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Governor Salman Taseer assassinated

UPDATE: Around 27 bullets have been removed from Salman Taseer’s dead body. One of his security guards, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri, opened fire at him from a distance of 4-5 feet, as he was sitting in his car after having meal at a cafe.

Pakistan Peoples Party has cancelled all events celebrating Zulfiqar Bhutto’s birthday and declared two weeks of mourning. The Punjab Government has announced a local holiday for tomorrow across Punjab as things become tense in Lahore. All roads leading to the Governor’s House in Lahore have been sealed. There was extreme panic amongst people in Lahore and other cities as everyone closed down shops and rushed back home anticipating violent protests by PPP jayalas.

Salman Taseer’s body will be driven or flown back to Lahore tonight where his Namaz-e-Janaza will be said at the Governor’s House on Wednesday.


Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer has just been assassinated in Islamabad. According to media reports, Taseer died of bullet wounds when his car was fired upon at the capital’s Kohsaar Market.

Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer

Considering the reputation and temper of PPP jayalas, it is very likely that there might be violent protests and demonstrations in the city. People in Lahore are highly advised to take extra precaution and preferably stay at home till things become clear.

Bomb blast in Islamabad (another…), a Pakistani speaks about his (live) experience

Ali Trimzy, who is moving back to his beloved country Pakistan from US after staying there for more or less 10 years, writes:Today my belief in Allah’s power and what we call Qismat was re-enforced.

One of the things I learned while in overseas (is to stop when a traffic police man tells me to stop), literally saved my life.

I was on the other side of the road trying to make a U-turn when the suicide bomber hit the policemen in Melody chowk today. If I had not stopped because a traffic policeman signaled me to stop and told me that I cant make a U-turn, I would literally have been less than 5 feet from the suicide bomber. Luckily I stopped and being on the other side of the double road it placed a distance of around 20 feet between my car and the bomber.

Somehow I was lucky enough to only have minor cuts and bruises while some really sharp pieces of metal landed inside my car and completely missed me.It was one of the most un-nerving experience of my life since Ojri Camp and also one of the saddest. I would really hope such events would stop in our country and as I fail to see what they achieve except for killing many innocent.

Lahoris on the move…

… Standing united with rest of Pakistan

FAST Rising, the student activist group of National University (FAST), Lahore who are supporting Lawyers, Imran Khan and Aitezaz’s stance are moving ahead with the flood of believers. The floodgates are wide opened: massive rallies in Karachi and Sakkar, huge receptions in Multan and Lahore, panic-stricken politicians trying to figure the odds to ensure that they end up on the winning side whatever the outcome, it’s all happening this week in Pakistan. The Long March is sweeping through the country, filtering out the living from the dead, FAST Rising reports.

– as they say: Hum Mulk Bachanay niklay hain…

They’re on the move – and they’re not stopping until their objectives are met!

On a somewhat less spectacular note, there has been support, guidance and participation of respected professors of Lahore, Mr. Liaquat Majeed Sheikh (universally known as LMS) and Dr. Qaiser Durrani.

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