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Who’s fighting for what?

Repeatedly, we have been reminded of the mess that our historical policies, weak political leadership, indifference towards sectarian plus extremist ideologies and the international security scenario have so elaborately designed to put Pakistan into.

Yesterday’s attack on Islambabad’s Marriott hotel is just another, add the most significant another, reminder of how nothing is well for our country at the moment. Why our leaders keep calling it the worst terrorist attack in Pakistan’s history? Just because three or four foreigners were killed or that one of Islamabad’s elitist symbols was destroyed totally and completely. A better explanation is the fact that it was just half a kilometer away from centres of political power, the Parliament, the Presidency and the Prime Minister House. And that scared the —- out of our ruling elite.

We are officially on high red-alert right from when suicide bombings no longer remained anything unusual; attacks on civilians, security forces, police, army continued all the way from last year when we almost became used to a bombing or two a week in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, just forget Wana, the Tribal Areas, Balochistan, Swat for a moment.

All for what? Fighting someone else’s war on something that they themselves are a physical and psychological persona of. And who cares for that matter? You? or Me? or any other ordinary Pakistani? Isn’t the President or the Prime Minister from Pakistan? Then, how are they so insensitive to such a gruesome incidence that both the highest seats lie vacant even before 24 hours passed after the bombings?

Who are we fighting? For whom are we fighting? For what are we fighting? How is it going to end and till how long can we last??

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