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Consequences of Long March


Welcome to Mr. Zardari’s Pakistan

Well, against all odds he is here and reality is he is here to stay. He got his votes and it’s time to move on for rest of us. We can humiliate him in our drawing rooms. We can ridicule him on our blogs. we can even do his character assassination if we want. but all this proved a pointless waste of time. Benazir actually gave Pakistan as her last dowry gift to her widower. But I don’t think even she would have ever thought that Mr. Zardari would one day become “President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan”. In fact when I voted for PPP in last election, I never thought that PPP will make such a mockery of the mandate given by people of Pakistan.

People’s mandate is never a “Licence to Kill”. Also the worst form of democracy is always better than best of  all dictatorships. I will take my revenge in next election. What a revenge that will be… When I will come out of polling booth, I will definitely shout Mr. Zardari’s  favorite quote: ” Democracy is best Revenge”

It has been quite some time since I made a good Spartan joke. (Yes! I have nothing better to do!)

This is Zardari's Pakistan

This is Zardari's Pakistan

A Participant in a Show after seeing Zardari becoming President

Who will become the President?

I can not agree more with what A for PineApple said in this post about zardari

Allah save te country now … I wonder how many months it’ll take to have the whole country sold .. you think it can be done in Days?

I wonder if he has already struck a deal with americans and he is just here to ensure delivery on time (US Elections)…

That’s all folks at least for today…


It’s Ramdhaan.
Mubaarik ho.

And yeah, God bless us all and our country.
Wonder what actual action feels like, no? We as a nation, naah, we as individuals would be totally clueless in the face of action, no?

There was action, yes there was. Long marches, protests and what not. But that is the drama. The center stage. All dramas have a villain and a hero. All villains and all heroes take action. What these dramas don’t show are the people who just sit and watch. Why? Because they make for a very boring subject.

Are you boring? Do you plan to be boring? Stay boring perhaps?
How about some action this time around? Some solid, well-directed effort to change yourself and the ones around you to a better state than now?

But wait, we need someone to tell us what to do, what solid, well-directed effort to undertake. We need a leader, that’s right, a leader.

Ladies & gentlemen, in the red corner, weighing in at fifty million pounds (or was it euros?), the smiling crusader, man of his word, king of the castle, chairman of the party, the one and only, ZarrrDaaaaarreeeeeeeeee.

Go ahead. We deserve nothing else.

P.S. I also hear it’s highly cool to pray in this month. Praying qualifies as action, but only in this month, if you catch my drift.

The Razdaari of Zardari

What does he really want, no one knows.
What he possibly could want, a lot of us can guess (a higher percentage this time around perhaps?).
What he has gained by losing so much, all of us can see.

His dilly-dallying over the judges issues is not a surprise at all. He could not afford to restore a judge that is going to take away Zardari’s ticket to freedom, namely the NRO. This much should be quite obvious. And this much is the real test of the litmus variety, for our judiciary; will they or won’t they nullify the NRO.

The NRO, in all legal aspects, is considered to be the epitome of legalizing illegality; an insult to the process of lawmaking itself. The beauty of it is that the majority (more than two-third) of the lawmakers (the graduate assembly of President Musharaf) did not approve of it to begin with. Transparency International’s Pakistani chapter, apart from telling us how corrupt we really are, has called the NRO an offense against convention itself! NRO was also designed to ensure that PML-N leadership gets nothing out of it.

Now, Zardari, in all his potential wisdom accumulated over all these years, is playing for the whole package. I have never voted for PPP, before or after Mrs. Benazir Zardari. I find the appearance of MQM in Lahore and subsequent rise in mobile theft, kidnapings and arson to be more than just a coincidence. I really want to meet an MQM supporter in real life, because till now I find it hard to imagine someone actually believing Altaf ‘expat’ Hussain. I want to meet him (or her) and then stay quite, lest ‘they’ shoot me in the leg, or my right eyeball.

I like the way the insanely corrupt bureaucracy is already cringing and returning their ‘accessories’ in fear of a strict administrator in the form of Shahbaz Sharif. Strict is good when even the good is the worst.

Have I completely lost more than just the plot when I link MQM with a higher number of ‘related’ theft here in Lahore? Anyone?

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