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Chris Broad’s criticism of security arrangements

One of the targets of yesterday’s shootout at Liberty was a van carrying Pakistani fourth umpire Ahsan Raza and ICC official Chris Broad. Just as the bus carrying Sri Lankan cricketers quickly drove out of danger,  thanks to their heroic Pakistani driver, an ambulance, a police escort vehicle and the white van carrying these two officials were left behind.

Ahsan Raza @

Ahsan Raza @

Ahsan Raza was seriously injured after bullet shots and is still in critical condition at a hospital in Lahore while Chris Broad miraculously survived 25 minutes of targeted shooting unscathed.

In a press conference after reaching home safely, Broad has strongly criticized the security forces which left their van alone right in the middle of the roundabout with terrorists spread all around.

Broad‘s concerns and statements in this regard are very valid and justify his anger, however, we have to see what really happened as the attack continued.

When the bus carrying Sri Lankans moved on, other police vehicles might have followed hurriedly to provide cover for ‘the target’ against any further attacks on the stadium route. That might have left the remaining party vulnerable. On the other hand, it still is not clear how many escorts were initially with the convoy.

The Government seriously need to find some critical answers to these questions as soon as possible. Western media, on the other hand, is hailing the return of Broad as a ‘hero’s return’ while forgetting glorious sacrifices made by the policemen who laid their lives to cover the guests including him and his fellows. They surely owe their life to these ‘true’ heroes.

Meanwhile, we request everyone to please pray for Ahsan Raza‘s life and quick recovery of all others including policemen injured in this carnage.

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