hours,”

Dengue virus could turn into Congo virus in next cycle, which is considered as the most deadly. Congo virus directly caused Hemorrhagic Fever.

Garbage houses, ponds and open places should be kept clean so that mosquitoes could not stay there.

It is important to create awareness among the people regarding the fatal disease.
Some 572 patients have been found positive for dengue fever all over the country by Tuesday, 31st October.

The people of the area are said to be in panic at the possible outbreak of the dengue fever or “Back Bone Fever” whereas sanitation facilities are unsatisfactory.

PakBlood – Website for a Cause

One of our visitors pointed out to this wonderful website that works as an online blood donors resource with registered individuals and institutions.


The website is called PakBlood

It’s a wonderful initiative to save lives, whenever they can be, by timely supply of donated blood.

We hope it keeps functioning like this and continues helping those in need of it.


Story Credit: Aamir Mahmood

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