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Welcome to Mr. Zardari’s Pakistan

Well, against all odds he is here and reality is he is here to stay. He got his votes and it’s time to move on for rest of us. We can humiliate him in our drawing rooms. We can ridicule him on our blogs. we can even do his character assassination if we want. but all this proved a pointless waste of time. Benazir actually gave Pakistan as her last dowry gift to her widower. But I don’t think even she would have ever thought that Mr. Zardari would one day become “President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. In fact when I voted for PPP in last election, I never thought that PPP will make such a mockery of the mandate given by people of Pakistan.

People’s mandate is never a “Licence to Kill”. Also the worst form of democracy is always better than best of  all dictatorships. I will take my revenge in next election. What a revenge that will be… When I will come out of polling booth, I will definitely shout Mr. Zardari’s  favorite quote: ” Democracy is best Revenge”

It has been quite some time since I made a good Spartan joke. (Yes! I have nothing better to do!)

This is Zardari's Pakistan

This is Zardari's Pakistan

A Participant in a Show after seeing Zardari becoming President

Who will become the President?

I can not agree more with what A for PineApple said in this post about zardari

Allah save te country now … I wonder how many months it’ll take to have the whole country sold .. you think it can be done in Days?

I wonder if he has already struck a deal with americans and he is just here to ensure delivery on time (US Elections)…

That’s all folks at least for today…

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