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Snooker Club

I used to play snooker at Chaudry’s snooker club in H Block DHA. But then my friend got a bit more serious about the game, and bought a cue, with snazzy casing and everything. He found a well-planned, well-maintained snooker club in Shadman market, and we have been relishing the clean, straight tables before the club gets written off to ‘

  • puraana hai, is liyae farikh hai
  • ‘.
    Do you know that you are at unnees (nineteen), and all you have to do is set up a process to take it to and keep it at bees (twenty)? Let’s hope this snooker club is based on a few processes rather than ‘daikhee jayae gee‘.

    Lahore prepares for the ‘Clash of the Titans’

    Much like the rest of the Indian Sub-continent, Lahoris are bursting with adrenaline rush for ‘the’ clash between Pakistan and India. The South Asian arch-rivals will battle for a slot in the finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 to meet Sri Lanka in Mumbai on April 02, 2011. What are Lahoris planning for the clash of the titans? Well, there is a mass-fever going on with projector screenings planned in public parks, open spaces, university campuses and even mohallas. Special arrangements are being done by corporates to entertain their employees with a company sponsored party. DHA Cinema and Cinestar both are selling over-priced tickets for the grand affair while all the happening eateries in Lahore including cafe’s, bistros, restaurants, hotels and even dhabas will play the match live from Mohali. Still, the majority of Lahoris will enjoy the match in comfortable confines of their homes with their close family and friends. Facebook and Twitter are already overloaded with over-optimistic, gladiatoristic rants and ‘naaras’ while the media on both sides of the border are buzzing in overdrive.

    Whatever the consequence of tomorrow’s ultimate clash (or Thursday’s in case of rain) , the whole nation will stand united for one day at least. We do hope that Pakistan wins and beats ‘India’, yes, we do want to beat ‘India’ first and win the World Cup later. :)

    Reposted from Mubarakpur

    Pakistan off to a solid start in Cricket World Cup 2011

    Pakistan has made a decent start to their World Cup campaign by first defeating Kenya by 205 runs and then toppling the Cup favorites, Sri Lanka, by 11 runs. Considering what we the fans had to go through last year, these two wins come as welcome relieve for us.

    However, going forward Pakistan think tank must make some changes in the team, or else we might not go too far in this tournament. As seen in the last game against Lanka, Pakistan is short of a specialist bowler at the moment. Wahab Riaz must be played in the team to strengthen the bowling. But the question is whom could he replace? Tough decisions will have to be taken, but I would drop Ahmed Shehzad and have Kamran Akmal open with Hafeez, followed by the usual batting order.

    Also, I feel like that Razzaq is being wasted at number 8. He should come to play at least with ten overs to spare so he could make an impact that he is so capable of. Also, he shouldn’t be opening the bowling. New ball should be shared by Wahab and Shoaib Akhtar.

    The mission of this team should not only be winning this World Cup, but also to restore some faith of its followers and the cricket fraternity in Pakistan cricket by playing some great-clean cricket. We can’t afford any more controversies and I sincerely hope that this team can maintain a positive image throughout this tournament. Go Team Pakistan!

    Boom Boom disgrace!!!

    In an another embarrassing episode of Pakistan cricket Sahibzada Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi, a veteran of 293 ODIs, was caught tampering the the ball in the last ODI against Australia on Sunday. This is the second time in his career that Afridi is charged with ball tampering, the first being in 2005. What’s even more astonishing is that Afridi seems to justify his horrendous act: “There is no team in the world that doesn’t tamper with the ball. My methods were wrong. I am embarrassed, I shouldn’t have done it. I just wanted to win us a game but this was the wrong way to do it,” he told Geo TV.

     Boom Boom disgrace!!!

     Imagine, what would happen if this guy is made captain of all 3 formats of the game? What kind of example are we setting for our youth? That it’s okay to cheat as long as you can win? The problem with Pakistan cricket is that similar to our politicians, we never held our cricketers accountable for their actions. We need to makes examples out of the Afridis and Akhtars of Pakistan who again and again tarnish the image of their country and then proudly make a comeback to the national side to become heroes once again.  

