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Lahore Metro – Pros, Cons & Perceptions

A state of the art metro bus system – brand new and unique in Pakistan – should make every Lahori proud of their city today.

A lot has been written and said about this system. And as is the case with almost everything in Pakistan, the points of views are poles apart. Many people regard this project as a major infrastructure breakthrough, while many call it excessive and useless.

More often than not, both sides have politically affiliated, if not motivated, line of reasoning.

I do not have a political affiliation. I have also not personally researched much on this project. Hence I will not endeavor to put forward my own take on it right now. I will, however, attempt to summarize the arguments I hear from both sides, and will point out some obvious flaws in both sides of arguments, wherever i can. Maybe this stirs up some constructive conversation on this mega project on this site. (i.e. if many people still visit this site!).

So lets start with arguments against this project:
a) It is excessive. Lahore doesn’t need such an elaborate transit system. Just some investment in usual buses would have been enough.
Flaw in the argument: For a city of almost 1 Crore people, no investment in infrastructure can be termed ‘too big’… we desperately needed good infrastructure and commute system. Agreed lahore is already much better off than rest of the cities in Pakistan in terms of roads etc. but that doesn’t mean we cannot/should not do more.

b) Money spent here could have been used for education, healthcare, anything else.
Flaw in the argument: Infrastructure is as important as other necessities. It is the backbone of the economy. Also, while everyone has limited funds, a choice in basics (which includes infrastructre) cannot be termed as a wrong choice. e.g. what would you do with good education, when you cannot provide a robust economy to your educated people to prosper in.

c) Maybe some corruption?
Flaw in the argument: I don’t know. No strong supporting argument / evidence has been put forward (at least I haven’t come across any) in this front.

Arguments in favor of this project:
a) It will modernize Lahore.
Flaw in the argument: Obviously it will not. Just one transport system alone wouldn’t do the trick, specially if many other basic necessities are not there yet, including energy/electricity, law & order and not to forget cleanliness.

b) The project will make Lahore an economic hub
Flaw in the argument: Lahore already is an economic hub in the region. While the project makes things easier, it wouldn’t suddenly spur new economic activity from near and far. THAT will happen only if a wholesome economic program covering all the bases is launched

c) The project makes lahore commuting easy and cheaper
Flaw in the argument: Yet to be seen; how much burden these busses will / can take. Would it move some segment of population away from private cars to busses? Would the busses continue to run efficiently. Would the project be managed well?

Too early to make a final call… Any comments?

A post after very many years

Its been an astonishingly long time since I last wrote for this site. In fact an astonishingly long time, since I even actually visited this site. Don’t even know who from the days past is still here, who is where, and who is gone. A lot of water has… wait, the entire bridge has been replaced by a newer bridge…. Life goes on nonetheless.

SO I decided to pick up from where I conveniently left… to maybe write a literary gem or two… about my beloved city of Lahore… :)

Even though I don’t live in Lahore… but i know where it is… and that makes me a true Lahori!

So watch this space :)

Lahori Kulfi

Lahori Kulfi

All the kulfis sold in Abbottabad are Lahori

Second Annual Pakistan Blog Award 2011

Set aside the usual blogosphere buzz, rabid trolls, rants and ramblings and you will notice that the Pakistan blogosphere has matured into a wider and more dynamic community. Associated with blogging since it started in Pakistan, I have gladly followed the rise. Given my personal love for those who have been doing a good job blogging different subject and addicting the local context and content online, I have been pointing out top Pakistan blogs, bloggers and the post every year at Light Within. It is such a difficult task to sift through the burgeoning Pakistani blogosphere and pick out the best.
Thanks to CIO Pakistan, IDG got together with Google Pakistan that they launched the Annual Pakistan Blog Awards in 2010. The award has become an annual feature and all Pakistani bloggers and readers to look forward to. This year, blogs related to Pakistan either through the topic, language or audience can context in Pakistan Blog Award 2011. The theme for 2011 is “Colors of Pakistan: Celebrating the New Media Spaces” and it aptly shows on the blog award site. Nomination will close by Monday morning (November 21, 2011). Voting will continue through November 25, 2011.

Lahore School Blog has been nominated here. Show your support for the blog by voting, rating and or leaving comments. Look for golden little star and click on the last one. Your vote is done. Check the image below for more help. Also leave your comments at the bottom of the page. Your comment and feedback matters a great deal.

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People’s Bulls at Mall Road!

People's Bulls at Mall Road


Guys n Gals,

In case you are unaware, MetBlogs is being forced to shut at the end of this month. MetBlogs has been a miraculous journey which started with just two people which grew into a global community of free expression.

Can I ask all authors and readers to post “I WANT TO SAVE METBLOGS” across all their web channels i.e. MetBlogs home page, Facebook status, Twitter, MySpace and so on.

Thank you very much (in advance),

Ever wonder why

As I digest the endless stream of bad press about my country of birth, I feel utterly powerless to do anything but to pick up my pen (or laptop) to vent some anger and hopefully stir some thought.
I do wonder what it will take for the common man/woman to rise up against the establishment – much like the Red Shirts in Thailand. It seems the vicious cycle of ignorance, religous dogma and fear of the unknown has dulled our minds and seriously weakened our resolve.
Our so called “foe” India with all it’s social and religious ills still managed to produce leaders who had the vision to invest in Education and infrastrusture that has started to pay dividents back to the entire nation. About the same time the likes of Nehru were sowing the seeds of change back in the 70s, our ‘capable’ generals led by ZuH were plotting to destroy the future of the next two generations.
I sometimes wish somebody had the foresight and guts to offer ZuH a few crates of exploding mangoes a decade or so earlier – perhaps Pakistan and the rest of the world might have been a little different.
So when we all sit in our darkened homes across the country for up to 20 hours a day, we should really thank our ‘great’ generals and mostly uncle ZuH for filling our lives with darkness.

Better late than never: Rain

It is raining in Lahore. Finally.

Children Film Festival


2nd Lahore international children film festival is being held from 6 – 11 October, 2009 at Ali auditorium Ferozpur road, near Gulaab Devi hospital.

Ali institute of education with its legacy of promoting new teaching methodologies has come up with this festival which will be screening short films, animations and documentary shorts made by and for children from around the world. Entertaining as well as educating, it will be an exciting and novel experience for children.

Outside the auditorium other than the usual eateries, stalls are installed by sponsors like Dawn News with loads of free goodies. You might want to buy DVDs of the documentaries aired by Dawn News; I found them very informative and were a treat to watch.

There is also an art exhibition with paintings, sculptures and ceramics; displaying works of students of Naqsh School of arts which might be of interest to parents accompanying their children. So hurry up and collect you tickets.

For further information:

Its raining–get your butt outside!

Yes, its true. Crack open a window-roll down the car windows–start frying some pakoras and brewing some chai–because it is raining in Lahore.


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