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Soch raha hai Pakistan…

This is probably the same rickshaw as here. :)

Only in Lahore...

Only in Lahore...

Source: Unknown – this has been floating around on emailosphere.

Seatbelts now the law!!

SeatbeltIf, like me, you wonder why people don’t wear seatbelts while driving in Lahore, it’s because there is come confusion as to whether or not wearing seatbelts is legally required.

Well, the debate is finally over. According to this newspaper report, the Punjab Assembly just introduced an amendment in the Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965 making it mandatory for automobile drivers to wear seatbelts. Finally and thank god!!!

But not so soon, some of the fine print says that the seatbelt requirement will not apply if, for instance, the car doesn’t have any in the first place. The new amendment also gives the Government the opportunity to exempt a category of cars from the seatbelt requirement.

Still, it’s a start.

Far from the “maddening” crowd…

Lahore is brimming to its maddening political edge as political parties battle it out in the streets. Loyalists branding party emblems are gathering everywhere. The Mall is a political boulevard where all parties deem it necessary to make their presence felt.

Such a “battle” brought me to an eventful PML-N rally on The Mall on 26 February. Armed with my camera and its bag; I walked hesitantly into the rally, a potential terrorist strike target. I freelance as a photojournalist, an interesting but risky job.

                                                                 The loyalists meet...

Here, the workers of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had blocked The Mall for over five hours in their protest against the Supreme Court (SC) verdict that disqualified the Sharif brothers from contesting the general elections.

Unrest prevailed as the protest intensified when aggressive party workers marched towards the Punjab Assembly building to break the locks after PML-N parliamentarians had to sit on the staircase to conduct the session.

Anti-Zardari slogans were chanted, tyres were burnt tyres and banners containing pictures of PPP leaders were brandished. The protesters held placards and banners that condemned the SC and the PPP-led government.

Burning tyres...

During the protest, a worker climbed a streetlight to hoist a PML-N flag.

Flag hoister

Addressing the workers, PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz said the SC had disqualified PML-N leadership on the directives of President Asif Ali Zardari and alleged that “The decision was a raid on democracy”.

Hamza Shahbaz

The other side:

Amid the noise at such ralies, a series of fortunate and misfortunate events also take place. A rally is a world in itself, in addition to the main political activity, there is a lot that goes on.


Pickpockets have a field day, robbing unsuspecting spectators of their cell phones, wallets and whatever they can get their hands on. I lost my cellphone as a man smuggled his way into my pocket and disappeared into thin air. 

Hawkers scramble about the gathering, selling water, food and the bare necessities. You’ll find people munching on goodies, browsing lottery tickets and offering free political analysis to everyone around them.


Amid  the commotion...

Pushy people:

Amid the commotion, one also gets assaulted by “pushy” people who force their way towards the stage. I was elbowed and my sunglasses fell to the road. Before I could pick them up, a “footful” of people stomped their way through and reduced it into a mere wire mesh! Why was I wearing sunglasses? Well the smoke from the burning tyres can be quite tearful at times!

Shattered shades...

“Zardari chuha”/Zardari Kuta

Animal rights everyone? Protesters hanged a live mouse from a board that read out “Zardaru chuha” (Translated: Zardari is a mouse). I couldn’t help but capture this one. Is this freedom of expression of abuse of expression? The little mouse was trembling and paying with its life for someone else’s crimes.

Zardari Chuha

Zardari Chuha


Men wearing horror masks and holding placards inscribed with Zardari Kuta (Translated: Zardari is a dog) are rampant throughout these anti-PPP rallies. These men get a lot of press attention, though such images may not be published, but they remain an irresistible catch for any photographer.

Seems familiar?

Seems familiar?

The ‘acting’ activists:

The political circus brings with it many characters. Activists try to steal the show by using their theatrical abilities to catch everyone’s attention. Here men beat their chests, “mourning” the SC verdict.

PML N-autanki

PML N-autanki


 It seems that as things become increasingly complicated in this political turmoil, it is advisable to witness the events from the safety of your house. The Mall shall remain choked and tense until things settle down. Lets hope the anarchy simmers down and Lahore is restored to its glory.

Waqas Prince ki Mohabbat!

Waqas Prince ki Mohabbat

“Hazaron Say Bigaarri Thi Tujhay Apna Banaya Tha,
Hashar Tak Yaad Rahay Ga Kissi Say Dil Lagaya Tha!”

Unfair or just competition in another LIGHT!??

The Cavalary crossing that leads to Cantt on one side and Defence Housing Authority on the other flaunts few of the largest sites available for outdoor advertising. No brownie points for guessing that two of the leading telcos have captured these sites and using them for their advantage to its max. However on a regular basis for at least the past few weeks (if not months for sure) Every evening, the Warid billboard is dark as the night itself whereas the Mobilink one is shining like a golden sun.

 daytime     night time

Is this a deliberate move by the golden sun or is night descending on the brand team of the other player? (Comments are welcome, what do you think?)

Malang Mistari!

Malang Mistari

Lahore Traffic Police

Easy to break traffic rules

So is it anything more than shaven and shorn, highly paid stud in the middle of the road? I really don’t think so. This project has yet been another leech on the country’s resources which gives back zilch in return of the tax payers’ money. Take a look at the visual above. Does this show any difference between the new and the old traffic police men? The Car in the foreground is on the continuous line on a traffic signal as the traffic police is busy in their tete a tete. Wonder what they’re talking about?
“Yaar aj bari garmi ay, kaanji peeni chaiydii”
“suniya ay regal te bari kamayi hondi ay!”
“Saadi te qismet kharaab defence ich duty lag gayi. Aithay te gal karo te truck langaa deindey ne utton!”
” aj teri bhabi ne baingan banaye ne!”

Parha Likha Punjab? – 3

Parha Likha Punjab

Source: Daily Times

Just when I was about to get impressed…


While on my way home from work this evening, I saw this huge new billboard that said

786 Islamic Service

786 Dial karain
aur Warid ki Islamic Service sunain

Downright impressed, I, for once was glad I have a warid connection and hurriedly punched the holy number on my cellphone.
I was given 5 choices..chose one.
Then 5 more choices
then 2 choices

Wanting to find out the exact namaz timings as my workplace is quite serene and no Maulvi with Hulk Hogan lungs can beat the soundproofing of the surroundings I sit in every day. I punch the number for my city to find out the timings (super impressive, they have separate timings for each city, man they’re cool!)

My phone talks back:

Cute, sweet chirpy girlie says “Fajr” Enlightened Maulvi voice says “pause bajkar pause minute

Cute, sweet chirpy girlie says “Zuhr” Enlightened Maulvi voice says “pause bajkar pause minute

Cute, sweet chirpy girlie says “Asar” Enlightened Maulvi voice says “pause bajkar pause minute

Cute, sweet chirpy girlie says “Maghrib” Enlightened Maulvi voice says “pause bajkar pause minute

Cute, sweet chirpy girlie says “Isha” Enlightened Maulvi voice says “pause bajkar pause minute

The template was on but they forgot to fill in the timings!! I wonder if Karachi has the same namaz timings :P !!

One little detail. Amongst the umpteen choices I had to make with gazillion options the service would give me at every level of the menu, no one ever asked me “Urdu ke liye 1 milaayein, for service in English dial 2

Are only urdu speaking/ understanding people to be blessed with the access to Islamic Service? Maybe they should’ve called it Pakistani Islamic Service.

Such Bolo, Such Tolo


“Such Bolo, Such Tolo, Jhoot Mutt Bolo”
“Tell the truth, weigh fair, do not lie”

Let’s see who can translate the couplet on the ‘rairrha’… :)

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