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Bundu Khan’s ‘Custumers’

Bundu Khan's 'Custumers'


Need I say more? It is a thousand words already.

Lahore Electric Shortage Company

Yesterday, the Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said that there would be no unannounced loadshedding across the country during “Sehr” and “Iftar” time, adding that people can contact him on his cell number 0333-5210000 in case of loadshedding during Sehr or Iftar. He failed to mention our options for ‘announced loadshedding’ during Sehr and Iftar, or ‘unannounced loadshedding’ during the remaining 22 hours of the day, but we won’t go there.

I am a big fan of loadshedding and consider it a permanent part of the Lahori lifestyle, but I just HAD to try to call our minister during today’s three hour long unannounced loadshedding spell between 6PM to 9PM (which is Iftar time) in the Cantt area. I tried dialing for 20 minutes but his cell (0333 5210000) was turned off.

All I wanted was an opportunity to thank him for being so approachable and open, and for giving us the unplugged time that we Lahoris desperately need. I also wanted to thank him for turning me into a prolific Realist painter, which is a miracle as I have had no formal training.

Here is my masterpiece from yesterday, called ‘Starless Night in Lahore’:

Lahore at Night

Starless Night in Lahore

and the one I did today – I call this one ‘Lahore by Candlelight’:

Lahore by Candlelight

Lahore by Candlelight

None of these are for sale, sorry! – but you might see them in an exhibition titled ‘Lahore in the 21st Century’ in the near future.

Anyway, besides our beloved Minister (0333 5210000), I also tried

  1. the LESCO “Electric Supply Failure Contact” 042 9220425
  2. the SDO’s number 0321 4951542 and
  3. the cell number 0321 4951540 for the “XEN” (which is probably the coolest title abbrev. ever).

So I hope that you will write these numbers down and spare some time to call them the next time you experience an ‘unannounced loadshedding’ time. If you manage to get through, please share your experience here. Meanwhile, I’ll be out there, working on my next painting.

Malang Mistari!

Malang Mistari

Pied Piper: The Lahori version

Like all great myths, the Pied Piper of Hamelin has appeared and reappeared in innumerable variations throughout the world. In our desi version he wears no pied cloths and doen’t even have a pipe.
A Pied Piper with no pipe.


Only in Lahore 3

Credits : Daily Express
Old Entries: here,here & here.

Protest in Punjabi Tappa Style

Lawyers, civil activists who had gathered at the Lahore High Court this monday to protest on Human Rights Day made the event more interesting by shouting slogans in Punjabi Tappa Style. Have a taste of it:

ballay ballay,
ho ballay ballay,
asan judgaan di bahali waikhni,
PCO dian jarran kata kay,
judgaan di bahali waikhni

(We want to see the judiciary restored; we will uproot the Provisional Constitutional Order)

ballay ballay,
ho ballay ballay,
bhae shehrian ne paye wakhtay,
policaan beh gyan thaanay jaa kay,
shehrian ne paye wakhtay

(The citizens have rose to the occasion and now the police is in trouble)

ballay ballay,
ho ballay ballay,
bhae choraan nay judge dak laye,
saday bolan tay pabandian la kay,
choraan nay judge dak laye

(The thieves have caught the judges and put a ban on freedom of expression)

ballay ballay,
ho ballay ballay,
bhae tor muzahmat di,
kalay kapray tay kalay banner,
tor muzahmat di

(Look how well the protest is being carried out by the lawyers and other civil society members)

Full Story: DT

How it works

When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bike.
Then I realized that the Lord doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and asked him to forgive me

The above was recently quoted to me by a friend, and I realized this is how most of our politicians think as well.

LahorrrRrri Touch ;-)

What more to write … when Desi Bak-a-Rr-r-a‘s Payyay are available so easily to savour your taste ;-)

Image Courtesy: Naeem Rashid

Mukammal Army Maahol ;)

A few days back, Near Akbar Chawk, I found this very interesting slogan “Mukammal Army Maahol” …., which really made me smile at its irony.

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