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Happy Posting, LMB guys!

With A4P’s coffee temptation, LMB completed its 2,000th post.

Yew Hoooo!

*distributes free ‘I Dil LMB’ stickers among visitors*

A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit, a violin… and Lahore!!!

A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?

Nopes… I didn’t say that. Albert Einstein did. But he was practically resonating my thoughts when he said it; the thoughts I would have a few decades later. To me, this is precisely what makes Einstein the most brilliant mind of modern times.

Now how is Einstein related to Lahore? One may rightly question. (adding a loud and clear “Hain Ji?” afterwards to magnify the emphasis, manifolds) Did he ever eat phajjay kay payee, Hain Ji? or shout bo kataaa while flying a kite at the rooftop of Lahore Hotel? No. (that may have been Benjamin Franklin). The truth is, Einstein has nothing to do with Lahore. But I do; which is exactly why I am writing this post at LMB.

Now what do I have to do with Lahore? The answer is very simple. Lahore is where the home is. I don’t think I can explain it any better… oh wait a sec… I could also say, Lahore Lahore aye… but I am sure somebody else has already said that (thousands of years ago, and then every year onwards)

The idea of this post is simply to write my first post at LMB (which I senselessly have) and introduce myself (which I conveniently haven’t). I may be writing more. I may even write too often. Or I may just disappear altogether. The idea is to get it rolling first and see what happens.

Afterall, Einstein also said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”… I wonder why he said that!!!

Lahore very (un)Livable?

Mercer Human Resource Consulting is a global conulting firm that amongst other things, carries out an annual Ranking of some of the major cities in world. It compiles this data to primarily advise global business on say, what city would be nice to live in, keeping in mind all the requirements of a modern fast paced world necessary for a modern business executive. These factors include “39 key quality-of-life issues”, things like the quality of the public transport network, the average cost of living in the city, sanitation etc etc etc and blah blah blah…and “political stability, currency-exchange regulations, political and media censorship, school quality, housing, the environment and public safety”.

So any way, for year 2007 the rankings were published a while back, and turns out that Lahore is amongst the

New Author

hey , just wanted to share with you all; atlast i have joined the author list for Lahore MetBlog – my lil bit of introduction; as my nick name explains, i am an IT geek (or you can call freak) and more specifically a telco network specialist , in first half of my 20s and based in Lahore.

in coming days, you will certainly see my posts around … happy MetBlogging….

Our very own celebrity!

Our dear Momekh was caught by WIRED’s Jeff Koyen on the eve of Basant and seems like they had a good talk. Some of momekh’s points are worthy of a reading and now it feels like we have our very own celebrity here!

Writers Wanted at LMB…


You are a true Lahori by nature; You love your city; You’ve got so much in your heart to share about it; You want to speak out on issues affecting Lahore; You love capturing life in Lahore; You want to talk about recent openings, news, events, rants, cultural activities in town; and you want to become a part of the LMB bloggers’ guild

If you agree with the above statements to a reasonable extent, you can also become a LMB member. All that you need is to share, capture, write, or post your city-relevant ideas at least thrice a week and be a regular in doing so.

Excited? we’ll be more if you drop an email carrying your will, queries, questions, concerns or comments at

Required to put a deadline, we expect any correspondence by you in this regard to be made by March 31, 2007

Welcome KL!

Source: KL’s Flickr

One of the liveliest cities in the world, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, steps up the Metroblogging step by becoming the 54th platform on the busy Metro station.

We warmly welcome you to the family…

Lahoris, do drop by to say hi!

Say Hi to Silicon Valley!

53rd on the MB Block, San Jose in California.

Welcome onboard friends!!

O, Hi Pittsburgh!

We present a warm welcome to our fellows at the latest city on the Metblog map; Hi Pittsburgh the 52nd!


Drop by to say hi…

Welcome Auckland!

Rather a late welcome to the latest city on the MetWeb;

Metroblogging Auckland

Please drop by to say hi!

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