     I have had enough of these cheats and wish that for once, we can make the right call and shut all doors on them!

    A victory no less than freedom for life!

    Lahore celebrates Pakistans T20 World Cup crown - Image Source: BBC News

    Lahore celebrates Pakistan's T20 World Cup crown - Image Source: BBC News

    Pakistan win the 2009 T20 Cricket World Cup!

    After defeating an invincible Sri Lankan team, Pakistan have risen to become the world champions in the T20 Cricket World Cup.

    Amid roars of ‘Pakistan Zindabad!’ and ‘Boom Boom Afridi!’ at the historic grounds of Lord’s, Shahid Afridi’s sensible yet electrifying batting took Pakistan Cricket to new heights.

    People in Lahore and throughout Pakistan are celebrating on the streets, in their homes and at dozens of public screenings. Sweets, crackers, fireworks, and shouts of Boom Boom Afridi heard everywhere.

    So much for a nation sunk in depression and conflict for so long; we badly needed this victory… :)

    Pakistan Zindabad!

    Stallions outshine the Lions at RBS T20

    Defending champions of the RBS T20 Cricket League, Sialkot Stallions, have retained their crown after beating Lahore Lions in the final of the domestic tournament’s 2009 season.

    After winning the toss, Lahore Lions decided to bat first at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium last night. Imran Farhat was the highest scoring batsman for the Lions who sent to the pavilion after scoring 47 runs. Twenty whole overs and a loss of eight wickets landed the Lions with a total of 150 runs; a target that was achieved rather easily by their rivals.

    Opening Stallion, Imran Nazir was the star of his team who scored 57 runs; highest in the match.

    Sialkot Stallions won the game with 4 wickets and 5 balls remaining.

    See complete match summary here.

    We congratulate the Stallions on their fantastic win and hope they get a place at the 2009 Champions League T20 tournament to be played in India this year. So far, no Pakistani team has been included in the multi-million dollar event on a presumption that Pakistan Cricket has imposed travel restrictions on its players – a claim that PCB denies.

    Exclusion of any Pakistani team from the event will result in further isolation of Pakistan Cricket which has been suffering badly due to the security situation back home.

    Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix lands in Lahore

    Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix lands in Lahore

    Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix lands in Lahore

    Spotted at Allama Iqbal International  Airport – Hasan’s Flickr

    Chris Broad’s criticism of security arrangements

    One of the targets of yesterday’s shootout at Liberty was a van carrying Pakistani fourth umpire Ahsan Raza and ICC official Chris Broad. Just as the bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers quickly drove out of danger,  thanks to their heroic Pakistani driver, an ambulance, a police escort vehicle and the white van carrying these two officials were left behind.

    Ahsan Raza @

    Ahsan Raza @

    Ahsan Raza was seriously injured after bullet shots and is still in critical condition at a hospital in Lahore while Chris Broad miraculously survived 25 minutes of targeted shooting unscathed.

    In a press conference after reaching home safely, Broad has strongly criticized the security forces which left their van alone right in the middle of the roundabout with terrorists spread all around.

    Broad‘s concerns and statements in this regard are very valid and justify his anger, however, we have to see what really happened as the attack continued.

    When the bus carrying Sri Lankans moved on, other police vehicles might have followed hurriedly to provide cover for ‘the target’ against any further attacks on the stadium route. That might have left the remaining party vulnerable. On the other hand, it still is not clear how many escorts were initially with the convoy.

    The Government seriously need to find some critical answers to these questions as soon as possible. Western media, on the other hand, is hailing the return of Broad as a ‘hero’s return’ while forgetting glorious sacrifices made by the policemen who laid their lives to cover the guests including him and his fellows. They surely owe their life to these ‘true’ heroes.

    Meanwhile, we request everyone to please pray for Ahsan Raza‘s life and quick recovery of all others including policemen injured in this carnage.

    Who was behind today’s attack on the Sri Lankan team?

    Teeth Maestro is currently running a poll on his blog regarding people’s opinion on who do they think planned a terrorist activity of this magnitude and significance.

    Who would you blame for the Lahore Attacks?

    So far, only one option gets the majority votes. Go, vote and check for yourself…

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