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Lahore in winter jal-thal

Brunch mess-up at Lahore Gymkhana this morning

Brunch mess-up at Lahore Gymkhana this morning

After getting more than its share of bright warm sunlight on Saturday, Lahore received a well-deserved spell of wild rain and ‘aulay’ this Sunday morning. Heavy winter downpour washed the roads, the leaves, the dust and the moods clean while chilly breeze guaranteed an extension in winter spell for a couple of more days.

Happy Winter Rains everyone! :)

Fog; and it continues

“The Met Office has said that the fog would continue for the next three to four days in parts of the province.” – Daily Times


Fog at night in a Lahore suburb

Fog at night in a Lahore suburb

And guess what, SUPARCO says that pollution and changing weather conditions mean that it is here to stay for years to come especially during winters…

Lahore – Islamabad Motorway Shut Down


Fog at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2)

Fog at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2)

Our fellow LMB blogger Fazal Ashfaq just reported about the current weather conditions in Lahore which are getting from bad to worse for citizens and commuters alike. All in-bound and out-bound flights from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIA) have either been delayed or cancelled considering extremely low visibility for aerial or surface traffic.

Meanwhile, owing to the severity of the situation and potential threat of road accidents, the National Highway Authority has closed down the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) as interchanges throughout its stretch are not permitting any vehicles to get on the motorway.

All citizens are advised to avoid any unnecessary travel and exercise extra caution on road with respect to own and others’ safety.

Image Source: Pakwheels

Lahore under Fog

As fog envelops Lahore, there is a marked change in the activities & moods of Lahorites. Everyone just has to get out and see how foggy it really is. Children get thrills out of the fact that simply exhaling air gives the illusion of smoke and adults find similar pleasure in now being able to get out for a walk, have a barbeque or do whatever it is that they feel like doing with the change in weather.

I snapped these photographs at 9am (tried but just couldn’t drag myself out of bed earlier :P) and had the most refreshing early morning walk. Tomorrow might be just as foggy as today so lets see how that unfolds.

On a serious note this change in weather brings about it own set of dangers. So everyone who will be driving in such conditions is advised to read the guidelines given by the National Highway & Motorway Police and to generally be a little careful on the road.

Enjoy the fog while it lasts!

Lahore paralysed..

One of the worst traffic jams I ever witnessed.

Mozang Chungi: One of the worst traffic jams I ever witnessed.

Recent torrential rains, especially the heavy rainfall on Tuesday, left the whole city paralyzed. Forecast experts considered it a record rainfall (168mm) in past 12 years. People from all walks of life were badly affected. The attendance remained short in offices and most of the businesses, especially in the lower areas, remained closed or were opened late in the evening. The water entered the houses and in the shops of the people. It was reported that even the Chief Minister’s house was drowned. It may also affect the Independence Day celebrations.

Boys pushing a broken down ambulance.

Boys pushing a broken down ambulance.

Many motorcycles and cars broke down in 3.5 to 4 feet rain water.

Many motorcycles and cars broke down in 3.5 to 4 feet rain water.

A section of Ferozpur Road is uable to be used due to rain water. the other lane is jam packed with vehicles.

A section of Ferozpur Road is not able to be used due to rain water. The other lane is jam packed with vehicles.

Luckily, the rain stopped. If it had continued for a little more while, I had to help my family to wipe out the rain water from my own house. It’s still raining today. I wish it does not add to people’s problems.

It didn't nothing.

It did nothing..

I believe they were helpless.

WASA Emergency centre: I believe they were helpless.

No other way to cross except going through it.

No other way to cross except going through it.

Actually I enjoyed these rains but still have concerns about those who were affected in these rains.
How were you affected by these recent rains..?

Monsoons Aayo Ray

How’s your monsoon going, lahore? :)

Its great in Islamabad~

Image Courtesy: Day Life

Thunderstorm Times

Lahore witnessed a very heavy thunderstorm here in the city yesterday evening. Although the strength varied through different areas, still it resulted in fallen trees, tore down billboards and caused damages to the electricity grid at many places. 


Lahore rain

Contrary to the ill effects, it brought a much-needed relief from the ever-heating waves of Summer that is now just around the corner.

Get a Life! Quick!

Seriously, We all need to get a life!

Andaaz tumharay jaisa thaa…


Iss baar bhi baarish khoob hui,
aur baadal toot kay barsa tha

Galiyaan, koochay jal-thal thay,
par soch ka sehr’aa payasa tha

Band darwazon kay shishoon par,
jab boondon nay yun dastak dee

Ehsaas hua tum aaye ho,

Andaaz tumharay jaisa thaa…!

Forwarded by Usman Latif

Sub-zero Chills!

This degree of cold winters have not been a common phenomenon until a few years ago.

According to recording scales, Lahore observed the lowest ever recorded temperature of -2.2 C at Tuesday-Wednesday night, which is expected to drop further tonight. This means we will be getting cool chills for a few more days too! :)

The News has a report to share
(please mind all the minuses missed when mentioning low temperatures of many other cities at the end of the story)

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